Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 27th August 2012

Paradise Lost – In Requiem Paradise Lost have had a remarkable career and this is one of their greatest releases. Classy Doom Metal with great melodies. Vocalist Nick Holmes gets better with every release and sounds particularly Hetfield-esque on this one as does the mighty guitar crunch.

Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power and The Great Southern Trendkill Vulgar Display is another album with the Hetfield “mega-crunch”, as Phil Anselmo would say. Got right into this so I stuck on the less familiar Trendkill too as it features Drag the Waters, one of my favourite tracks of theirs.

The Darkness – Hot Cakes It’s great to have this band back. I really enjoyed One Way Ticket a lot so I had high hopes for this. As with their other records it takes a while to fully reveal its charms but this is already an album of the year contender. Absolutely loving this and it’s been getting played a lot. She’s Just a Girl, Eddie is possibly one of the best songs of the year so far, along with Van Halen’s You and Your Blues and Ginger’s Forget About It.

Danzig – IV Got to love Glenn Danzig. For all he’s become a sort of walking meme (I especially like that he appeared on Google Street View), he’s had an enviable career and been a massive influence in Rock and Metal. I have to fess up and admit I’ve not followed his career beyond this album though as this was the last to feature the classic Danzig line-up that featured John Christ on guitar. Am I missing much?

Ginger Wildheart – 555% Been listening to the first Disc of this a lot but I’ve finally progressed to the weirder second disc which is… weird. If the third CD of this album continues to be weirder it might just be an hour of Spooky Halloween Farts or something like that but we’ll see. You can pledge money for the prolific Ginger’s next two projects(!) here. One of these, Mutation, is going to be Ginger’s first venture into Grindcore which I’m pretty intrigued by.

Queen – News of the World (and Bonus EP) Is it possible to say the phrase “Classic Queen” without doing it in Alan Partridge’s voice now? Not for me. Anyway, this is “Classic Queen” and went down a storm this week as did the stingy but enjoyable bonus EP.

Def Leppard – X Er… I quite liked this when it came out. A shameless but failed stab at pop stardom. There are good tracks on here but it really could do with a bit more beef and a lot of the tracks are just a bit doleful sounding. They also show themselves up by channelling Steve Clark on the track Scar at the end of the record so you come out of it wondering why the whole album wasn’t that good. An uncomfortable entry in the Lep canon.

Rollins Band – Hot Animal Machine Been on a real Rollins kick so thought I’d revisit his debut solo record. It reminded me of Discipline-era King Crimson. Angular and jazzy with Henry’s righteously angry vocals and lyrics. More listens required so I think this’ll be showing up here again.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis Bold as Love My favourite Hendrix album. This is perfect bliss and a great late-night listen. Dug this out after reading a great piece on it in Record Collector.

Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation Only managed Side A of this and I was done. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the song Magic Touch.

Hirax – Not Dead Yet Gave this a good whirl while writing up my Buying Round Up last week. Fun stuff but I can’t remember anything about it other than the opening track, the excellently named Demons Evil Forces!


24 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 27th August 2012”

  1. Two coincidences: I WANT that Darkness album, but have been unable to get. I want the version with the four demos. Did you find it, or have you seen it? Amazon could not get it — which is very rare!

    Second: I received a complaint that I don’t do enough mixed or negative reviews. So I chose Def Leppard – X as a good negative review to publish this week. HAH!


    1. Mike, I ran into this with KMA. It’s so hard to doa negative review because we only buy the things we’re pretty sure we’ll love. If it was stuff coming from record labels all the time, some of it good and some not, then sure you might get into a bad review now and again. But when it’s yer own cash, you only buy the good stuff!


      1. I’ve been wondering about this issue too. Aaron, like you’re saying about KMA I’m not thinking about HMO as a review site, it’s more about my listening and buying habits. If I’ve bought something then, hopefully,most of the time I’m going to like it!

        I wouldn’t want my site to be only positive (and I don’t think any of your sites are like that) but I’ve seen a few sites where the writers spend a LOT of their time slagging off the same bands and albums and I can’t help wondering why they cover these bands if they hate them so much?

        I can be a bit more negative in my “How Tempting” posts because I’m trying to talk myself out of buying stuff but, even then, it’s tempting me for a reason! And even the bands I like bring out stinkers but, hopefully, not very often! Like with your KISS reviews Mike, you didn’t like everything.

        Ultimately, there are plenty of magazines and review blogs out there for consumers but, for me, this site is about my music taste so by its nature it is bound to be mostly positive. Sorry for the long winded comment but this is a really interesting point.


      2. I wrote about this issue at one point on the KMA. I was noticing that even when I was receiving CDs from a record label for review, I was still being positive about it. Was I just kissing their asses? No! I actually enjoyed what they sent – it’s a label I respect and their roster is cool.

        But it did seem that everything I wrote was positive. Except maybe rants about hearing Nirvna as muzak in the grocery store, or other idiotic things I noticed about the world of music.

        But writing from your gut is exacty why your site is cool. Agreed, there are enough pay-whores writing blowjob reviews out there. What you give us is YOUR thoughts. And if you ever by a CD hoping it’ll be awesome, and it isn’t, we trust you’ll tell us that too.

        Long-winded? Not a chance, this IS a big point. Sitting at your keyboard writing this stuff long enough, you’ll begin to notice patterns and similarities. And it seems we have this one in common.


      3. Or, you can hate an album, and grow to love it! Like “Lonesome Crow” by Scorpions. I first got it back in 1990 and had no idea what the hell I bought. It didn’t seem to have any songs on it. Just long meandering jams, nothing at all like rock and roll. Now I love that album. It’s definitely different but it’s grown on me from “one of the worst albums I ever bought” to “I like this album a lot”!

        Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 19:58:16 +0000 To:


      4. That’s another problem with reviewing isn’t it? Changing your mind later! Haha

        That’s is one of the few Scorps albums I’ve not heard. Interesting… I really love the following albums with Uli so i’ll need to check that out.


      5. I hadn’t planned it that way but that’s a useful aspect of the “Noise-some Notes”. It’ll give me a chance to re-appraise albums if I ever change my mind!

        Sometimes you just go through periods where you’re not in the mood for certain things. I not listened to much blues or bluesy rock stuff the last few years but I used to… and probably will again!


    2. Yes, that edition’s easy to get over here. Well stocked in all the shops too. It’s got 3 Demo tracks and 1 song called Cannonball (Long Version) which also features Ian Anderson. I’m unaware of the short version!

      I actually wanted to get the vinyl as it came with an Mp3 download but I couldn’t find out if the download came with the extra tracks anywhere and they are not on the vinyl so I didn’t want to risk it.

      I can’t wait to read your X review. I wasn’t very kind about it here but I still enjoyed listening to it well enough I suppose. I haven’t listened to it since the year it came out I think.


    1. Thanks Aaron! You’re so right about Pantera. I always admired them since seeing them on the Vulgar tour(blowing Megadeth off the stage) but I really don’t listen to them nearly enough and always love it when I do.It’s really been just in the last few years that they have really clicked with me. Been watching some live DVD footage too and they were just crushing live. The footage from the Moscow Monsters of Rock is just incredible.


      1. I never got to see Pantera live, though my foggy memory tells me that at one point I had opportunity and couldn’t go. I think Megadeth versus Pantera is like apples and oranges. Technical versus feral. All great players, just very different acts. Still, that would have been quite a show.


      2. Absolutely, two totally different bands. I actually really like Megadeth and it was the first time I saw them. It was off the back of Countdown to Extinction, which I didn’t think was that great a record. I think if ‘Deth had brought their A-Game they would have been fine but they didn’t. They wisely kicked off with Holy Wars but then it all seemed to go south. Win some, lose some I guess!


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