Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 13th August 2012

Ooh, bit of an odd week this one!

Cradle of Filth – Dusk and Her Embrace Nice to start the week with some Black Metal. Never been that familiar with this band and on a first listen this sounded pretty impressive. I was on the bus at the time, though, and it wasn’t quite cutting through the vehicle din so I ended up abandoning it so I could give it more attention later.

Gerry Rafferty – City to City I bought this 2CD reissue in January primarily for Baker Street and I’ve finally given it a proper listen a couple of times this week and I’m getting hooked into it one song at a time. Opening track The Ark is just beautiful. Nice to finally have a Scot in the Noise-some Notes!

W.A.S.P. – Live… in the Raw This again! Can’t really say much about this that I haven’t already. Blackie Lawless’  intro to The Manimal does get more ridiculous with each listen.

Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard The Rock N’ Roll originators great debut album. I was down at my Mums and thought she might like this. She did!

Richard and Linda Thompson – I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight I discovered this record about six years ago and it has became one of my very favourite albums. There is not a bad moment on this, it is an exceptionally colourful and moving record. Cavalry Cross and End of the Rainbow are just absolutely mesmeric. In this instance it was a bit of a bleak choice for commuting to work but… never mind.

Hirax – Raging Violence I’ll cover this during an upcoming Buying Round-Up but this is from a gorgeous gatefold vinyl album I picked up recently. It’s actually called Not Dead Yet and is essentially a compilation featuring the albums Raging Violence and Hate, Fear and Power. It’s a lovely object with a bonkers Pushead cover so I’ll get some photos taken. Pacy, chunky Thrash with Katon W. De Pena’s operatic vocals resulting in a sound a bit like sped-up Candlemass. Quality stuff.

Dissection – Storm of the Light’s Bane Powerful Black Metal with a strong grounding in classic Thrash and Heavy Metal. Icy, melodic and often spellbinding. The track Where Dead Angels Lie is a particular favourite.


5 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 13th August 2012”

  1. True that, true. Showing the whippersnappers how it’s done! Haha.

    People used to be wary of my mix-tapes, back when we made them on cassettes and traded them back and forth. It was an investment in time, listening to those, and I would totally have put those two artists (or similar disparate groupings) back to back, just to make it a fun ride! People were rightfully concerned about what they were getting, sometimes…


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