Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power (CD/DVD Reissue)

Time elapsed since last music purchase: 7 days

Amount spent on purchase: £12

Amount spent in total so far: £12

I’ve been looking forward to this reissue coming out since the Cowboys From Hell set was released a couple of years back. So it’s my first moment of defeat since resolving to put an end to my compulsive music purchasing! First-day buyer too… the shame. So I’m £12 down at any rate.

I remember seeing Pantera at the Glasgow Barrowlands touring this album in support of a below par Megadeth (whose setlist peaked too soon with Holy Wars.. and that was the first song!). This would be the best upstaging of a headliner I would see until seeing the Scorpions embarrassing Judas Priest during their Angel of Retribution tour.

I just recently found out that the album title was actually taken from a line in the Exorcist (where the possessed Regan explains why she has to limit her powers to vomiting pea-soup and opening bedside cabinets for Priests).

Plenty has already been written about this band so I don’t have much else to add really! Listened to it last night and enjoyed it a lot. This CD/DVD reissue doesn’t have the same quantity of bonus stuff that Cowboys enjoyed but it’s still a great buy. Even for people who are trying not to buy music anymore. Ahem.


One thought on “Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power (CD/DVD Reissue)”

  1. Hahahaha! First to be THIRD! Suck it, everybody else!!! OK, OK, I’ll stop. I promise.

    Oooo I do like me some Pantera. I’m not surprised about Megadeth, but I laughed at your “embarrass Judas Priest” comment. I’m not usually a big fan of re-issues, but if it makes you happy, RIGHT ON!


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