How Tempting! June 2014

Another month, another slew of new releases and reissues for your delectation. Now, unless you’ve been some sort of mystical hermit, you’ll know that there are a bunch of Led Zeppelin reissues out this month. In fact, they should be on the shelves as you are reading this. There has been plenty said about these already so I’ll not go into any details but I thought I’d mention them as they are obviously a consideration for me this month. I’m having a bit of a quandary about them to be honest. I can’t quite decide if I even like Led Zeppelin any more. It’s entirely possible I’m just a bit bored of them these days but is it worth shelling out £40 in the off-chance it rekindles my enthusiasm? I think I’ll go softly… just try one out to start with, probably three first and if I enjoy that one I’ll buy the other two. Starting with two and then one. Hope you’re following all this?

So if I end up not spending too much money on those what else does June have to offer?

There are a few big new releases out this month. Anathema release Distant Satellites  (9th June 2014 – all release dates are for the UK) a must-buy after the superb everything they’ve ever done. Mastodon’s Once More ‘Round The Sun (June 23rd) is definitely one of the higher-profile Metal releases due this year. Personally, I wasn’t particularly enamoured with their previous album The Hunter and wasn’t fussed about High Road, the preview track from the new album. No doubt, I’ll hear more tracks once it’s released and we’ll see if those sway me. Black Metal giants Mayhem return with Esoteric Warfare (June 9th), which has been getting a mixed reception so far. But it seems like everything Mayhem does gets a mixed reception so let’s not read too much into that. Shamefully, I only have a couple of early Mayhem albums. I might need a crash course on more recent Mayhem stuff before I even bother with this one.

On the reissue front we have… bloody Deep Purple again! They seem to have something out every month without fail these days. This month we have a remastered Purpendicular (June 16th) with an extra Japanese bonus tune that I don’t have. That should be enough to tempt me to buy this outstanding album again. And there is also an individual release of the re-mixed In Concert ’72 (June 16th) that was part of the reissued Machine Head box set from 2012. It seems a bit cheeky that it’s getting a stand-alone release so soon but there you go. I’ll probably pass on it though. For reasons.

Classic Metallers Virgin Steele continue their reissue campaign with two double-disc editions, The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell Parts 1 and 2 and Invictus (both June 16th). I have never heard this band but they’ve been on my to-do list for some time. Both these albums seem to be their most well-regarded so this might be a good time for me to check them out. And continuing in a pure Metal vein, US underdogs Manilla Road reissue their first two albums together in one set as Metal / Invasion (June 13th.) I’m well up for this one so be surprised if you don’t see it featured here soon.

And last, but certainly not least, Bon Jovi reissue their classic album New Jersey (June 30th) in the now-obligatory deluxythingamabob edition. This comes with tracks from the Sons of Beaches sessions as a bonus disc and there are some videos and stuff on a DVD too. I’m absolutely certain I’ll be laying my hands on a copy of this. Ho ho.

And in case anyone’s wondering if that absolute certainty means I prefer Bon Jovi to Led Zeppelin then the answer is umm… err… Shit! I think it might be yes! How the hell did that happen?

And on that bombshell…

90 thoughts on “How Tempting! June 2014”

  1. Bon Zeppelin.

    You and I discussed Purpendicular. I can skip it, you will dig it.

    Two June orders shipped for me today: Japanese Kiss 40, and the new Deep Purple Made in Japan box set.

      1. Hey. I was thinking of setting up a Podcast, and was wondering if you’d like to be a contribute. Basically, I want to link together several of the music-related blogs that I like (You, Me, Mike Lando, Rambleast, Nick’s Album Reviews etc).

        Instead of having to commit to long hours of writing or editing or anything, basically, I’d just interview you as if you were a rock star over skype for five minutes a piece.

        Just simple subjects like “What’s your favourite band (least favourite) and why?” “What’s the best and worst concert you’ve ever been to and why?” “What was your first rock album” – all that stuff.

        Basically, plug your blog, talk about music for five minutes and I’ll stick it together with similar things from different people.


      2. Hah, just got the notification!

        I have a blue snowball microphone so I can send you audio of excellent quality should you decide to do it.

      3. Ha ha, sounds good.

        I’m trying to round up a good few of the blogs I like. So then its less work and commitment, but everyone gets to have a podcast at the same time.

      4. Ha ha cool. I’ll update you as I get the ball rolling. I’ve got four yes-es so far (+ me).

        Plus if you have any thing you want to talk about, you know, such and such a new album comes out, or a rock star dies or goes to jail, or whatever, these are all things that could be discussed.

        I’ll update you as I get the ball rolling.

      5. No worries. I’m looking forward to it! I can’t think of anything specific I’d want to chat about, just happy to go with whatever you think is best.

        And I don’t have a fancypants microphone like Mike so my contribution will have to be more necro!

    1. I think this twist ending was more horrific… and less easily predicted.

      Aye, ah think III is the best of the early wans. By a bawhair. But when the next batch comes oot ah willnae know whit wan tae start wi.

  2. I knew you were into the Anathema so that’s a dead cert.

    MASTODON!! YES YES YES!!! Oh I will be buying that first day. I will line up if I have to. That concert was SO good! The album was supposed to have dropped by the time we saw them, so I was hoping to get more new songs in the set, but alas and alack it was delayed so they had to not play so much new stuff. So I can’t tell you much about it except I betcha it’ll be awesome. There’s some consternation, among fans, about the new single. And with The Hunter as well. That they’re headed towards radio instead of doing the heavier stuff like they did before. I dunno, I think it all fits a larger picture, and it’s good when a band grows and follows their interests. To get old and newer at the show, for example, was a perfect mix of songs. I’ll bet the new record rocks like hell and I can’t wait for it. CANNOT. WAIT.

    The rest all looks good too. You do choose wisely, young jedi.

    Nice hands pun on the Jovi too there, ye cheeky monkey.

    1. I feel your excitement for the ‘Don. I suppose I’m not a total convert. I liked Leviathan and Blood Mountain a lot but it’s been a bit of a slide since then for me. Crack in the Skye and The Hunter didn’t wow me so I don’t feel like I have much invested in them anymore. Different strokes. If they had ever guested in Miami Vice I’d probably be all over them like a bad pastel suit.

      1. I think personally that a lot of what you get out of Crack the Skye depends on how much time you’re able to put into it. I find it a challenging listen.

      2. Just to clarify. I don’t want to rag on CTS too much. I did like it, just not as much as the previous two. I’d give it maybe 4/5 on a good day. Didn’t like The Hunter though.

      3. All Mastodon albums are a lot to absorb, usually not for one sitting. And I think that’s the point. They pack them so full of stuff, repeated listens are just expected. ;)

        The Hunter was a step away. But I’ll tell you, we saw them in 2011 and heard a lot of those songs live and they fit right in with the older stuff. Might be a case of the album not translating as well as the live sound.

      4. I can see how the Hunter stuff would fit in with their older songs. It’s still recognisably them. I think is cool that they keep progressing too… even if I don’t like where they ended up!

  3. Poison idea – Feel The Darkness – guaranteed no deluxe ness, no demos, no substandard live tracks, absolutely no shite photies, no booklets, no fake tour laminates, no DVD and no fucking messing – just spine mangling hardcore/thrash. Go on!

      1. I am in fact their new lead singer, I shall be known henceforth as Pigg Thrust.

        No commission, I just have your best interests at heart.

  4. Regarding In Concert 72 getting its own release, I don’t think that’s a big deal. Anybody who bought the Machine Head box set like myself was buying it for more than that disc. However that disc WAS a significant part of it. I just don’t see fandom caring that much. And the vinyl release of In Concert (which was already released on its own) came with a 7″ bonus track, I’m curious if that will carry over to CD.

    1. Fair enough. I want sure what the deal was with it. Sometimes these things are sold on being exclusive you know? I’d forgot the vinyl version though. What was the bonus track? If I find out I’ll let you know.

      1. It was a rehearsal of Maybe I’m A Leo. In my opinion it was worth getting, just to hear how the band sound in rehearsal. Blackmore plays a different solo. Gillan’s obviously holding back, without an audience. It’s a different take and I dig having both.

  5. Bon Jovi over Led Zeppelin? Are you planning on immigrating to New Jersey? If you become a major Bruce Springsteen fan, you’d be perfectly safe!

    1. Yes I’m moving to New Jersey. Jon is going to meet me there with my reward money for spreading his Bon Jovi is better than Led Zeppelin propaganda. Once we’re done with them we’ll be taking on The Boss.

      1. Well, I’m not exactly “insanely” rich. Jon doesn’t pay that much as he likes to keep you under his control. I reckon that if me and Tico Torres chip in together we could buy ourselves an island and get away from the megalomaniac eventually.

  6. The Sons Of Beaches demo for memos is interesting as well!
    As far as the Zep stuff go will get the debut again for sure as that live show sounds interesting as for the other two dunno yet.
    I may hold on to see what comes extra on Physical Graffati as that’s my fav Zep.
    The thing is I got the two box sets from 90&93 so I’m good,with that but the debut is still intriguing …

      1. I absolutely think so. Keep in mind, I am pretty sure some of the stuff from the Led Zeppelin DVD hasn’t been released on CD yet. You can supply live bonus tracks from that and there must be more.

      2. Great point. I hadn’t even thought of that. Although I think they might have done that already if they were going to. The Albert Hall and Denmark stuff would be great on CD for the early years.

      3. I am sure that there hasn’t been a release of, at the very least, the later stuff from the Led Zeppelin DVD. “In the Evening” for example. That live version (which smokes!) from the DVD is not on a CD.

        Albert Hall would be SENSATIONAL.

        I would think by the time we get to In Through the Out Door, the outtakes and bonuses will become very varied.

      4. When you say “not on CD” do you mean on bootlegs and stuff? Is there any live tracks on official releases I might not know about? I’ve got Song… The BBC and How the West… but that’s all.

      5. No because I’m sure there are CD bootlegs. I’m talking about official Led Zeppelin CDs.

        Those are all the official live LZ releases. Song was reissued a few years back, remixed by Kevin Shirley and complete with ALL the songs recorded.

      6. I got mine on eBay. I think it might have been a Best Buy exclusive maybe? Had some cool postcards with it too but the DVD is the same. That was around the same point I was buying up different versions of the Kissology sets for the bonus discs. Didn’t get them all… and I’m not even sure I should have bothered to be honest! Ah well. Sometimes you just get a notion for things.

      7. Absolutely. I got all mine off eBay. I’m glad I got the extra copy of Kissology 2 cause I really wanted the Largo concert. I basically got two copies of the first two. I’d quite like to get another copy of the 3rd one day for the Mondays of Rock show in South America.

    1. I’m definitely more interested in the next batch. I don’t think Zep really came into their own until the 3rd album. The first is definitely the most interesting for that live recording.

      My favourite Zep albums are Houses and PG. I think for those there will probably be a lot more cool stuff in the vaults. I’ll be getting the next batch for sure! I just hope they keep them affordable like these ones and don’t try to force you into buying a super expensive set just to get all the tracks. I’ve been pretty impressed by how affordable these are. The vinyl are good prices too. Kudos to them for that. I hope they keep it up.

      1. As far as the Kissology goes ….I bought em all but I wanted the one with the Largo 79 Dynasty show which I know wasn’t available here..bummer that tour was the first time I had seen Kiss…….

  7. Memos Wtf ignore that……who knows what the hell I was typing there????!
    Need more coffee!
    Gotta proof read a little better and not be so lazy !

    1. Well I’m happy to report that I’ve bought LZIII and it has rekindled my enthusiasm for Zep. So I might let them take back their rightful place as being “better than Bon Jovi”. But only just!

  8. I’d forgotten about the new Mastodon release – timely reminder. Strangely The Hunter was the first album of theirs I got into, but I sorta drifted away from it when I picked up some of the older stuff. Not all of it as accessible, but like you say, it’s rewarding.
    I dare say Crack the Skye is my favourite. Just something about that album I dig a lot.

    1. They’re definitely a band that requires a lot of listens. I like a lot of Crack the Skye but I’d go with Leviathan as their best. Each album of theirs has been different from the last though so I can see why everyone has different opinions on the merits of each. I still haven’t heard Remission though, that seems to be well regarded too.

      Thanks for the stopping by! Much appreciated.

      1. No worries!
        Probably the first thing I noticed when I discovered each album was how different they sounded. I like the mellow (!!!!!!????) nature of Crack the Skye. That’s a keeper for me.

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