We’ve Got Ourselves a Reader! – Book Haul

Despite my best efforts to avoid buying more music I still feel compelled to visit at least one music shop every Monday. Obviously this can cause all sorts of problems!

Last Monday I went to Fopp in Glasgow and was relieved to discover that there was no music I was interested in. Then I went and spent £14 on books. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and I really don’t want to replace my music buying addiction with a book buying one so I’ll need to be careful about this!

3 of those books were music related so I thought I mention them here although I’m not including them in my tally of money spent. If this gets out of control then that’ll be another blog entirely!

When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin – Mick Wall £3

I have to say I’ve worn Led Zeppelin’s music out. It’s too over-familiar to do much for me now and they are covered so frequently in the press I’m a bit sick of the sight of them. I like Mick Wall’s writing though (especially loved Run to the Hills, his Maiden biog) and this got some good reviews when it was published. While the Damned Utd style internal monologues look like a naff idea, I’m hoping this might help breathe a bit of life into their music for me. I’d also be keen to check out Enter Night, his recent Metallica book, although I hope to god Mick doesn’t try and imagine what’s inside any of their heads. I hate to think what warped internal monologue resulted in Lulu.

Electric Eden (Unearthing Britains Visionary Music) – Rob Young £3

This is an absolute steal at £3. I started reading this on loan from my local library (support your libraries!) but didn’t have time to get through it all! It’s an exhaustive look at British Folk music and how its influence has seeped into all sorts of music and culture ever since. From Fairport Convention to Talk Talk! Not very HM related obviously but there’s still plenty of interest here for anyone that likes music and there is enough folk influence in a lot of HM and Progressive Rock to justify reading up on this stuff.

Englands Dreaming – Jon Savage £3

I’ve had my eye on this for a while. I’m not hugely up on the Punk stuff and when I was younger I hated it! Over time my taste in Rock and Metal has worked round to the fringes of Punk so I don’t feel as opposed to it as I did when I was an opinionated young ‘un. I thought The Filth and the Fury film was fantastic and I’m hoping this book might hit the spot like that did.

All worth a punt at £3 each I’m sure you’ll agree.  If you have a Fopp nearby I suggest you pay a visit because there is a great range of bargain books there at the moment.  If anyone out there has any opinions on these I’d love to hear them!


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