The Worst Dressed Man in Rock

Many thanks to Every Record Tells a Story for bestowing a Liebster Blogging Award on the humble HMOverload blog!

Part of the award involved the HMOverlord being asked some probing questions. I beseech you to head over to Every Record to find out my answers, and those of the other winning bloggers.

And who is the worst dressed man in Rock? That would be telling…

It would be years before the term “Wardrobe Malfunction” would be invented to describe things like this.

15 thoughts on “The Worst Dressed Man in Rock”

  1. Heh heh…even you are starting to call yourself Heavy Metal OverloRd. That’s awesome. Is it too late to change your domain name? 🙂

    Do I get credit for coining that name?

    Now who is that main in the green trousers and the fringe?

    I also liked what I call his “solar panel pants” that he wore around the Brave New World era. Gotta get me some of those.


    1. Credit where credit’s due. Even though it IS my name. I sometimes go by Scott but that’s just my mid-mannered alias…

      For the picture it was a toss up between the green trousers and the solar panel trousers… but I was also tempted to try and find a photo of him with the cape and eye mask from the Dance of the Dead tour.


  2. Hey congrats, Scott The Scot/HMO/HMO! Man, yer gonna need smaller font on yer business cards if you keep picking up more names.

    Well done on the award. As you said, credit where credit’s due. The site’s super-cool.

    I’m still waiting for you and Mike to thank the academy, though.


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