We’ve Got Ourselves a Reader! Sep 2012

Had another book binge recently, but with very little expenditure!

Henry and Glenn Forever – Tom Neely 80p!

A little Indie Comic Book depicting Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig’s life living together as a gay couple with practicing Satanists Hall and Oates staying next door. This works because it’s actually pretty affectionate and knowing, obviously put together by fans rather than detractors. I dare say Glenn might not see things that way… A nice curio for the collection.

A Life In Metal- Dave Mustaine £2

I’ve already read a library copy but couldn’t resist picking this up for just 2 quid. It’s the hardback too so it’s a nicer edition with bigger photos. I found this fairly entertaining but a bit disappointing. Dave’s a big personality in Metal, for better or worse, but this didn’t really capture his charisma or voice with its generic auto-biographical style. Probably worth another read though, the sort of thing I’ll batter through in a couple of days.

My Appetite for Destruction – Steven Adler £3

Another bargain at Fopp. I’m fairly sure this will be the standard “I got rich and then took loads of drugs” fodder but you never know. There has been a ton of these kind of books coming out lately. They are usually nothing special but are quick, fun reads for in between meatier books!

Watch You Bleed, The Saga of Guns n’ Roses – Stephen Davis £3

Another bargain and it’s pure coincidence that it’s another G n’ R book. I’ve had my eye on it and it was cheap. It may well sit on my shelf for months or years before I even pick it up. This hasn’t had the best reviews ever, and has even been accused of factual inaccuracy by the band’s former manager in the pages of Classic Rock magazine. Might still be a good read though…

Rip it Up and Start Again – Simon Reynolds £4

Simon is not shy at tackling mammoth subjects in his books and this is a look into the post-punk years of 1978 to 1984 taking in PiL, Black Flag, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and more! Not the hugest area of interest for me but Reynolds has a great way of putting the stories of the bands and genres into context and giving them a fascinating narrative. I’ve already fired through a couple of chapters and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Saving the best for last…

Classic Black Magic (Omnibus of The Devil Rides Out, To the Devil a Daughter and Gateway to Hell) – Dennis Wheatley FREE (a lovely gift!)

In case you think this doesn’t fit in a music blog, can I just say: “The Goat of Mendes… the Devil himself!”. The most Heavy Metal thing that has ever happened in the history of forever.




19 thoughts on “We’ve Got Ourselves a Reader! Sep 2012”

  1. Nice idea to do something on books. I may have to copy your idea! I loved Watch You Bleed. I’m still trying to figure Axl’s psychology out.

    My wife bought me an autographed Adler, a very fine gift. I found his book to be a little whiny. He’s always come off as being very sincere, but there’s so much shoulda-woulda-coulda in his book. Let’s face it he needs that reunion to happen!


    1. Thanks Mike! Copy away to your hearts content! I’d love to see some book reviews on your site.

      The autographed Adler is an awesome gift! Not surprised by your take on it. It’s a shame because he was a really talented and under-rated part of the Appetite-era chemistry I think.

      Glad to hear you like Watch it Bleed, despite all the negative reviews it’s picked up I really like the look of it.

      Did you ever read the Ace Frehley book? Not got round to that one yet.


      1. There’s also Black Diamond II! Which is basically my bible of collector’s guides. AND he did a kickass Alice Cooper collector’s guide. That’s how I found out there are Cooper quad mix LP’s out there…


  2. Dude! Did they have more copies of the Henry & Glenn where you got yours? Heading to Toronto on a record shop expedition with Mike shortly. If I don’t find it, I may need you to mail me one!

    Lots of books over on the Thumb, guys! 😉 Of course, they’re all Rollins at this point. But soon enough, there’ll be others too. Not even music-related! I’ll be getting to my DVDs too. Man, I have a shit-ton of stuff in this house. Woo!


    1. Put it all up! I’d be into seeing the DVDs and books, music-related or not.

      I just got H & G Forever from an Amazon Marketplace seller. Let me know if it’s hard to get over there and I’ll definitely send you a copy via the HMO Special Canoe Service!


      1. The whole idea of The Thumb was to document everything I have. I just happened to start with the music (probably because I listen to music more than I read or watch movies combined). Wait til I get to my smashing collection of kung fu movies. I have an unhealthy number of them. I’ll also be a while getting through all my Harlan Ellisons…

        Hahaha thanks. You know, I never get tired of joking about canoes. Pierre Berton said you know you’re a real Canadian if you know how to have sex in a canoe… Hm. Guess my citizenship is in question, at least in practice – though I’d be willing to take the test repeatedly until I passed it.

        Anyway, thanks! I’ll be looking for that book in the Big Smoke. No idea if I’ll find it or not. Never know what will wash up on those shores. I looked at Amazon.ca and there’s people selling it for $0.01. One penny. Then $6.50 shipping. Sigh.


      2. I hope you find it Aaron. It’s really more like a booklet or a pamphlet! Very small.

        I didn’t realise canoes were such an obsession in Canada!? I’d flunk that test for sure though I’d definitely give it my best shot!

        The Harlan Ellison is interesting… saw your LP of his stuff on Thumb. I had been talking about him with my girlfriend recently. She loves The Terminator and he had a gripe with the makers and got a credit on that. Also read a hilarious anecdote by him about writing for the first Star Trek movie. I’ve never read him but it sounds like my kind of thing.


      3. HMO: He wrote on the first Star Trek movie? It doesn’t surprise me, they did a LOT of drafts on that film. I don’t think I knew that before. He did, of course, write the best episode of all time: City On The Edge of Forever, which he strongly dislikes!


      4. I didn’t know that! I love that episode.The anecdote is in Stephen King’s Danse Macabre book. He didn’t write for the movie but he was invited to a meeting of writers to come up with ideas for the movie. It didn’t work out!


      5. I have a book of Harlan’s with his original draft of that episode. VERY different. Instead of McCoy accidentally injecting himself with tricordazine and going whacko, there are junkies among the Enterprise crew that take drugs and go whacko. But Roddenberry nipped that idea in the bud and re-wrote it. Harlan’s disowened the episode, which is a shame. I honestly prefer Roddenberry’s take on it.

        I think I have Danse Macabre here. We were talking about unread books. Well, I have a lot of those too.


  3. WHOA slow down guys. This is how misinformation gets spread! He did not, to my knowledge, write the first Star Trek movie. Mike is right, he was writer on City… There’s a whole book about it (I have it and it will go up on the Thumb eventually).

    From Wiki:

    Star Trek
    Ellison has repeatedly criticized how Star Trek creator and producer Gene Roddenberry (and others) rewrote his original script for the episode “The City on the Edge of Forever”. Ellison’s original work included a subplot involving drug dealing aboard the Enterprise and other elements that Roddenberry rejected. Despite his objections, he kept his own name on the result instead of using his “Cordwainer Bird” nom-de-plume (see “Pseudonyms”, above). Ellison’s original script was eventually reprinted in the 1976 collection Six Science Fiction Plays, edited by Roger Elwood. In 1995 White Wolf Publishing released Harlan Ellison’s The City on the Edge of Forever, a book that included the original script, several story treatments, and a long introductory essay by Ellison explaining his position on what he called a “fatally inept treatment”. Both versions won prestigious awards.
    Wikinews has related news: Harlan Ellison sues CBS-Paramount, WGA over Star Trek royalties
    On March 13, 2009, Ellison sued CBS Paramount Television, seeking payment of 25% of net receipts from merchandising, publishing, and other income from the episode since 1967; the suit also names the Writers Guild of America for allegedly failing to act on Ellison’s behalf. On October 23, 2009, Variety magazine reported that a settlement had been reached.[12]

    Also, about the first film:

    The film was postponed until spring (March/April) 1975 while Paramount fielded new scripts for Star Trek II (the working title) from acclaimed writers such as Ray Bradbury, Theodore Sturgeon and Harlan Ellison. Ellison’s story had a snake-like alien race tampering with Earth’s history to create a kindred race; Kirk reunites with his old crew, but they are faced with the dilemma of killing off the reptilian race in Earth’s prehistory just to maintain humanity’s dominance. When Ellison presented his idea, an executive suggested Ellison read Chariots of the Gods? and include the Maya civilization into his story, which enraged the writer because he knew Mayans did not exist at the dawn of time. By October 1975 Robert Silverberg had been signed to work on the screenplay along with a second writer, John D. F. Black, whose treatment featured a black hole that threatened to consume all of existence.[18] Roddenberry teamed up with Jon Povill to write a new story that featured the Enterprise crew setting an altered universe right by time travel; like Black’s idea, Paramount did not consider it epic enough.

    But yeah, not the first movie, if I read that correctly.


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