Single of the Week: Whitesnake – Give Me More Time (7″ Single)

I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

Back to Missing Records in Glasgow again and this week I’ve chosen Whitesnake’s Give Me More Time on 7” single. This track came from their Slide it In album which is one of my all-time favourite records. I would normally have flicked past this single as I have the song already but then I remembered that these things have B-Sides. So I pulled it out. The single! Behave…

Some members of Whitesnake took Movember more seriously than the others.
Some members of Whitesnake took Movember more seriously than the others.

It turned out that the B-Side was the UK Mix of the band’s cover of Little Willie John’s Need Your Love So Bad (itself covered most famously by Fleetwood Mac). I had this song as a bonus track on my cassette of Slide It In back in… well, it was a cassette so let’s just say waayyy back. I was never that fussed about it. To my young ears it just sounded like a depressing dirge with some heavy breathing thrown over the top.

Despite my unfavourable recollection of it, this song has been on my mind since talking to completist-extraordinaire LeBrain about rare Coverdale tracks. He informed me that the UK Mix is hard to find on official releases now. It was not included on the CD version of the album and the recent anniversary reissue of Slide it In only included the US Mix. The opportunity to add a lesser-heard track to my collection for just 50p seemed too good to pass up. The sleeve is a bit grotty but, apart from a couple of crackles and pops during the first verse, the single plays well.

Need Your Love So Bad (UK Mix) is actually better than I remember and certainly better than the US version which replaces the emotive church organ with some cheesy 80s keys.  I’m much more impressed by Whitesnake’s take on the song than I was back in the cassette days. The stark backdrop works better than Fleetwood Mac’s dated string section (even the Mac’s Peter Green hated that) and Coverdale soulful vocals build climatically. This was a nostalgic treat and another successful purchase. My Single of the Week project is already paying off. You can always rely on David Coverdale to give you a good 7 incher.

Amount spent on purchases: £1 (rounding up the 50ps)

Amount spent in total so far: £435

30 thoughts on “Single of the Week: Whitesnake – Give Me More Time (7″ Single)”

      1. Absolutely. I was really excited about that coming out and then so disappointed with the lack of thought that had went into it. Some of the bonus tracks were just uneccessary and the DVD? Why not put the whole Whitesnake at Donington on there instead of just one track? It sucked.


      2. At least they released the whole Donington show. But I guarantee you that they already had plans to do so when they released that half-assed Slip of the Tongue set.

        I never bought 1987, I had the UK edition already anyway, and all the remixes and B-sides on compilations.


      3. There was the Slide it In-era Donington set that was filmed too (and would have suited being a bonus disc rather than a standalone). I had it on video at one point. Wasn’t the full set but it was more than one track anyway!


      4. It was called something like Whitesnake Commandos or something daft like that! If I remember right it was only about 50mins of selections from the concert. Nothing too exciting. Good music but the band’s stage presentation left a lot to be desired. Mel Galley’s crap jumpsuit and Micky Moody looking like he was trying to work pee down the inside leg of his trousers.


      5. I think the old Whitesnake was definitely lacking for image/stage presence. Although Lon Jord…I don’t know if there has ever been a better keyboardist to watch, ever. Him moving and shaking that big huge Hammond must have made up for a lot of the other guys right?

        I’m glad to have seen Jon live once. REST IN PEACE.


      6. Even he didn’t seem that bothered to be honest! Just content to be in the background player role. I guess he was already planning his escape!

        Normally a great guy to watch though… I’ve seen him live one and a half times! On the Abandon tour and on a later tour where Don played but Jon joined the band for half of the set. That was his UK farewell tour (as a member of DP anyway)


      7. Oh man you saw him on that pseudo farewell tour? I’m forever jealous now. I thought that was a nice way to break in the new keyboard player. And let’s be honest, if Jon Lord left there was only one guy to replace him, and it was Don Airey. They made the right choice.


      8. Yes that was the one. It wasn’t originally intended that way. They were going to do a last tour with Jon as the sole keys player but Gillan got ill and they had to reschedule… by which point Jon had actually left but agreed to play parts of the show to say cheerio and avoid disappointing the fans.

        I didn’t enjoy the show much to be honest. Don Airey’s solo was awful and there was way too much messing about, covers etc… it was only when Jon appeared that the excitement level shot up and they actually started to play like Purple. Which didn’t bode well! Thankfully the Airey line-up got better later on. I saw them just before Bananas came out and they were better.


      9. Wow…hard to imagine a lacklustre Purple show. I know Airey’s solos had the tendency to get a bit too modern for my tastes. But at the same time, who else but Airey could fill those huge shoes? When you think about what Airey’s done, he’s almost been Lord’s understudy all these years!


      10. Most the audience seemed to enjoy but it was just all extremely smug and mild-mannered. Blackmore wouldn’t have allowed that!

        Don Airey’s great and an obvious, great successor to Jon. But his solo that night was just a joke. All movie theme tunes and bloody seaside Wurlitzer stuff. And everyone was cheering like Muppets. I wasn’t happy. In hindsight, I think he might have just arsed around to give Jon’s solo (which followed) more of an impact which, if that’s the case, was very gracious of him.


  1. Once again, I commend you on a cool Single choice. It’s a neat, inexpensive concept that will undoubtedly bring you many gems. Plus, it speaks to the days of old, you know, when you got the song you wanted and then something you had never heard…

    Also, you people are WAY more into Whitesnake than anybody else I have ever met / commented on yer blogs. WAY more. It’s sweet.

    You guys do this alot. Like Europe. You were on about them recently, and i haven’t even THOUGHT about them in years. Yet you’re right there with insightful things to say. I saw their Final Countdown CD in a bin for $5 (new) the other day and thought of you guys.


    1. I think it depends on perspective. From reading sites like Bravewords every day, I know there are many fans of Whitesnake and Europe out there, still buying the albums and arguing about setlists and everything. But since they are not in the mainstream anymore, if you’re not reading the metal sites, you’re not aware of it.

      Both bands have made a transition from big hair to big respect.


    2. I do like the retro/nostalgia element of it. I just hope I don’t start getting diminishing returns… I don’t know how often the stock in these shops move so it may be that this stuff has been gathering dust for years! We’ll see. But it’s going pretty well so far!


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