Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 3rd September 2012

Paradise Lost – Gothic Monday morning again and what better way to start the week than with misery mongers PL! Up and at ‘em! Not listened to this for ages but dug it out after seeing it in Kerrang’s 666 Metal Albums You Must Hear Before You Die(!) magazine. It’s the toilet read that keeps on giving. As you can probably guess from the title, Paradise Lost were starting to introduce a Goth style to their established Death Metal making this a pretty unique transitional and innovative album in their catalogue.

The Darkness – Hot Cakes I’m loving this more with every listen. It’s good to have them back.

The Plasmatics – New Hope for the Wretched and Metal Priestess EP New Hope… is the Punky debut from The Plasmatics who hadn’t quite found their voice at this point. But it’s great fun and, coincidentally, also appears in the Kerrang mag. They had found their sound by the time of the later Metal Priestess EP but the debut has its fair share of classics like Butcher Baby and Monkey Suit.

Genesis – We Can’t Dance Phil Collins’ final studio effort with the mighty Genesis finds the pop songs joined by some moodier tracks like No Son of Mine, Dreaming While You Sleep and the excellent Driving the Last Spike which I absolutely love. Driving The Last Spike has the kind of emotional build that’s reminiscent of Marillion and there is a superb performance of it on the Way We Walk live DVD.

The Dictators – Go Girl Crazy A great album for fans of Alice Cooper, early KISS and Blue Oyster Cult although it’s a bit scuzzier and wackier than any of those acts. Also features the legendary Ross the Boss who would later form Manowar thus achieving complete godliness.

Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy This long-delayed album proved to be well worth the wait and it increases in my estimation with each passing year. Just bought the vinyl edition because I had a notion the album would make a great LP. I was right, some albums are so good you have to buy them twice… although I did wait for the inevitable price drop!

The Wildhearts – The Wildhearts  Easily one of the greatest albums of the last 10 years. Brilliant hooks and most of the songs veer off into epic, tightly composed riff journeys. There’s also a DVD called Live in the Studio: A Film by Tim Smith where they bang the whole album out live in a recording studio. Which is way more entertaining than it sounds, I promise!

KISS – Destroyer Resurrected OK remix of the iconic album adds some instruments and oomph in some places but manages to lose half a beat from Flaming Youth. Try air-drumming to that! Also, the cover wasn’t used because it was too violent? I thought it was cause they had the wrong outfits on?

Danzig – Danzig II: Lucifuge This taut Blues-Metal workout is one of the evil-Elvis’ greatest achievements. Love Danzig… but not so much that I’d want to move in with him or anything.

Rollins Band – End of Silence An absolutely primal album. This was my introduction to Henry back when it was released and it’s one of those albums that refuses to grow old or get too familiar. For such a long record there is not a wasted moment here.


7 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 3rd September 2012”

  1. Man, another great list. But the Genesis threw me. Not like there’s anything wrong with Genesis, but that record… I dunno, it just ain’ t what I picture in a list that also includes Danzing, Paradise Lost and the almighty amazingness of End Of Silence. I wonder what would happen if Phil Collins met Henry Rollins. Would Henry’s head explode? I’m sure it would make for great spoken word fodder, anyway.

    You totally want to move in with Danzig. You know you do. But I’ll bet he leaves the seat up.


    1. LOL! Yeah probably, but at least he’d wash the car and do the shopping.

      I thought the Genesis album would probably throw people! I love Prog Rock and have a real soft spot 80s Pop so Genesis are like the dream band! It was a bit of an odd choice this week I admit.

      A Rollins/Collins meet would be awesome spoken word fodder… probably like him meeting Adrian Belew at Shatner’s recording session.I loved that.


  2. I believe HMO, in regards to the Destroyer cover, both reasons are true. Ken Kelly had to change the costumes anyway, but the label also asked for the removal of the burning city.

    I gotta get Hot Cakes. Still no luck for me over here on this side of the pond.

    I bought Chi-Dem on vinyl. I prefer vinyl for that one, it adds some warmth that maybe isn’t there on CD. I scratched mine right away first time I listened to it too.


    1. Nice one, I was hoping you’d shed some light on it! I hadn’t heard that before and in the Kisstory book and Kiss My Ass DVD they only mention the costume issue (if I remember correctly anyway!).

      There’s still a fair bit of devastation on the original Destroyer cover. On the back at least.


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