In My Eyes – Manowar’s Fire and Blood

There is a bumper crop of Manowar’s heftiest tracks on this superb DVD.  It’s a great companion piece to their second live album Hell on Stage. The first disc of this set features on and off-stage footage from the various stops on Manowar’s seemingly endless jaunts. It’s thankfully quite easy to skip the inconsequential off-stage chat and larks to get to the meat of the matter: the live tracks. The highlight here is a fantastic performance of the immortal Bridge of Death. This is one of the greatest songs of all-time and inspires quasi-religious fervour in me whenever I hear it.

If all that goodness isn’t enough then the second disc has the film of their special guest slot at the 1998 Monsters of Rock festival in Sao Paulo. I don’t know who went on after them but I hope they had their shit together because this was a phenomenal performance which, apparently, cost the lives of 18 innocent speakers. Thankfully, they died in battle, guaranteeing their entry into Speaker Valhalla. Hail!


4 thoughts on “In My Eyes – Manowar’s Fire and Blood”

    1. Totally bad ass! The kind of thing i’d have written off as hyperbole until I finally saw them live. Their stage sound is incredible. Louder than any band I’ve ever heard but clear as a bell (and in a venue notorious for terrible sound). Kudos to their sound guys.


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