Buying Round-Up – July 2012

So far I’ve been reviewing my purchases in full but, to be honest, there have been a few sneaky purchases here and there that I haven’t mentioned so, in the interests of full disclosure, they are:

Pink Floyd – Animals (HMV – £10) I’ve been picking up a few of recent Pink Floyd remasters and enjoying them a lot. Was never much of a fan of them growing up but, after a good 10 years of getting into a lot of Progressive Rock stuff, thought I ought to give them another chance. There was a good Classic Rock magazine piece on this album recently too and it’s great to have that cover in the collection too!

Volbeat – Above Heaven/Below Hell CD/DVD (Fopp – £3) Good find in the bargain bin of Fopp. Heard  a few mentions of them and thought they might be worth checking out. Not that fussed with it to be honest. Win some lose some.

Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic 2CD (HMV – £15) More like it. Already had this album but thought my old copy needed updated. I always thought this was one of his more overrated efforts but after revisiting it I couldn’t be more wrong. This is fantastic stuff. I even enjoyed Ships! Must be getting sentimental in my old age.

Heart – With Love From Heart 3LP Box Set (Discogs – £15) I wanted to get Bad Animals and their S/T from the 80s on vinyl. Found this 2nd hand box set online which included both, two letters from Ann and Nancy and a fantastic time-warp 80s calendar which I hope to be able to use at some point in the future. Bonus – the seller threw in Brigade on LP too! RESULT!

The Stranglers – La Folie (HMV – £8) Somehow Strange Little Girl found its way into my head and needed exorcising. I’m not a fan of compilations but this track was only released as a single. Luckily the album of the period has it on as a bonus track. Didn’t expect to like this that much but gave it a spin this morning and was pretty impressed! I expect this to be a bit of a grower. Might even pick up some more of their stuff too.

Ginger – 555% (Pledge Music – £10 for download) 3 CDs worth of new Ginger material. Haven’t heard much of the Wildhearts’ main-man’s solo stuff but I’m really enjoying the 1st disc of this. Enjoying it so much, in fact, I haven’t moved on to the other 2 discs yet. So, at this rate, I could probably review this in 2014.

Amount spent on purchase: £61

Amount spent in total so far: £160


5 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – July 2012”

  1. Pink Floyd – Animals (HMV – £10) = One of these days, I’ll give these guys another try. I makes no promises, though. 😉

    Volbeat – Above Heaven/Below Hell CD/DVD (Fopp – £3) = I have a buddy here who saw them open for Metallica and came away a huge fan. Not for everyone though, it seems!

    Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic 2CD (HMV – £15) = Getting sentimental in your old age is fine. Getting incontinent, though, that’s gotta suck.

    Heart – With Love From Heart 3LP Box Set (Discogs – £15) = TOTAL RESULT! Man, that’s awesome. Good scores!

    The Stranglers – La Folie (HMV – £8) = They were always a one-song-at-a-time band for me. Let me know how it goes. Or… went, since this is so late in the commenting!

    Ginger – 555% (Pledge Music – £10 for download) = When I first read this, I thought you meant the (relatively) obscure Canadian band by the same name. But now I have some more research to do!


    1. I was never a massive Floyd fan but they’ve really grown on me latterly. Not sure I need more albums of theirs though… maybe one or two and I’m done.

      I was really disappointed in Volbeat… I’ll maybe give it another go. I’ll send you a track and see what you think. If you like it… it’s yours!

      The Heart set is a great score! I’ll have to get some pictures of it up, maybe do a review. It’s a nice…er… period piece.

      The Stranglers grew on my. I enjoyed the album but I think they are better in small doses. A compilation might have been sufficient…


  2. ‘Animals’ was the last PF that I really played a lot. Just got a CD copy from my son (Big Earl). If I have already commented on the Hunter album ignore me. I really dig this album. Remember buying it along with Graham Parker and the Rumors ‘Squeezing Out Sparks’. Stranglers are always worth a listen. I don’t have this one but will check it out. Ever see the film “Sexy Beast’? It opens with Stranglers tune. It works big time.

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