Buying Round-Up – 21st November 2012

Haven’t done one of these bad-boys for a while! And I’ve got quite a backlog of purchases so there will be more where this came from…

Because you can never have too many Iron Maiden albums. Unless one of them is Virtual XI.

Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio and Flight 666 OST (£14 Fopp Glasgow)

I’ve been meaning to get Rock in Rio for a while. I never liked the DVD much but I’d been hearing good things about the album. Fopp got a bunch of Maiden albums in for just £7 each so I finally bought it and picked up the Flight 666 soundtrack CD while I was at it. Both are excellent but the Rio discs are a genuine surprise. I don’t know how the people filming the show managed to suck the life out of what was such an obviously excellent performance. But they did!

I’m always a sucker for a bonus DVD… and big wooden cow things.

Mastodon – The Hunter(CD/DVD) and Live at the Aragon(CD/DVD) (£10 Amazon Marketplace)

I seem to have gone a wee bit cold on Mastodon lately but I was enjoying Leviathan a while back and decided to finally catch up on their more recent releases. Not bad prices for the CD/DVD editions but I’m still not quite in the mood for these. Their time will come I’m sure.

Not even in 3D or nuffin’

KISS – Monster (LP) (£14 HMV Glasgow)

The masters of merchandise could’ve put a bit more effort into this vinyl edition. Not including an inner sleeve with credits, photos or lyrics seems a bit lazy. Great album… I wish I’d just plumped for the CD though.

Must be one of those “Incredible Journey” things.

Blackfoot – Strikes, Tomcattin’ and Marauder (£10 Record Fayre Glasgow)

I’ve had these albums for ages on CD but the LPs have always been on my hit-list. Managed to get them all in a one-stop shop at Record Fayre and the nice chap gave me the three for a round tenner. Yee haw!

Bit perplexed by the unusual Isa cover… think it might be a Russian edition. Anyone?

Enslaved – Isa and Ruun (£14 Amazon Marketplace)

I’ve been on a real Black Metal kick lately. Must be the wintery prospect of the encroaching grim permafrost. It’s not the normal cover for Isa but I quite like it! Black

The English countryside. Remarkably free of grim permafrost.

Winterfylleth – The Threnody of Triumph (£9 HMV Glasgow)

This excellent album is one of the surprises of 2012 and also the first album I bought as a result of a review in the excellent new UK magazine Iron Fist! Iron Fist is well worth picking up if you’re into the more extreme end of Metal, it’s really in-depth and has a great old-school fanzine feel to it.

Triple gatefold Prog odyssey!

Yes – Yessongs (£8 Discogs)

Breathtaking live album and what a lovely object! Missing the booklet but it’s in good shape, didn’t break the bank and the vinyl is clean. It sounds amazing and I’m totally delighted with it. YES!


Amount spent on purchases: £79

Amount spent in total so far: £427

Yessongs. Cosmic.


7 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – 21st November 2012”

  1. Look at you with pictures and everything now! NICE.

    I can’t comment on your Maiden purchases at all, because I have just finished writing the forthcoming reviews. Won’t spoil anything. Although I am still curious why you didn’t like the DVD.

    I think Aaron bought that Mastodon in Toronto?

    And Blackfoot…there’s a band I’d like to check out. All I know is Train Train.


    1. Well, I though that since you and Aaron are doing Motion Pictures now the least I could do was take some photos! 🙂
      I didn’t want to talk too much about those Maiden releases either… didn’t want to step on your toes! I may have been quite harsh on the Rio DVD but I remember the direction being quite frustrating. I’d have to watch Youtube clips to remind myself why. I just found it really boring to watch. Not a criticism of the actual concert.
      I did see Aaron pick that up in your video. Hope he liked it!
      Those 3 Blackfoot albums and “Highway Song – Live” and that’s you got all the Blackfoot you need! Except one small item that I’ll be talking about soon.


  2. I agree with Mike – the pictures are great! Haha face it man, you’ll be doing video with your cell phone before you know it. You’ll be HOOKED. 😉 And you remind me that I need to get another video up! I have a thought as to what it will be. This weekend I should get some time when the kids are asleep.

    Nice scores on the Maiden. I totally agree with your caption about Virtual X. And add in the other turd with Blaze on it, too. What steaming piles. Anyway, those are two nice finds that you did get, for sure!

    Oh, Mastodon. I’m not sure what mood you’ll need to be in for them. Me, I’d play them now, at 8:35 in the morning! In fact I think I will… [goes to iTunes]… ah, that’s better. The kids love it too! And yes, I did get that Live Aragon record in Toronto with Mike. It’s AWESOME.

    I remember Mike bought the KISS vinyl in Toronto. You really would think they’d at least try for the packaging. They’re old pros at that stuff by now.

    You are totally scoring on the Blackfoot this week! YAY! And when you line up those covers like that… I wonder what’s over there, to their left… And did you see Mike messing with you there? Talking about something you might not have? Oh man. You gotta watch that guy.

    Your black metal run is intriguing. Not something I play a lot, but when I do, it is at high volume. And YES, of course.

    Another thought: Your running total of pounds spent… are you factoring in your costs for your new Singles Of The Week, too? I mean, that is a pound spent, right?


    1. I think I’ll leave the vids to the experts. Photos are challenging enough.

      I don’t really think of the Blaze era as even being Iron Maiden to be honest(Sorry Mike)! I don’t own any of that stuff any more. I don’t really mind Blaze that much it was just the songs and all the bloody bass intros. Urgh.

      I’m sure I’d be into the Mastodon if I gave it a try but I think I’d just rather wait until I’m really crying out for them and totally go for it!

      I have no idea what is to the left of those guys… but I’m having fun guessing. Or maybe there’s just something really enticing to their right?

      The Black Metal has been great. I’d went off my extreme Metal a bit this year but it’s came back. I’ve had a run of listening to some great Doom Metal too so you’ll be reading all about that soon.

      Good point about the Singles, hadn’t though of that! I’ll start factoring them in next week.


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