Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 5th November 2012

Enslaved – Isa Enslaved’s albums always seem a bit impenetrable but every now and then they throw you a catchy bone like the insistent and classy Return to Yggdrasill. Immortal main man Abbath (master of the entertaining and useless instructional guitar video) also turns up to add his excellent croak to the opening track.

Judas Priest – Angel of Retribution I had an unexpected notion to listen to this and half-suspected I’d change my mind a few songs in. How wrong I was! This is a great album and brings together a lot of styles from throughout their career. The most pleasant surprise was how much I enjoyed Loch Ness. I’m not quite sure what a skirl is though… oh wait, apparently it’s the noise bagpipes make. Does Nessie play bagpipes?!

Winterfylleth – The Threnody of Triumph Probably the last new music I’ll buy now until 2013 (having written off Aerosmith’s latest) and a great album to end the year with. British Black Metal with a great pastoral folky feel running through it.

Metallica – Unnamed Feeling (EP) A bumper selection of live tracks circa St. Anger. Some great selections like Hit the Lights and Motorbreath and it’s enjoyable without being totally convincing.

Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol I’m still underwhelmed with this follow up to Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us but this is growing on me with every listen. I think it might be time for a rethink in the PL camp though. Time for a bit of reinvention.

Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth Brilliant comeback album from VH and Dave Lee Roth. A rare example of a modern Rock album not having the life produced out of it. A Different Kind of Truth crackles like it’s hot off the press, sounding like they just cranked it out and let it be. Comeback of the year.

David Lee Roth – The Best Enjoyed VH so much I fancied a bit of Roth solo. This compilation is a great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with Dave’s solo stuff. I listen to this when I’m on the move and have most of his albums on vinyl for when I’m at home. I especially rate Big Trouble. It’s one of the most remarkable songs I’ve ever heard and ‘“tonight we’re Rocketeers” said Mouse’!

Fleetwood Mac – Blues Collection Great collection of live Mac. Taken from the Boston recordings that keep surfacing in different releases. This version has my favourite selection and running order. Priest’s take on Mac’s Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown) is great but doesn’t summon up even a fraction of the dread that their version does.

V/A – Metal for Muthas Legendary NWOBHM compilation featuring very early Iron Maiden recordings. There are a few other notable bands on here too, namely Angel Witch, Praying Mantis and Samson. It’s clear that Iron Maiden were a cut above the rest from an early stage even if their business acumen wasn’t as well developed. It’s hard to imagine the band, later in their career,  agreeing to appear on an album alongside Ethel the Frog and Toad the Wet Sprocket.

SONG OF THE WEEK I can’t describe a song as being “one of the most remarkable I’ve ever heard” and not make that Song of the Week so here is David Lee Roth’s Big Trouble from the excellent compilation The Best and also his classic debut solo record Eat ‘Em and Smile. It’s totally magical and I never get tired of hearing it.

[Dave Lee Roth – Big Trouble]



29 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 5th November 2012”

  1. Always happy to see some love for the Peter Green era of Fleetwood Mac. The version of the Boston recordings I own is the 3-CD “Live In Boston” which, ironically, was the name of a live album released by the Buckingam-Nicks lineup in 2004. Talk about two very different recordings (I love both of them for different reasons). I agree with you that, as good as the Priest version of “Green Manalishi” is, it doesn’t top the Mac original.

    The only DLR solo album I own is “The Best,” and it’s probably all I’ll ever need. By the time he left VH I had grown tired of his shtick, so I never got any of his individual albums. It wasn’t until years later that I decided I need to have some of his music in my collection, and I’m glad I chose that compilation. As for the latest VH, I was as skeptical as anyone and it took a while for me to check it out. After all, how good could VH with DLR sound all these years later? I’m glad I kept an open mind, because the answer is “pretty damn good.” I’m not sure I would agree with you that it’s “brilliant,” but grading on a scale based on expectations I was thrilled with it. Not sure how good it would sound back to back with any of the first 4-5 albums.

    Based on your description, Winterfylleth sounds really interesting. I will add it to my list of artists to check out. I hope you’re already having a great week of music listening.


    1. I’ve got a 2CD called “Boston Blues” too! Those recordings really get around…

      I did think of you when I was writing about “The Best” because I thought it would be a good compilation for your series. I really think it’s all the solo DLR that anyone really needs. I got the full albums cheap on vinyl anyway but I rarely listen to them.

      I try not to get too excited about new albums but the VH has just been growing on me all year. I know what you mean about comparing it to the first albums but I think it just stands on it’s own. It even seems to reflect their passing age in a way few bands of their ilk do!

      If you like the basic Black Metal style then I would recommend Winterfylleth. It’s got moments reminiscent of Anathema and despite all the thrashing and guttural vocals it’s quite relaxing!


  2. Wow what a list this week. Big Trouble! Great song. I believe the lyric was written back in the VH days? At least I often see a song called Big Trouble listed among unreleased VH tracks. I was just playing A DIfferent Kind of Truth myself today…

    There’s a lot of great stuff here…although I’m not a big fan of Priest’s Ode to Nessie. Methinks Rob could have slept in that morning and let Glen write the lyrics!

    Unnamed Feeling…I have two discs of this. One has Four Horsemen and Damage Inc, the other has Dirty Window, and Master. No idea if there are more out there.

    I read somewhere that they were releasing different CD singles in different countries with the same tracks, just different RECORDINGS of those tracks. So for example if you bought St. Anger in the UK you’d get UK recordings for B-sides. If you bought it in South America, you’d get South American recordings…don’t know if this is true or not but I gave up on trying to get a “complete” Metallica collection at that point.


    1. Thanks for the info on Big Trouble, just love that song so much. I know there are a ton of unreleased VH tracks but I don’t know much about it. I could do with some pointers!
      The lyrics of Loch Ness are awful, and the chorus is a bit much, but it’s got a lot going for it. I was quite surprised how much I got into it!
      I got the Unnamed Feeling stuff on mp3 from Amazon. It was released as one big EP here to promote the movie coming out. The B-Sides on it are Four Horsemen, Damage Inc, Leper Messiah, Motorbreath, Ride the Lightning and Hit the Lights. It was only £1.49 too! Pretty good bunch of tracks. Didn’t know that about all the B-sides in different countries! And they’ve been doing a few country specific DVDs too haven’t they?


      1. Yes, they have Quebec Magnetic coming out soon. I’ll be getting that for my buddy Peter!

        Van Halen probably have enough unreleased songs for several box sets. I’m gambling that we won’t see them while the band are still around.


      2. Is Quebec Magnetic something you have to order online then? Or it it out in the shops?

        VH will keep plundering their old stuff for new songs I would think. It worked last time! They don’t really seem that keen on reissues etc.. anyway.


      3. I always try to work out my favourite of the year… but it usually ends up being wrong! This being my first year of blogging I’m quite looking forward to at least doing a Top 5.
        Are your Top 3 in order? Rush 1st? Great choice although I thought it was going to be KISS for sure! Thanks for the scoop! Haha


      4. Could I put them in order? I dunno! In the past, doing the record store newsletter, I had to do them in order, but today I think I’d just prefer five, in no order. I mean Kiss is my favourite band, period. But is Clockwork Angels a superior album to Monster? How the hell do a gauge that? One thing for sure…the bass players on all three of those albums really impressed me. Geddy always does, but still. Clockwork was even better for me, hookier basslines, really cool bass on that album.


      5. Yeah, and it’s always too early to judge. Album’s need the time test and a year isn’t enough. Still, it’s fun! KISS is definitely in there but not quite at the top, I’m afraid. But it was more competitive than I expected. The Rush album was a great pleasure too. I was a bit lukewarm about Snakes and Arrows, I’m glad they got back into the fantasy stuff with the new one. And the band are just on fire. That’s interesting about the bass players… an impressive debut from WVH!


      6. Mike: DVD please! I have no blu-ray player. I am behind the times.

        HMO: I saw that Francais pour une nuit. It was great, the setting the music. Except that one camera on the tracks on the stage, looking up at them. Shook like a mofo with every bass drum kick. Horrid. I spent most of the time hoping it wouldn’t come back to that cam but it always did.


  3. Retribution was a good effort for later Priest for sure…dont tell anyone but I actually kind of like Nostradamus too. Loved hearing new VH too. Eddie has always been my favorite. I am already waiting for the next VH w Roth record!! I saw Michael Schenker last week and that is what I have been listening to lately when I have a chance.


      1. oops my reply went to a new thread. If you are looking to check out some MSG I like the first 3 solo albums….especially to get started. Not always the greatest tunes or singers but the guy can PLAY.


  4. Dude, this was a busy week!

    Enslaved! NICE!

    Judas Priest. Of course.

    Winterfylleth. Who? How do you find these people? I love it!

    Metallica. Cool EP. Never heard of it. Of course, that doesn’t mean much. I’m sure they’ve put out a ton I don’t know about.

    Paradise Lost. Sweet.

    Van Halen. I still need to hear this. Can you imagine?

    David Lee Roth. Love me some DLR.

    Fleetwood Mac. I could never get to these guys. And I have a record of theirs!

    V/A – Metal for Muthas. Sweet. Haha Toad The Wet Sprocket! I remember them. Walk On The Ocean. Yeesh. Remeber Sesame Street? One of these things is NOT like the other!

    SONG OF THE WEEK. Of course.

    Well done sir! Another great week in yer ears!


    1. The Metallica EP (and Frantic has 4 excellent live tracks too) were on Amazon mp3. Just £1.50 each so worth checking to see if they are available over there.
      Winterfylleth have been getting lots of coverage in the UK Metal press and justifiably so. It’s a great album.
      That’s a different Toad the Wet Sprocket! Amazing to think two bands came up with that name. Wonder where it comes from? To Wiki!
      Cheers for checking out the week in my ears! Always look forward to reading what you have to say about it.


  5. Awesome show…Schenker and Eddie are my top two influences. Probably will never stand 5′ from EVH at a gig but for Michael you can…sad but true!


  6. Also Dude. C’mon. I do NOT believe that this is the last new music you will buy this year. It is only November. You have all of December to get through.

    No. You will buy something else on new release. A left-field album, maybe, but you will. I guarantee it. 😉


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