Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 17th September 2012

Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth Stonking comeback record from the Diamond Dave-led VH. Strong contender for Album of the Year and You and Your Blues is even a contender for Song of the Year. Love how dirty and raw this is and Roth’s got a charismatic bluesy croon to his voice now. I’m not sure I can handle living in a world where Dave Lee Roth is anything less than an alpha male so this is welcome stuff!

Public Image Ltd. – First Issue John Lydon’s first post-Pistols venture. It’s pretty adventurous stuff with some fantastic jaggy guitar playing. I thought I’d check this out as I’ve been reading Simon Reynold’s Rip it Up and Start Again which covers this band in a couple of chapters. Although the album is often quite naïve and atonal it’s also surprisingly hypnotic and the lead-off single Public Image livened up an otherwise dull bus journey!

Def Leppard – High N’ Dry I really love Def Leppard and this is an excellent album.  Just couldn’t get into it this week for some reason. It happens.

Deep Purple – Live in Japan (Disc 1 – Osaka Show) Live Purple Overload! This excellent set features the three separate shows that were drawn from to make up the Made in Japan album. I only listened to the first show on CD1 and got right into it. Ian Gillan once described this band as “ a monster of the individual contribution” and he wasn’t wrong! Top notch.

Mastodon – Leviathan My girlfriend is listening to the 135-day-long Moby Dick Big Read Podcast so it gave me the notion to check out Mastodon’s hefty take on Melville’s classic tale. I see that the band chose to jump straight to the Whale stuff and gloss over the touching White Christian/Pagan Cannibal bromance. Shame.

Danzig – Danzig Not enough people mention Danzig when Rick Rubin’s name comes up. It’s all Johnny Cash-this and Reign in Blood-that. Fucking Danzig! Maybe I will move in with him…

Yes – Yessongs Another monster of the individual contribution. This is an absolutely transcendent live album. As you listen you feel like the full, rich possibilities of music are being explored! At least I do anyway. I just got this on vinyl so it’ll be appearing in a “Buying Round-Up” sometime soon.

Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion I really like the Frosties and while this is regarded as one of their best albums I can never quite get into it for some reason. But it must have something going for it cause I refuse to give up on it and often pop it back on for another whirl.

Isengard – Vandreren Darkthrone’s Fenriz gets his Viking on for this 1993 demo. Really raw stuff but also has some stirring riffs and swarthy Nordic vocals. While listening to this I found myself drifting off into a reverie of longboats and helmets and basically grinning like an idiot.

The Black Crowes – The Lost Crowes (Tall Sessions) This is a great album but was scrapped for… reasons. Features many alternate versions (some better) of songs that would eventually end up on the excellent Amorica and Three Snakes… albums.

Journey – Trial by Fire Listened to this after reading a review on the excellent LeBrain blog. The post caused a surprising amount of debate over the album’s merits. I had a listen and chipped in about it in the comments section there so you should go and check that out and save me repeating myself!

23 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 17th September 2012”

  1. Oh man! Some great albums here. I’m glad you enjoyed the Van Halen as much as I did. But why only disc 1 of Live In Japan, what happened to 2 and 3? You’re not like my customers who used to lose discs from their box sets, are you? 😉


      1. Good stuff! I like doing it over the course of three nights. Although it’s hard to compare/contrast versions that way. And there was more material from those shows that didn’t make the sets, it’s all been released since then on box sets and deluxe editions.


      2. I’ve left it too long now so I doubt I’ll be able to compare when I get round to the next night but… never mind. They are all great shows.

        I don’t have any of the Purple Box Sets but I’ve got the Made In Japan with some of the other tracks like the cover of Lucille.


      3. I’ve left it too long now so I doubt I’ll be able to compare when I get round to the next night but… never mind. They are all great shows.

        I don’t have any of the Purple Box Sets but I’ve got the Made In Japan with some of the other tracks like the cover of Lucille.

        Strangely, Made in Japan was never my favourite live album of theirs but the Live in Japan shows seem to work better.


  2. So much greatness here. VH, natch. I always loved PiL. The Leppard is the one you guys were telling me to check out – still need to get there. I see you already discussed the Purple with Mike. Mastodon!!! I don’t have Leviathan (I have most of the rest) but if I find it in Toronto it’s coming home for sure! I still question Danzig as a roomie, man. He probably sheds on the furniture. Man, Yes. I always seemed to skip those guys (for no good reason). Hm. Celtic Frost I know in passing, but Isengard I don’t know at all. Thanks for the mention so I can go digging! The Tall Sessions… what was the difference between that one and Taller? I just don’t know anymore. And Journey, yeah, I followed that on Mike’s blog. Fun times!

    All in all, a great week in your ears yet again! I like your format. A cool way of going about keeping track of what you hear.

    Also, you said the Rollins was in! Where’s your impressions? 😉 Seriously, man, once that thing gets in your stereo, it will not allow itself to be removed without great force.


    1. Hmmm, Danzig as a roomie…don’t mind shedding cause I’m a cat person but, then again, he’s probably more of a wolf person so I don’t know how that would work out!

      PiL was the pleasant surprise of the week!

      I’ve heard Taller mentioned but I can’t remember what that was… I seem to remember they used to call their fan-club that.

      I’m always a week behind doing these so Rollins will appear next week. I put it on really late on Saturday just to hear what it sounded like and had to pry myself away 10 songs later! It’s fantastic stuff. I was worried cause I didn’t know many of the songs but they’re great. Really liked On the Day, Illumination and Hotter and Hotter so far. I’ll be listening to this a lot for sure. Thanks for putting me on to it and thanks to the Canadian Canoe Delivery Team!


      1. Yeah, you also have to consider the size of litter box you’d need for Glenn, plus the shovel and rake. I really just don’t think it’s worth it. man, I’m a cat person too – we have two rescue kitties – and I can tell you they’re WAY easier than Glenn would be.

        I can ask my sister about Taller. She’ll know.

        OK, here’s the thing. Your next post is one CD only: The ROLLINS! Dude, I listen to that thing non-stop. It’s a great jogging companion in your MP3 player too. Makes me run faster. I got to hear most of those songs live when we saw them. On The Day was INSANE.


      2. Yeah you might have a point… can you imagine the racket he would make when I let him out at night too?

        Although I have never, ever jogged I can totally understand how that would be a perfect running album. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be on steady rotation this week so a review will follow…


      3. Never jogged? Not even, like, recreationally? Well, that’s cool. Whatever your workout choice is, this is your album of choice. It’s like he’s taunting you. You can hear him, “Man, I’m up here, doing this and I’m kicking your ass. How come YOU aren’t out there kicking even more ass yourself? Huh? If I can do this, why aren’t you doing BETTER?” Great motivator for exercise, believe me.


  3. I dig the new Van Halen album too. I still want to hear more of Eddies compositional skills like on Fair Warning and 1984. Already waiting for the new music, hopefully! There are some amazing riffs on those albums. Huge High n Dry fan too. On Through the Night is another underrated Def Leppard album.


    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the stopping by! Pleased to hear your into the new VH. It’s way better that I had expected. Fair Warning is my favourite VH record so I’d love them to do something similar to that. On Through the Night and High N’ Dry are both overlooked and under-rated. I love OTTN but I don’t listen to it nearly as much as it deserves so I might have to rectify that!


      1. FW has always been my favorite too. Lately 1984 is catching up…there is music on there that just isnt being n hasn’t been duplicated…not even by Eddie unfortunately. Top Jimmy, Drop Dead Legs, Girl Gone Bad are masterpieces…those riffs just are unworldly n unique. I think I have just listened to FW so much so long it has a lost a little resonance. But that is one of the best sounding records of ALL time. Enjoy OTTN. I think you will be presently surprised. It is raw but quality filled!


      2. I know what you mean about listening to an album so much that you take the shine off it. 1984 is an awesome album, I especially love Panama and Drop Dead Legs… I’ve been getting into the early Roth solo stuff too. Eat Em and Smile is fantastic.


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