Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 20th August 2012

This week we’ll take it for read that I listened to Nile and Gojira!

Rollins Band – Weight I’ve been in the mood for working through the Henry Rollins catalogue after seeing the Hank-related posts over at My Left Thumb. I’ve listened to the End of Silence loads but I’m not hugely familiar with the rest of his career. Thought I’d start here as it’s one of his better known releases and I really enjoyed it. It’s got all the righteous anger you’d expect but with a really funky, spacey feel too. Standout tracks so far are Civilised, Disconnect and Liar but I’ll be coming back to this I’m sure.

Saxon – The Inner Sanctum This album followed Saxon’s appearance on UK TV’s Get Your Act Together in which promoter/manager Harvey Goldsmith attempted to revive their declining fortunes. I personally doubt whether his involvement or the publicity were directly responsible for improving the band’s situation but the NWOBHM stalwarts certainly sound galvanised on this superb album. I think the inference that they were dated and treading water was all they needed to pull out the stops. Get it up ye!

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier and Brave New World Two modern day classics that easily hold their own with the older albums. Been listening to Frontier a lot this year but I don’t revisit Brave New World enough and I really enjoyed giving it a spin this week. I actually wasn’t that bothered about them reuniting at the time as I was such a fan of Bruce’s solo work but this album easily changed my mind. It’s ageing pretty well too.

Wendy O. Williams – W.O.W. Produced by Gene Simmons who also provided Bass in the guise of Reginald Van Helsing! It also features performances and songwriting contributions from Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent. Wendy is on fine gravelly vocal form although the whole thing sounds a bit unfinished to me and there are a few uninspired ploddy tracks. It’s My Life is a brilliant song and this is well worth investigating if you like 80s KISS. Wendy’s previous album (with the Plasmatics) Coup D’Etat is much better though.

The Plasmatics – Metal Priestess EP The first time I’ve listened to this and it blew me away. A real punk attitude but played with an Unleashed in the East guitar attack. What’s not to like about that?

Jethro Tull – Broadsword and the Beast Not one of the better known Tull albums although it was big in Germany. This always goes down well, it’s got a great mystical fantasy vibe to it that is right up my street. A lot more mature and sophisticated than the album title or cover suggest! Now fetch my Broadsword, minion!

Richard Thompson – Mock Tudor Listening to a lot of RT at the moment. Think it must be the time of the year or something. This is one of my favourites, a collection of vignettes about suburbia. A great mix of styles on here. It’s hard to think of a guitarist so equally adept at both electric and acoustic guitar. He rages on Hard on Me and is exquisite on The Sights and Sounds of London. Folk Overload!

KISS – Destroyer Listening to the original in preparation for Destroyer Resurrected although I didn’t really have to bother because this is imprinted on my DNA. A great album for sure, but not the towering classic it’s often made out to be. I can think of many KISS albums I would rate higher than this. Interested to see what the new remixing does for it.


19 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 20th August 2012”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the (second) plug for The Thumb! Sorry I’ve been out, it’s the long weekend here – just turning the computer on for the first time now.

    Weight is a great album, agreed. A fave of mine, amongst all the tracks, really, is still the last one, Shine. Put that on a work-out mix, right near the end, for when you’re gasping and that last half-mile of the jog is gonna kill you. Lifts you right up!

    Saxon, man. You keep bringing up bands I haven’t thought about in ages. Thanks!

    Also pleased to see W.O.W. and the Plasmatics in here. Fun stuff. Really sad, the ending of her story. But the music lives on! I wonder if Mike has that album, with all that KISS all over it. It wasn’t in his round-up of KISS albums in the lead-up to Monster…

    A great week in your ears!


    1. Hey, hope you had a good long weekend!

      Really love the Plasmatics and Wendy O stuff that I’ve heard so far. One of my recent discoveries! The end of her story is too sad… there’s a great documentary to be made there I think.


      1. You’re right, there is a film of her life to be made. Better not be made for TV, though. Half of what she did was too racy for prime time. Still, don’t you wonder why there wasn’t more help for her? She was with that guy for 22 years. He said at the time of her death she’d been talking about taking her own life for FOUR YEARS. Um, hello? Get her some help! And really, who knows. Maybe they tried. But still.


      2. I didn’t know that. I think that guy was her manager too is that right? I suppose it’s hard to comment without knowing more… just a shame.

        I knew of her but it’s only recently I started finding out more and I was really surprised how intelligent and innovative she was. She should definitely be more of an icon than she is. More people should know about her!


    1. Cheers for this, I’ve not heard of her! I had a quick look but it won’t play in the UK. I’ll have a look about though and see if I can find it anywhere else. That looks like a great site though, I’ve already spotted a couple of things I’d definitely watch. There’s and HP Lovecraft doc on there that looks right up my street.


      1. Oh man, you gotta get you some Gits! They were so good, that band was tight. And Mia was one helluva screamer. Just awesome. I’ve posted up three of my CDs of theirs on the Thumb. I’m a long-time fan.


  2. You are giving me lots of leads and pumping some reminders and new sounds onto my pile. Mock Tudor is a no brainer. I have Some Rollins but not enough. The Tull sounds interesting . Will give it a spin. I’ve been listening to Opeth ‘Damnation’. Really like it. And you’re right about the drumming. It does have the Giles beat. Real good stuff. Good new discovery for CB. Thanks.

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      1. I really dig Opeth . I’m going to give Anathema a spin soon. I’m not a binge listener. I have to sit in the music for a bit or it becomes overwhelming jumping from one to another. I guess it was how i was conditioned when music was a little harder to come by.

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      2. You’re giving me lots of new sounds. Your takes are dead on with the ones I’ve listened to. Down the road I might get you to put a few suggestions together for some of the Heavy Metal stuff i missed. It’s a pretty crowded pool. That would be great.

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