Single of the Week: Blackfoot – Dry County (7″ Single)


I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

The second-ever Single Of The Week is a much more successful purchase than last week’s (which was a bit of a shiter).

Earlier in 2012, I blogged my ‘Top 10 albums that got me through the 1990s’. One of those was Zakk Wylde’s Pride & Glory. It wasn’t just a great album; it introduced me to the joys of Southern Rock.

When I mentioned my burgeoning interest in this genre to a friend, he briefly loaned me a compilation tape of a band called Blackfoot. I was floored by their mix of Southern Rock and Metal but this was pre-internet and there were no song titles or information on the tape at all. Eventually I found most of the songs from the tape on Blackfoot’s three classic studio albums Strikes, Tomcattin’ and Marauder. One song was missing. The tape had a stunning live recording of Train Train which I could not pin down. I had expected to find it on the band’s classic live album Highway Song – Live but the version on there was different. I now consider Highway Song – Live to be a classic but at the time all I could think about was Train Train.

But the HMOverlord never forgets and, some 18 years later, I’m delighted to announce my Single of the Week is Blackfoot’s Dry County (b/w Too Hard to Handle). Both these songs are excellent and hail from the classic Marauder album but the real treat here is the bonus 7” which not only has THAT version of Train Train (from the 1981 Monsters of Rock festival at Donington) but also On the Run from the same show. It’s an awesome blast of Blackfoot at their fearsome best and it feels great to finally have it again. My collection was never going to be complete without this incredible single. Not bad for £1!

8 thoughts on “Single of the Week: Blackfoot – Dry County (7″ Single)”

  1. This is a single I have never, ever seen. Most likely, never will. GREAT find. Good on you!

    If you liked Pride & Glory, look for a Zakk song called “Farm Fiddlin'”. It was on a Guitars That Rule The World CD, and as far as I’m concerned, it is one of the greatest things Zakk has ever done.


  2. I am so happy for you, finding tht. I know well the relief, the joy, the EXCITEMENT of finding something you have had in the back of your mind for years. A true gem, for you, and a steal at that price! WAHOO!


    1. Thanks A! Things like this used to happen to me all the time before the internet. Hearing songs but not catching the band name or song title… and you’re screwed! It could be years before you finally find it. Now you would just Google and Wiki and Youtubes until and it would be easy. But maybe less fun.


  3. CB is diggin’ the Blackfoot thang. On the subject and how this is all working for me. Another station I tune is thirtythreeandathird (Verian) he just did a couple takes on concerts he’s seen back in the 80’s. Slade and Blackfoot. You might get a charge out of them knowing that you like both bands.


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