The Top 10 Albums That Helped Me Through The 90s – Introduction

I found the 90s to be one of the most trying decades for me as a music listener.

As a teenage fan of  traditional Metal and Hard Rock I found most of my favourite bands either disappearing or chasing trends I was unimpressed by or uninterested in (rightly or wrongly). Luckily I was still young and had plenty of untapped older bands and genres to investigate. That helped, and formed much of my current tastes, but the thought that my beloved Metal had reached the end of the road made me a saaad Panda!

So, because everyone loves a list, I’m going to be running through my Top 10 Albums that helped me through the 90s. These are not what I would now say are the best 10 albums of that decade. There are many amazing contemporary albums I have since fallen in love with that eluded me at the time (Marillion’s Brave for instance). But these were the 10 most important beacons of light during the dark days of that era and I thought that might make for a more quirky and personal portrayal of the decade than a simple “Best Of”.

I’m going to divide this over a few upcoming posts and try to rate the albums in order of importance. Watch this space!

The Top 10 Albums That Helped Me Through The 90s – Positions 8 to 10

Top 10 Albums That Helped Me Through The 90s – Positions 5 to 7

The Top 10 Albums That Helped Me Through The 90s – Positions 2 to 4

Top 10 Albums That Helped Me Through The 90s – Number 1!


5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Albums That Helped Me Through The 90s – Introduction”

  1. Finally, I’m not the first person to come and like one of your posts!! Although they didn’t comment while they were here…

    I still say that Balls To Picasso means that Bruce Bruce wants to show his balls to Picasso.

    I don’t care what Mike says, I like that No More Tears record. It’s just huge-sounding.

    I knew a lot of guys into that Slave record. Good one!

    Cool lists. I’m not sure I could do the same, for myself, as credibly. I’m not even sure I can exert the energy to make my brain try to think of ten from that decade! Good on ya.


  2. Great top 10! I like the idea that’s it’s not necessarily the ‘best’ but were significant to you at the time.

    “Chasing trends” – That’s it. I’ve been trying to pinpoint why some bands have frustrating career arcs and I think in some cases, what some might call ‘evolving’ may be more appropriately dubbed ‘trend-chasing.’ Thank you for that!


    1. Thanks! It’s weird looking back, for me the 90s were a pretty barren period but now I have so many albums from that era that I can’t understand what the problem was. I guess I’ve just got more varied tastes now.

      I think you’re spot on with that observation. There are definitely bands I like that are huge and like to stay that way and that usually involves a fair bit of trend chasing. Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, KISS, Aerosmith etc… I remember Joe Perry saying he was happy to make compromises because he wants to play arenas rather than coffee houses! Fair enough I suppose, but it does lead to spotty back catalogs and musical directions that don’t seem to have a lot of integrity. It can be a bit of a rough ride liking bands like that!


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