In My Eyes: Little Richard – Keep On Rockin’

I went for my obligatory nosey in the local charity shop the other week and found this little beauty! Little Richard – Keep on Rockin’ on DVD for just £1. I’d been eyeing up a more expensive release of this so the chance to bag it for such a small sum was irresistible. You can’t even get a coffee for that!

It’s a half hour of footage from his performance at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival from 1969. This festival featured newer acts alongside legends like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis (it was also the concert at which Alice Cooper’s famous “chicken incident” took place).

At this point Little Richard had been written off as old-hat but cannily used the profile of the appearance to stage his comeback. His band hurtle through their set at breakneck speed. 9 songs in about 28 minutes, many of them played twice or three times. This is like the Reign In Blood of Rock N’ Roll! Little Richard skilfully works the crowd into a frenzy, even offering to take the best dancer “back to Africa with us”.

(I’m gonna throw in Little Richard’s thoughts on Jimi Hendrix too. Just cause it cracks me up.)


9 thoughts on “In My Eyes: Little Richard – Keep On Rockin’”

  1. Many of them played twice or three times? Really? Cool…sounds like a party! That’s what you do at a party! “Play Freebird again!”

    I’ve always liked Little Richard, own nothing of his on video though. Just some greatest hits.


    1. The way they blast through a lot of these, the songs are seriously brief. Blink and you miss them stuff! So it’s probably just as well they played most of them over again! It would be good if they brought out a proper DVD anthology of footage but for £1 this isn’t too bad!


  2. I like me some Little Richard too. All kinds of awesome, all kinds of batshit crazy! The music is brilliant, though, could never ever fault him there.

    Man, I need to come over there and go through your shops. You find the greatest stuff for so cheap!


    1. Little Richard is awesome. Definitely great stuff to be had in the shops here but it helps that I haunt them constantly so if there’s a bargain. It’s mine!

      You could maybe get a very small coffee for a pound. But not a good one.


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