Buying Round Up – 22nd September 2012

Here’s some stuff that’s been bothering my inner Bank Manager.

The Steelbook is shiny, it excites!

Iron Maiden – En Vivo! DVD Steelbook with Stickers (HMV Glasgow £18)

Another excellent Maiden DVD. This is the HMV exclusive edition. Not especially fussed about Steelbooks or stickers but this was the cheapest version I could find and, you have to admit, it’s purty! You can order online with HMV now and pick your order up at your local store… Good idea! I can’t bear waiting on the post to arrive. The Final Frontier album has proved a real grower and has received many listens lately so I wanted to see and hear that stuff captured live. I really respect Maiden’s commitment to their new material and the intervening retro tours are a great idea too. The new tracks sound great on this, especially Coming Home. “En Vivo” translates to English as “Live” which is a bit disappointing. I thought it was going to mean something cool like… I dunno… “Have at you” or something like that.

I asked for Bacon!

The Darkness – Hot Cakes Ltd. Edition with Bonus Tracks (HMV Glasgow £10)

I’ve mentioned this album a couple of times in my listening notes and it has been getting many, many plays. One of the strongest albums of the year.  It’s a real relief to hear a new album that is as good as this. There are still classics waiting to be written!

The small one that doesn’t come with an amp!

AC/DC – Backtracks 2CD/DVD (FOPP Glasgow £10)

I’m not the hugest fan of AC/DC but £10 for this just seemed like an irresistable bargain. The more committed fan should check out this beast but I’ll content myself with this version. I mainly wanted the Aussie album tracks, like Crabsody In Blue, which never made it onto the UK versions of the albums so this covers that base. To be honest, I can never really get into this band that much these days but we’ll see if this floats my boat. I’ve got a good feeling about this one…

The extra violent, inappropriately attired cover

KISS – Destroyer Resurrected (Amazon £7)

I don’t need a whole bunch of bonus tracks to rate a reissue highly. A good remastering with entertaining liner notes applied to a well-chosen classic album is quite enough for HMO. I can’t help feeling that more could have been done with this though, like with the recent Queen reissues. It just seems a bit stingy. I’ve only given this a couple of listens but KISS are always a bit of an Autumn/Winter proposition for me so I reckon I might start listening to this more as the year progresses.

Amount spent on purchase: £45

Amount spent in total so far: £306


6 thoughts on “Buying Round Up – 22nd September 2012”

  1. Sweet stuff! Maiden live DVD = essential. I always took Darkness to be some sort of tongue-in-cheek super-tribute band to the 80s hair metal, and that that first time around was a fluke. I didn’t realize, for the longest time, that they were serious. And hey, 2CDs and a DVD of AC/DC for that cheap is always worth it. And Mike does have the amp – it’s on his blog, somewhere. And KISS. Of course.

    So, 306 pounds. Any regrets? Wish you’d spent it differently? (haha I know the answer – OF COURSE NOT).


    1. Of course not haha! The Maiden is amazing and that AC/DC set was a great deal.
      I can understand you feeling that way about The Darkness. They do tread a fine line, especially live. But I think they have their own style and the humour isn’t parodic or taking the piss. Despite the obvious influences they have their own style rather than just aping older acts.


  2. Finally, I got the Darkness. I love it! When they broke up I was very much into them. It’s nice that they have come back, and I still feel the exact same. I love this album. It’s like no time has passed and they are back to the sound of the first LP.


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