Buying Round Up – August 2012


Hirax – Not Dead Yet (Monorail Glasgow £16 and MetalHit £4) I had been eyeing up this CD on Amazon for a while and then stumbled upon this vinyl edition in good old Monorail, scourge of my bank account! Glad I held off because the larger that Pushead cover is the better. Comes with a cool insert of photos and lyrics too.

This is the band’s debut record Raging Violence from 1985 coupled with the EP Hate, Fear and Power. Really vintage blend of Metal, Punk and operatic high/low vocals from the awesomely cool Katon W. De Pena. I also bought the mp3 on for about £4 which is pretty good going too if you don’t mind buying a bunch  of 1s and 0s.

Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage CD/DVD (Amazon £12) I’m well pleased with this one. Has a really layered mix of heavy and clean guitar so the melodies and riffs are well defined, even when the tracks are catastrophically heavy. It’s nowhere near as dense as, previous album, The Way of All Flesh. The live DVD that comes with this is also fantastic and the …Flesh material works so much better live than on the album.

Gojira – From Mars to Sirius (Amazon £10) I’m enjoying this band a lot so it makes sense to go back to what is touted as their breakthrough record. After a cursory listen this sounds ferociously heavy but with more warmth than …Flesh. I’ve got so much Gojira rampaging around at the moment it’s quite difficult to take it all in so I might put this on the backburner for a while and concentrate on the new one.

Nile – Black Seeds of Vengeance (Amazon Marketplace £5) and…

Hate Eternal – I, Monarch CD/DVD (Amazon Marketplace £10) Just trying to fill a few glaring gaps in my Death Metal collection with these two. Haven’t listened to either of them yet. Tut tut.

Queen – The Game 2CD (Amazon Marketplace £10) and…

Queen – Jazz 2CD (Amazon Marketplace £10) and…

Queen – News of the World 2CD (Amazon Marketplace £12) Ok, I went a bit mental here… I picked up the first 5 Queen Special Edition albums really cheap when they came out the other year but these ones seem to never end up being discounted. I basically got sick of waiting and I’m in a real Queen mood these days so I finally caved in. Don’t have much to say about the bonus EPs yet except that they seem a bit stingy! The remasters of these are great though and I’m tempted to carry on into the Hot Space/Flash Gordon/The Works era to see if there are any under-rated albums for me to discover. Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time.

Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation 2nd Hand LP (Missing Glasgow £4) Nice cheap copy of this in great condition. Really enjoyed listening to this on vinyl and it’s much better than I remember it (not as patchy as I remember) and it just turned 25!

Gwar – Scumdogs of the Universe (Amazon Marketplace £8) I’ve loved this album since I was a teenager. The gags really draw attention away from how good some of this is. There are some riffs here any Thrash band would be proud of, great hooks and it also has Horror of Yig which is one of the most glorious cacophonies of all time. That song alone makes it worth owning. I’ve had it on vinyl for ages but my LP is missing the superb Death Pod (basically the Gwar origin story in a song) so I bought this Russian edition.

Amount spent on purchase: £101

Amount spent in total so far: £261


16 thoughts on “Buying Round Up – August 2012”

      1. This is one of the three that I did buy. The other two were Innuendo and Made in Heaven. I wish the bonus discs were full length, but perhaps that will be the next re-releases another 20 years down the road…


      2. Yeah probably! And we’ll end up buying the whole lot all over again…

        I’ve got my eye on Innuendo as that has a good rep and I’ve liked the few songs that I’ve heard off it. The title track is brilliant. What’s Made In Heaven like? Apart from the singles I’ve not heard much of their later stuff.


  1. I like Innuendo. At the time it was hyped as the return of traditional, guitar-based Queen, and that’s a good way to look at it. The title track and Show Must Go On were epic, but there were also some great album tracks like Ride the Wild Wind. And a few good ballads too. All around a great Queen album. Made in Heaven is a little patchwork. A lot of it is made up of old Freddie vocals from the 80’s. It’s fairly dark as well.

    I noticed you have pictures from your collection coming now too. Excellent! Don’t we parially own the physical product to show it off to those who appreciate it?


    1. Sounds good, I think I might try and work my way through the rest of the Queen stuff too then.
      I’m really enjoying putting the photos up now. I don’t have nearly as much unusual stuff like you do but it’s nice showing off what I own and it makes the site look a bit more unique rather than just pasting in stock images.


  2. Agreed! I started my blog after the DJ at the local rock station encouraged me to do it, and he said to me, “the best advice I have is to build up your own original content.” Some of these albums that you and I discuss, it’s hard to find images online anyway. So I think of it as enriching the rock content on the interwebs! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the recommends, it’s good to have starter titles from someone with obvious taste.

    Baroness have three albums: Blue, Red, and the 2-CD Yellow/Green (most recent). They are all AWESOME. My buddy got the Yellow/Green special vinyl edition in the hard cover packaging with coloured vinyl. Gorgeous.


      1. Well, they’re on the same label. And you could argue that they crawled out of the same sludgy swamp. But in my mind there is still enough to differentiate them. I’ll have to give it some thought, see if I can put into words what it is about each one I like so much and why they are different from each other.


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