Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 17th June 2012

Here’s what’s been assaulting my ears this week.

Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die The final two albums of the original Ozzy-led era of Sabbath. Neither of these albums are as bad as people say they are but they aren’t in the same league as the previous 6 albums. Oddly, Technical Ecstasy isn’t as good as I remember and Never Say Die is a bit better. Both were worth revisiting.

Coverdale/Page – S/T Might as well put my cards on the table here. I’ve had a man-crush on David Coverdale since 1987 and the Whitesnake album from that year is in my all-time Top 5. So I wasn’t very outraged at the prospect of him pairing up with Led Zep’s Jimmy Page. I rarely go back to this but when I do I always get really, really into it. And this time was no exception and might have been the most enjoyable listen of the week!

Rush – Clockwork Angels One of these magazine/album/crap freebie fan-packs that many bands are releasing these days. Once the Manowar one arrives that’ll be two this month (3 if you’re into Slash). Had one listen, enjoyed the first half immensely and the second half went over my head. But, as any Rush fan knows, their albums take time and many listens to reveal their charms so… another one I’ll have to cover in more detail as a Too Tempting to Resist post later.

Skyclad – Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol Awesome unsung slab of prime British Folk Metal! This band were well ahead of their time and featured legendary vocalist Martin Walkyier, a great hero of mine. Great ecological lyrics and a medieval, fantasy feel that was perfect for a teenager into RPGs and Lord of the Rings!

Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone with a Schizophrenic Been listening to this a lot lately. Already touched on it in last weeks Noise-some Notes but I will point out that it strikes me how individual all the tracks are. Each one has its own thing going which makes for a great listening experience. You can’t put the thing off.

Rush – Snakes and Arrows (Side A) A preparatory listen to Rush’s previous album before the new one dropped. Listened to while walking home from work so only got half way through. Do all albums have to be so long now?

Cheap Trick – In Color Summery slice of power-pop genius. A lesson in album length and space between instruments. Listen to the fantastic bass sound on this!

Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse Classic Black Metal album. Epic and sweeping, I always imagine this album sounds like it’s being carried on the wind. I envision hearing it like a clarion call from afar, before saddling my horse and riding off to see what all the racket was about. Anyway, a close look at the album cover suggests I wasn’t the only person in the 90s playing RPGs!

Heart – Bad Animals and S/T From a gorgeous 2nd-hand vinyl box set I just purchased so I’ll be covering these in a Too Tempting To Resist post at some time soon I’m afraid. Not a huge fan of this stuff but something about them keeps drawing me back since falling dreamily in love with both Ann and Nancy Wilson at the formative age of 10! Really catchy songs and Ann’s phenomenal voice are the other attractions I guess. And, as an added bonus, they counteracted the man-crush doubt cause by David Coverdale!


7 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 17th June 2012”

  1. Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die = All Sabbath is good Sabbath, though, right? It’s kinda like sex. Or pizza. Even if it’s sub-par, it’s still pretty good, ya know…

    Coverdale/Page – S/T = I bought this. Because of you and Mike! And it is GOOD!

    Rush – Clockwork Angels = Woohoo for Rush! Mike told me the story here, though. Sigh.

    Skyclad – Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol = Cast your 20-sided die and DECIDE YOUR FATE!

    Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone with a Schizophrenic = Wasn’t this here already, once before?

    Rush – Snakes and Arrows (Side A) = Easy answer: Rush albums? YES.

    Cheap Trick – In Color = My lovely wife loves these guys.

    Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse = Oh no sir, there were many of us playing RPGs in the 90s.

    Heart – Bad Animals and S/T = The ladies from Heart can WAIL, man, and that band was pretty damn tight. Give it another go. It’ll creep into your brain.


  2. Giving Cloverdale/Page a go as i go through some of your takes. So far real good!.. I found Whitesnake with ‘Slide it In’ and liked that one. Ian Hunters Album is a favorite. I’ll get around to Cheap Trick. Seen them on Austin City a couple years ago and they were very good. I’ll pop in from time to time and make my way through your takes. I might learn something and pick up some new listening and a few reminders.

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      1. I peeked ahead and seen ‘Slide it In’. I’ll comment further when i get to it. (I really dig the album). I have always liked Cheap Trick but never invested a lot of time into their music. The Austin gig really grabbed my ear. It was good. Going back you find some missed treasures. It’s cool when the music lasts the test of time.

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      2. Just finished listening to ‘In Color’. Will be putting it in the pile. It rocks pretty good. No need for real long takes. It comes down to if YOU dig it or not and that’s all that counts. ‘Slide it In’ just appealed to me. Against the grain of what I was listening too. Good stuff HMO!

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