Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 1st October 2012

Aerosmith – Aerosmith I really enjoy Aerosmith’s debut despite Steven Tyler’s odd James Brown impersonation. Quite a few classics on here: Dream On, Mama Kin and Walking the Dog but I especially love the intro riff of Make It that kicks the whole thing off.

Manowar – Gods of War Live The third of Manowar’s live releases. I’ve already reviewed their first, Hell on Wheels, as part of my post-1985 live albums series and I’ll be getting round to this one in due course. So I won’t give anything away just now.

Black Flag – The First Four Years Enjoyed this so much I bought it twice! Well, I had bought the vinyl and then fancied listening to it on the move so I got a download for £3 too. It’s good to have something fiery to listen to on the bus in case you have a shite day at work!

Rollins Band – The Only Way to Know For Sure Another recent purchase and gave this a ton of listens this week. I had it on good authority that this was going to be a good listen but I’m still genuinely surprised by how good this is. It’ll get a fuller review up at some point but all I can say is that this album caused bopping to happen. Actual bopping.

Glenn Hughes – Addiction The Voice of Rock has come in from the commercial cold in recent years but, at the risk of being a contrary bugger, I’ve found myself losing interest. This one is from back in the mid-90s when I was still on board! It took a few listens to get into but is continually rewarding. Dark, down-tuned Rock with real soul and atmosphere. I always liked JJ Marsh on guitar. What happened to that guy?

Genesis – Selling England by the Pound I’m always spellbound by the opening track on this, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, the song that got me into the band. It’s got a cool mythical feel and an excellent early example of two-handed tapping from 1973. The Cinema Show is also essential Genesis. This is a superb album but it’s let down by I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), which gets old quick, and The Battle of Epping Forest, which is fairly impenetrable.

Iron Maiden – The Trooper/Flight of Icarus Another two-single compilation from the First Ten Years box. Features an excellent cover of Montrose’s I’ve Got the Fire and a cover of Jethro Tull’s Cross-Eyed Mary, which is a bit of a howler but, in fairness, not actually as bad as I had remembered.

Fleetwood Mac – Tango in the Night I always manage to squeeze some 80s pop into my weekly listening, don’t I? This one’s a patchy affair from the AOR behemoths. I really enjoyed all the singles from this era but, sadly, only a few other tracks here are worth your time.

Hawklords – 25 Years On Maybe a bit of an obscure one, this. In the late 70s Hawkwind disbanded but the main players reappeared as Hawklords for this one excellent album. Eccentric vocalist/lyricist Robert Calvert is on particularly good form here. PSI Power is fantastic, probably my favourite Hawkwind-related song (unless you include Motorhead in that category in which case it’s Dancing on Your Grave), Freefall is gorgeous and Flying Doctors is about a cabinet key. Presumably the key to a cabinet with drugs in it.


15 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 1st October 2012”

  1. Love early Aerosmith. How far they fell into maudlin later on! I love that you’re into the Manowar. Looking forward to that one. YES! Own the Black Flag in every format, so that whenever the need arises, wherever you are, you’re covered. I love that record. Looking forward to your TOWTKFS review. I can deal with the bopping, but I wanna hear about the DESTRUCTION you caused while listening to it! Glenn Hughes and Maiden, right on. I had to look up who Hawklords even are (and there goes more of my cred). You’ve been into the Genesis before in these pages, and that’s a cool one. But, um, Dude? Fleetwood Mac? I hear what you’re saying there, but um…

    All in all, another great week in your ears. Well done, sir. I love the thought of listening to the First Four Years on public transit. Everyone else so sedate, half-dead… and in your ears is THAT! Ha. Wake up Blobbos and get with the program! Love it.

    And watch for the Thumb. Maybe even tomorrow? Will see if I can get the space in the family day to get ‘er done. But I know where it’ll go. Woo!


    1. I love listening to Rollins on the bus for that same reason! Although the only thing I destroyed while listening to it at home was a cup of tea and some biscuits… sorry.

      I wouldn’t blame anyone for not knowing who Hawklords are… it’s a great lost classic and I’ve got another obscure Hawkwind related album coming up next week!

      But the Fleetwood Mac… I do have a soft spot for 80s Pop and the that stuff helps me live out all my Miami Vice fantasies!


  2. Love the early Aerosmith albums including the debut!! I still have a picture disc(vinyl) of Cross Eyed Mary dont remember what the A side is maybe F.o. Icarus. Piece of Mind is my favorite Maiden.


    1. Yeah, the early Aerosmith stuff is amazing. The Maiden artwork is just made for picture discs! That must be quite a collectible. I’m more of a Powerslave guy but that’s splitting hairs really. All the 80s Maiden stuff was great. What do you think of their version of Cross-Eyed Mary? Not one of Bruce Dickinson’s better moments I think.


      1. I liked it when I was 14…but it is not a great song and I’m not a Tull fan at all. I agree Powerslave was their biggest, most polished, highlight of their career album, but I like the rawness and songs of Piece of Mind a little better.


      2. I’m a huge Tull fan. Love them! It’s really not one of their better songs though… I imagine Maiden chose it because it was a bit rockier. I already knew Tull’s version well when I heard Maiden’s and wasn’t that impressed. Only a B-Side though so no harm done!


  3. SSL (Sorry so late)!

    The first Aerosmith album is my favourite, of the original Columbia albums. That and Draw The Line are the only two that I still play regularly.

    Piece of Mind is one of my fave Maiden too. I think the B-side to Flight of Icarus though was “I’ve Got The Fire”, because I used to have that single. “Cross Eyed Mary” was probably the B-side to “The Trooper”.


    1. Haha where you been? 😉
      I had just had a wee look through the Ten Years box. Cross Eyed Mary was on The Trooper.
      I listen to the 1st and Draw The Line the most too! Cool. I occasionally throw in Night in the Ruts as well from that era…


  4. Nice to see others getting the Addiction album; one of his best. Try Standing On The Rock from his later Songs In The Key Of album – astonishing piece of work. Much better than the superficially exciting but very derivative BCC work of late…


    1. That’s a great album too! Just can’t get into BCC for some reason… superficial is a good word.

      Thanks for stopping by Simon, really appreciate it. I’m a big fan of all the Purple reissues you’ve been involved with! I wish more bands had that level of care put into their back-catalogue.


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