How Tempting! 26th Aug 2012

Here’s a wee round-up of things that might be burning a hole in my wallet sometime soon!

Blue Oyster Cult –  The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

Just had a wee swatch around Amazon, for the first time in ages, and noticed this little beauty!

Fourteen albums of BOC(how do you actually do umlauts on your PC?) from their debut to Imaginos. It also includes the Some Enchanted Evening bonus DVD and two albums of Rarities and Radio broadcasts. Apparently initial copies come with a download voucher for four live concert broadcasts too!

The first question I always want to know with these kind of sets is whether all the albums are remastered because often they are packaged with only the existing editions of CDs with no new work done which means they can be a mixed bag sonically. After a root around online I’m delighted to see that the later albums have all been remastered for this release and that makes it phenomenally tempting for £50. It’s out in the tail end of October. BOC are an essential and cruelly underrated band. I have most of this stuff already but mostly on vinyl so this is a MUST!

Temptation Rating: 10 out of 10 A Fire of Unknown Origin took my money away.


Black Flag – The First Four Years LP

There’s been a lot of Henry Rollins chat here and over at My Left Thumb so I’ve been on the lookout for any Rollins/Black Flag stuff in the shops. There wasn’t much doing as most of the stuff is import-only over here but, I’m happy to report, good old Monorail in Glasgow has saved the day with a nice stock of Black Flag vinyl and CDs so it’s just deciding where to start really! This is the early EPs and singles before Rollins joined the band but I’m told it’s essential so I’ll probably start here as it looks like a bit of a steal at £13 for the vinyl.

Temptation Rating: 9 out of 10 Only financial considerations are getting in the way here but this is definitely on my wish-list.


Enslaved – Riitiir

I really enjoy these Progressive Black Metal legends. But, really, I’ve not listened to their older stuff nearly as much as I should have so I’m going to do my best to hold off on this. At least until I’ve given the rest of their stuff a decent whirl. It’s been getting phenomenal reviews though so it might be hard to fight off the temptation.

Temptation Rating:  6 out of 10 If I’m serious about cutting down the buying, I can do without this… at least for now.


Testament – Dark Roots of the Earth CD/DVD

Pretty much the same story as with Enslaved. Too much music and too little time so I need to make more of what I’ve already got!

Temptation Rating: 5 out of 10 Not had the rave reviews that Enslaved have enjoyed so I’ve docked a point.


KISS – Destroyer: Resurrected

I’ve been staying out of Amazon as much as I can lately to fight off temptation. But I had a wee peek today and noticed this is already out. Aaaarrrgghhhh!!!! WTF?!

Temptation Rating: 10 out of 10 I’m going to get up and get down to the shops right now.


11 thoughts on “How Tempting! 26th Aug 2012”

  1. I’ve had Destroyer Resurrected on order from Amazon for a while, but to save on shipping I ordered it with the new Priest 30th Screaming CD. So I have to wait a little while yet.

    That BOC looks mighty sweet.


  2. Hey thanks for the plug for the Thumb! My enthusiasm for Flag/Rollins is getting infectious, it seems! I hope you don’t get this stuff and wonder what the heck I’m talking about.

    13 GBP for First Four Years… quick conversion is about $20 of my Canadian dollars. That seems really decent. Is it original, or a repro?

    Are you based in Glasgow? I had occasion to be in that fine city on two separate trips, mid-90s. Loved it. Beautiful people, very pretty town (once they got it all sandblasted and cleaned up!), and a great energy.

    That BOC set looks awesome. Don’t Fear The Reaper, but Fear VISA! Hahaha.

    Had to figure Mike would chime in when you mentioned KISS. Dude’s all over that one.


    1. I’m pretty sure the enthusiasm is justified and I should really have checked out the rest of Rollins’ stuff by now anyway!
      It’s a repro but £13 does seem a good deal for import vinyl.
      Yeah I live in Glasgow, so glad you liked it here! I’ve lived here for about 10 years and really like it. There’s a lot going on here and it’s a pretty stunning place.
      I’ve never been to Canada, where are you based there?


      1. Well, I’ve been following the guy for years and haven’t lost interest yet, so I figure it’s all good!

        I really liked Glasgow. Better than Edinburgh, though it had its charms, it was more touristy. Glasgow felt like where the real people lived. Maybe I just didn’t see the right parts of Edinburgh… anyway. I got to climb Ben Lomond, go through Oban and up to Glencoe, over to St. Andrews (and sang Chariots Of Fire while I ran on the beach)… stayed with a family up in King’s Park area…. First trip was summer (3 weeks, only 2 days of rain!),second trip was over Christmas/New Years and it was a bit more miserable outside, then. But yeah, I liked Glasgow a lot.

        I’m in a town called Owen Sound, Ontario, which is about 2.5 hours north and a bit west of Toronto. Right at the base of the Bruce Peninsula. Very pretty here. Been here about 7 years now. Woo!


      2. Edinburgh is definitely more touristy but I always like going through there. Don’t think I’d want to ever live there though. Sounds like you had a great tour of Scotland! I live quite near King’s Park in Battlefield (got to give kudos to Scotland for the cool place names). Never been to Canada but it looks like an amazing country!


      3. I on the other hand have never been to Scotland, although I’m 1/2 Scottish. I like it here in Canada, we have a lot of variety in climate and landscape, but I think our musical climate is not what it should be. When our most popular musical export is Nickelback, well…I think we have a lot of talent here that is going ignored.

        Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 19:28:29 +0000 To:


      4. You have Rush though so that’s good going. And William Shatner!!
        Why do you think Canada is like that? Do a lot of your musicians head to the US to try and make it there do you think?
        There must be quite a lot of Canadian musicians that have ended up in US bands. Like Sebastian Bach!
        For a small country, Scotland does pretty well with its musical output.


  3. Also, I’m on a Mac so of course it’s different, but as a service free of charge, try the following:

    The umlaut characters are created on a computer by using ASCII key sequences.
    Holding the “Alt” key down whilst typing in the code for the required character.

    0196 Ä = AE (capital)
    0228 ä = ae (small)
    0203 Ë = EE (capital)
    0235 ë = ee (small)
    0214 Ö = OE (capital)
    0246 ö = oe (small)
    0220 Ü = UE (capital)
    0252 ü = ue (small)
    0223 ß = SS
    0128 € = Euro sign


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