Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 24th September 2012

Isengard – Høstmørke The only album proper from the Fenriz side project that I mentioned last week. More of the same as the Vandreren demo really and sounds as much like a demo as that did! Maybe even more so. This was a great escapist listen on the Monday bus to work.

INXS – Listen Like Thieves and Kick I’ve been a fan of these albums since the 80s but I’ve found myself really reconnecting with them in the last couple of years. It’s tight, funky Pop but when I was a young ‘un this stuff made perfect sense alongside the rockier fare of the day like Whitesnake and Def Leppard.

Rush – Vapor Trails I’ve not listened to this one for ages. I never minded the production of this as much as some people seemed to. Listening to it this time it strikes me as a tad overlong but every time I started to drift off they hit me with a belter like Secret Touch. I’d definitely rate this above Snakes and Arrows but I think the new one, Clockwork Angels, has trumped it. There’s been talk about remixing/remastering Vapor Trails too which I’d be keen to hear.

Dissection – Live Rebirth Gave this a listen while writing my previous post about it. A great introduction for fans of traditional Metal that want to dip their toes into more extreme territory.

The Misfits – Collection I Also known as the first disc in their awesome Box Set. This is just front to back great fun. Direct, catchy as hell and songs like Astro Zombies even manage to be strangely touching!

Iron Maiden – The Soundhouse Tapes Mike Ladano has been expertly reviewing the Iron Maiden catalogue recently and you should definitely check out his excellent reviews. Although the albums concerned are basically hard-wired into my consciousness, while reading his posts I realised that I hadn’t listened to The Soundhouse Tapes or their many B-Sides for ages. I got totally caught up in The Soundhouse Tapes even though it was, understandably, naïve and rough around the edges. Pretty much the NWOBHM in a nutshell! Loved it.

Iron Maiden – Running Free/Sanctuary It was fun to go back to the singles again too. I’ve got these from the First Ten Years Box Set which I’m lucky enough to own (sadly sans lid). The highlight of this one is the enjoyable but atypical Burning Ambition. I love that washy vibrato effect that NWOBHM bands were so fond of.

Iron Maiden – Women in Uniform/Twilight Zone Never liked either Women… or Twilight Zone that much but releasing non-album singles was pretty old-school, even in the 80s, and good value for money for the fans. The B-Sides are excellent and include the naff but fun Invasion (almost inventing Bad News single-handedly with its lyric “robbing and pillaging, raping and looting the la-a-and”. Kind of poetical political isn’t it?) and an excellent live version of Phantom of the Opera.

Iron Maiden – Purgatory/Maiden Japan Had forgotten how amazing the song Purgatory actually is. Can’t escape the feeling that Maiden picked an odd bunch of songs to promote the Killers album though. Maiden Japan is shit-hot with an awesome version of the under-rated Innocent Exile.

Ghost – Opus Eponymous This was totally mis-sold as a Mercyful Fate/Angel Witch style affair when it was released when anyone with half an ear can tell they’re pillaging Blue Oyster Cult for all they’re worth. Still, one of the best debuts of recent years and I’m intrigued to see how they are going to follow this up.

Pink Floyd – The Wall I could never get into this band when I was younger. They appealed too much to all the layabout stoners I knew and I was too busy listening to Ted Nugent going gonzo at Hammersmith! Glad I’ve found my way round to Floyd now though because there’s lots of amazing, dramatic stuff here. I’ll wager Pink Floyd never played three headline shows in a row though! Wimps.


13 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 24th September 2012”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Quickly on Vapor Trails: I always thought the sound was part of the package — makes it heavier, you know what I mean? I had a customer tell me I was deaf because he hated the sound and I didn’t.


    1. You’re welcome! I agree with you on the sound. It took me while to get into it though so I wonder if it would have been easier to love if it had been a bit less dense. But, then again, does that even matter? Some of the best albums are hard work and Rush albums always take loads of listens to reveal their full charms.


  2. INXS! Man, that takes me back. Our music teacher used to call them Inks, and meant it. Hooboy. Anyway, they tried to play a show here in our town last summer, as headliners, and couldn’t draw enough people. Lots of other sweet, cool metal here (tell me you play it at VOLUME), and Misfits! I love me some Misfits. Do you have the box set or just the one disc? I loved the Soundhouse Tapes. I heard punk as much as metal. Yum! You can keep the Folyd for yourself. They’ve never spoken to me. I don’t mind it when it’s on, but I don’t go out of my way to own it. Chacun son gout, non? And Rush? Man, they do what they want. And they make records that rule and that have integrity. Really, it’s nitpicking at this point, any problems with their output. No one else is capable of doing what they do and we are all the more fortunate to have them in our ears.

    Hey man, WHERE’S THE ROLLINS?!?!?! Hahaha I understand, words are hard to give to that thing, meaning that it’s easy to run out of superlatives when decribing it.


    1. i’m fairly sure I used to call the Inks until Casey Kasem corrected me on America’s Top 10! Not really surprised they can’t draw the crowds anymore…

      I’ve got the Misfits Box Set! Just love them…

      Just realised I did listen to the Rollins live album this week and forgot to put it in! Argh. Never mind, I listened to it constantly the week after so it’ll be in next weeks post!


      1. Oohh… thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to drop some Christmas hints for that one I think! Hope my girlfriends reading this…


      2. Well, without Hutchence, they’re a bunch of very good musicians. He had the Star Power. You should check out the Live Baby Live set. And you need to get ‘X’ too, to complete the set of ones you need from them.

        I had the Misfits box at one point, not any more. Maybe I’ll find one somewhere someday.

        Mike: Seriously? A 29-DISC BOX SET? Of singles? Don’t KISS fans own all of that stuff already?

        Maybe I just need a proper introduction to Floyd. I tried the Hits set, shut it off. I tried Dark Side, shut it off. Hell, I own Division Bell and never play it. I like individual songs, but more than one or two in a row and I’m done.


      3. Wish You Were Here was the Floyd album that sold them to me. But if you’d tried those albums it’s probably just not your cup of tea! I was listening to Porcupine Tree a lot and i think that was my gateway to checking them out. I could hear similarities.
        I’ll definitely check out the Live album and X. They’ve been on my list for a while now. Most of their back-cat was reissued here last year too and it’s all pretty cheap now. The guys is INXS are great musicians and songwriters but, yeah, they are just too faceless without the Hutch. Shame!
        I’m wondering about this KISS set… I’m fairly sure they never put anything interesting on their single B-Sides. Just album tracks I think. But I’ll let Mike weigh in on this one!


    2. I’ve been getting quite into Floyd but really only concentrating on a few albums. I still think they are somewhat over-rated but I have genuinely enjoyed the albums I’ve picked up in the last few years.


    1. Urgh. Just crap writing I’m afraid. I meant the CD was generally excellent and included the song Invasion which is a bit naff… as in a bit silly! But enjoyable nonetheless!


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