Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 19th Nov 2012

Another delve into my weekly earload…

Black Sabbath – Headless Cross I finally bagged a gorgeous vinyl copy of this superb album. Coming to a Buying Round-Up near you! Oh, I’m not meant to be buying things. Whoops.

Saint Vitus – Born Too Late and Thirsty and Miserable EP Earlier in 2012 I bought both these LPs at a shop called Distortion Records in Amsterdam. With a name like that I was disappointed to discover that the shop predominantly stocked Clubbing/DJing music and the like but I was impressed when the man behind the counter asked if I was looking for Metal. I was and he went to the stockroom to grab me some Saint Vitus. I was mystified at his powers of Metalhead detection until EVAOverload helpfully pointed out that I was wearing my Venom T-Shirt. Ah.

Blue Murder – Nothin’ But Trouble LeBrain’s excellent list of overlooked 90s albums inspired me to dig out this excellent album from John Sykes’ band. More mixed than their classic debut but there are many songs on here that I just adore. And Sykes’ playing is peerless.

David Lee Roth – Skyscraper Sometimes you are confronted with something so unique and so amazing that you can help but be momentarily appalled. That happened when I first clapped my eyes on Dave Lee Roth’s Just Like Paradise video. “Who’s that clown?… he’s awesome!” He also gets extra cool points for climbing the massive cliff face on the album cover. Even thinking about that makes me want to vomit all down myself.

Blackfoot – Dry County (7” Single) A former Single of the Week star. “The sign says liquor in the front, baby. And poker in the rear”. Blackfoot were cunning linguists.

Voivod – War and Pain Before going off into the outer limits of Prog-Metal, Voivod thrashed like maniacs. This album isn’t mentioned much in Thrash conversations but it should be because it can tear faces off. The guitar tone on this is absolute savagery.

Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness The fact that Immortal have internet meme status to rival Glenn Danzig makes it easy to overlook how talented they are. This album is sheer class. Ride the Riff over the grim permafrost!

Jeff Beck Group – Truth and Beck-Ola I listened to these in preparation for reading Rod Stewart’s autobiography (which I’m enjoying very much so far). These are essential albums for anyone interested in Rod, Led Zep, Proto-Metal and The Who. Keith Moon hurtling into Beck’s Bolero is a thing of wonder.

The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed I’m not a huge Stones fan but when I’m the mood they go down really well. Stuck this on after watching the Crossfire Hurricane documentary on the telly. And if I had to do that “The Stones vs. The Beatles” thing where you can only pick one then there’s no competition. It’s The Stones.

SONG OF THE WEEK Immortal’s Tyrants. Supreme riffology from Blashyrkh’s finest.

[Immortal – Tyrants]


35 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 19th Nov 2012”

  1. 2 points:

    I listened to Headless Cross just this morning, plus all the associated B-sides. There’s a 15 minute interview on the B-side to Devil & Daughter. Get this — Nightwing was a scratch vocal. Tony never did the proper vocals for it. Cozy who produced that track said, “No way man, it sounds great, wait until it’s mixed, you’ll see!” I’m going to do a feature soon on some Sabbath 12″ singles including that one. Stay tuned.

    Second, Skyscraper. You beat me to this one. I just played it last week and I really want to talk about it soon. I think it’s just an incredible, quirky, fun and weird album.


    1. That’s a cool factoid about Nightwing. I love it when bands do things like that. So much Metal has the life processed out of it now. Bring on the 12″ reviews!

      I did enjoy listening to Skyscraper but I’ve not listened to it nearly enough. I don’t think it’s quite up there with the Eat ‘Em but it’s a great album. I’d love to read a review of it from someone that’s spent more time with it!


      1. I’d love to! I don’t like to compare the two albums. They are as different as night & day. I love both equally but consider this: Same band, same lineup, same everything, two completely different albums. That’s cool.


  2. Hey! I get to be first in yer comments section! Fun! So, um… FIRST!

    Black Sabbath – Headless Cross – Hey congrats on the slab of Sab! That’s a good one!! And yeah yeah yeah, we’re ALL told to stop buying things, this time of the year. And we never do, do we?

    Saint Vitus – Born Too Late and Thirsty and Miserable EP – oh dude we have to go record shopping in Amsterdam together!!!! Good on that guy for picking you out of the crowd. 😉 You know, there’s a Black Flag song called Thirsty And Miserable. I wonder if St. V’s is a cover of it, or if BF covered them. Or maybe they are two independent songs (though something tells me not). I’ll have to look that up.

    Blue Murder – Nothin’ But Trouble – Sweet. And careful, Mike starts recommending records, you’ll be hopping til your dying day. 😉

    David Lee Roth – Skyscraper – Not got a thing for heights, eh? ME NEITHER. But DLR rules, straight up.

    Blackfoot – Dry County (7” Single) – Haha that joke is as old as the hills, and it’s still hilarious.

    Voivod – War and Pain – OK now I want this record.

    Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness – Another one that needs more of my attention. I like permafrost.

    Jeff Beck Group – Truth and Beck-Ola – I have vinyls of both of these (and others of his). Absolutely classic. Look up Ola on Amazon. One reviewer talked about how ANGRY Beck was when he made that, how it came out in the music.

    The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed – “I am not a huge Stones fan.” Sorry mate, that does not compute. Does. Not. Compute. Error. Error. And yeah, it’s not even a conversation, Beatles v. Stones. Beatles? Fack off. It’s STONES. Let It Bleed is one of my 4 Must Haves On Vinyl. So far, I only have 1 out of 4. But I do love that record. Salt Of The Earth, a rare track where Keef and Mick SHARE vocal duties! So much to love about that record.

    SONG OF THE WEEK Immortal’s Tyrants. – I’ve not heard this, so I’m about to go do that!

    Fantastic week in yer ears, man. Well done.


    1. Thanks to the CD Whisperer for the excellent comments!

      Amsterdam was a bit disappointing for record shopping but an amazing place. I daresay if I’d been there longer I’d have found more shops! It’s hard to plan in advance cause half the shops are gone by the time you get there!

      Don’t think Mike actually mentioned the Blue Murder but his list put me in mind of it anyway. Being an overlooked belter an’ all. So credit due to LeBrain!

      I’ll need to check out that song and see what was going on there. Definitely a big connection between the two bands. To Wiki!

      Glad you liked the week in my ears.


    1. Lots to love on those. Especially from a guitar perspective! I’ve got the Eat ‘Em and Smile guitar book and I struggle gamely to play through it… one bar at a time.

      Did you like the Jason Becker stuff? I don’t have the next album yet but I liked the songs I’ve heard from it.


      1. I was going to say you’re maybe better asking Mike Ladano (aka LeBrain) as he’s more up on Roth than me! Other than the Vai stuff I’ve only got The Best compilation. That’s a good comp. The Becker stuff was on the album A Little Ain’t Enough. I’ve heard a few tracks and they’ve all been good. What do think of that one LeBrain?


      2. Well HMO, I just listened to it a few weeks ago. I think it’s good, but nothing overly special. Good not great. It has some standout songs on it, Baby’s On Fire is pretty cool, Shoot It is awesome. Tell The Truth is a cool blues. But it also has some filler too. I have a cool promo copy in a special digipack.


      3. Jason Becker — what a loss. Well, I shouldn’t say that. He still makes music, and good on him! But what he did lose is still tragic. More power to the guy for being a fighter.


      4. There’s a movie? Tell me more! The guy started getting sick during the Lil’ Ain’t Enough Sessions and was unable to tour…right on the cusp of superstardom.


  3. Just realized I too own War and Pain, but mine is a crazy 3 disc set of some kind that I have never actually listened to. I’m much more into later Voivod, Nothingface onwards basically.


  4. You had me at The Stones and Jeff Beck Group. Albums don’t get much better than those. I’m also familiar with “Headless Cross” (my favorite Martin-era album) and Blue Murder (I prefer the debut, but this one is pretty solid as well). I could never really get into DLR’s solo career. I eventually bought his Best-Of CD, since I knew I would enjoy some of his songs, but I never felt the need to listen to his individual albums. How does “Skyscraper” hold up? I’ll probably do a “Compilation Or Catalog?” post on his Best-Of next year, but it’ll be a hard-sell convincing me that I need to further explore his catalog. Always keeping an open mind, though…


    1. It would be better to ask Mike about the DLR but I think that would be a great compilation for your series.

      I personally wouldn’t try hard to convince you to explore further as I find that compilation to be quite satisfying. I just found myself enjoying it more and more so I’ve just been picking up the individual albums on vinyl if I see them cheap. There are definitely good tracks that aren’t on the Best Of. The first two albums are also very different which doesn’t come across so much on a compilation. But I would recommend sticking with the comp until you just HAVE to hear more.



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