Single of the Week: The Black Crowes – One Mirror Too Many

I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

One Mirror Too Many CD Single

First up: the CD Single of One Mirror Too Many, a track from The Black Crowes Three Snakes and One Charm album. I’ve always liked that album and was excited to discover two hitherto unheard tracks – Pimper’s Paradise (a Bob Marley cover) and Somebody’s On Your Case (the sleeve credits don’t seem to know who wrote this). And all for the HMO-friendly price of just 50p. Can’t even get a Fry’s Orange Creme for that!

One of these songs is doing its own thing…

Pimper’s Paradise is great laid-back stuff and the perfect backdrop for Chris Robinson’s excellent voice. Unfortunately, Somebody’s On Your Case has been mis-labelled on the cover and is actually Mellow Down Easy which I already have as a bonus track on the Three Snakes album. A quick root around on the interweb reveals Somebody’s On Your Case to be a soulful Starsky and Hutch-style affair. Sounded great! Shame it’s not on this… Maybe if the CD compilers had actually known what song this actually was they could have found out who wrote it? But let us not be down-hearted. Onwards and upwards, tally-ho and all that good stuff.

6 thoughts on “Single of the Week: The Black Crowes – One Mirror Too Many”

  1. I love your new series! You said you were gonna do something new, and I had a zillion guesses… I like this! BRING IT ON! I know that singles were, by and large, more common over there than they were here. You should have pretty good pickings in your cheap shops.

    Something in my memory tells me that, at some point in my owning a bunch of Crowes stuff, I had this same single. And it had the same error! I wouldn’t have remembered that without you posting about it here. Of course, I no longer have any of that stuff. I probably gave all my Crowes stuff to my sister. She’s a huge fan.

    Mellow Down Easy is an old Little Walter song, but it’s been covered by a whole bunch of people.

    TSAOC was not an album that worked for me, but their choices of cover songs are often fun.

    As stated, great new idea. Something else to look forward to every week! Sweeeeet.


    1. Hey, thanks very much for your enthusiastic response! Glad you like it! I was worried it got off to a bit of a lukewarm start but… you win some you lose some. Not every purchase is a slam dunk.
      It was your Mr. Mister LP that gave me the notion. I realised there were so many songs that I like but maybe don’t need to get a whole album for. I could use iTunes I suppose but where’s the fun in that?
      I’d imagine there might be a lot of decidedly non-HM stuff showing up in this series.
      And, without giving anything away, I’ve got some great plans for HMO in 2013!


    1. You’re welcome Mike! I’d advise hearing their albums in order. If you jumped straight from Shake Your Money Maker to Three Snakes it might be a bit of a shock. But if you hear each album in order there’s more of a gradual progression. I lost interest after this album though. The album that followed Three Snakes, By Your Side, was dreadful.


      1. Agreed. Play them in order. Southern rules! Amorica… not so much IMHO. Snakes was where the drugs were at their worst. By Your Side’s songs made way more sense live. The record was overproduced to the point of almost breaking.

        Go see for yourself! Love dem Crowes!


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