Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 3rd December 2012

Marillion – Seasons End I thought this would be nice wintery fare but I just couldn’t get into it at all. Abandoned after Berlin, which is one of the better tracks. I really like this album but I just don’t seem to be in a Marillion mood much lately. Something a bit more fetid was required…

Vallenfyre – A Fragile King Paradise Lost guitarist/songwriter Greg Mackintosh formed this unexpected Death Metal side-project after his father passed away in 2009. The loss caused him to think back to his early band efforts (his Dad was a big supporter of his endeavours) and his Extreme Metal roots. Joined by friends and fellow members of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, A Fragile King is a surprisingly venomous and crusty blast of old-school Death Metal. The kind you didn’t think anyone made any more!

Van Halen – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge This was the first Van Hagar album I got into and still my favourite. Judgement Day is especially potent if you listen to it before heading to work or the pub.

Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas – Not 4 Sale Along with Van Halen’s F.U.C.K. this album is a winter perennial. Word of warning: don’t listen to this one while walking home in heavy snowfall. A spring in your step and ice underfoot don’t mix (trust me: I ended up on my arse in the snow at Glasgow’s Bridge Street underground).

The Misfits – Box Set (Collection I) Everytime someone wears Misfits merchandise without actually having listened to their music… a kitten dies. This makes Danzig sad.

Queen – A Kind of Magic This is a game of two halves. The keyboard driven pop and George Michael-isms of Side A give way to the righteous glory of the Highlander tunes on Side B. My internal monologue sounds a lot like Princes of the Universe.

Manowar – Into Glory Ride Leather! Spikes! And chains… Manowar pound the concept of “the difficult second album” into the dirt with mighty hammers. Galloping trad Metal meets epic Doom on this Crom-approved classic.

Rollins Band – The Only Way to Know for Sure Thanks to Aaron for recommending this one. The best live album I’ve heard in a long time. Did you know that Henry Rollins has gasoline for breakfast and napalm for lunch which makes him hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter? I like porridge for that.

Aerosmith – Pandora’s Box This purchase was looonnngggg overdue. I’m glad I held out though because it’s just been reissued in a nice DVD sized book-style case. Much better than the jewel case version that was previously available – and it has a bigger book! I was starting to feel I had worn out 70s Aerosmith a tad but this has relit the flame. That makes it worth its weight in gold.

SONG OF THE WEEK: I can’t describe a song as sounding like my internal monologue without at least letting you hear it! Enjoy this special insight into my inner-workings…

[Queen – Princes of the Universe]

72 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 3rd December 2012”

  1. “Word of warning: don’t listen to this one while walking home in heavy snowfall.”


    But what a week dude! First of all, I love Seasons End but I too start to fade right around Berlin and Holloway Girl. I always try to stick with it though, just to get to the rest of it. It’s a rewarding listen by the time you get to The Space.

    VH — Agreed on Judgement Day. Not a big fan of that album though. Spanked…Man on a Mission…yucky. Don’t like ’em.

    Rollins – Ditto. Freaking amazing album. It sounds great played LOUD.

    Queen – I really need to play it more! I’ve always gravitated more to The Miracle. I didn’t get A Kind of Magic until much later, I think I will always prefer The Miracle, but damn it does have those great Highlander songs.


    1. Well as far as the snow goes. It’s often more icy and slushy here so it does get pretty slidy! It’s rare we get that thick crunchy stuff. And even then… I’m like Ace Frehley! Always falling all over the place.

      It’s the rockier tunes on Seasons End that are boring me. Uninvited Guest and Hooks In You. They’re just dull and make the album a bit heavy going. Really love The Space though. That and Berlin are the album highlights for me.

      I agree that FUCK is a bit overlong but I wouldn’t know what tunes to take out. They are all good. So many great euphoric tracks on there like Runaround, Top of the World, Dream is Over etc… Spanked it maybe the one track I’d be tempted to skip but I love the big funky sound.

      I don’t have the miracle but I’m going to be going for the whole Queen set now. The 2CDs are starting to appear at quite cheap prices in the shops here.


      1. I hate Uninvited Guest. I hate Hooks In You!

        But Uninvited Guest did teach me a new Scottish phrase: “First footer”. A guy explained it to me. A 15 stone first footer…I wonder if that was a crack at Fish at all? He’d be about 15 stone, right?


      2. Pretty sure that would have been a dig at Fish! The “First Footer” is just the first person that enters your house after the New Year has begun. Everyone’s superstitions on what makes a good first footer differs but I think it’s usually a man and there is probably booze involved. Having Fish as your first footer would probably be a good start to anyone’s year I would have thought!


      3. …unless he drinks you out of house and home! In the song, they imply that a “15 stone first footer” would be an unwelcome thing.

        And it’s important to note that Hogarth didn’t write the lyrics to that one, John Helmer did, so I just have always wondered if they were trying to say something.


      4. Oh yeah! The John Helmer days… I especially liked the lyrics to “The Collection”. He wrote those didn’t he?

        I think they were implying it would be a bad thing to have a steamin’ Fish turn up at your door. But I think it’d be a laugh.


      5. He did indeed! I just listened to A Collection on one of the Christmas albums last week. He was in interesting fellow, Helmer, but I’m just as glad that Hogarth writes all his own words now.

        I would love to have Fish show up at my door — but based on his size, I’m sure he could drink me under the table!

        I always found it funny to see him standing next to Trewavas.


      6. I tend to prefer a band writing their own words. But you’re right, Helmer had a slightly twisted approach. Having said that, H’s words on “Gaza” are plenty dark for my tastes.


      7. Isn’t First Foot to do with Hogmanay… er, New Years? I recall getting to be first foot at the house where I was staying. Old goes out the back door, new comes in the front door, bearing a gift. Am I close?


      8. Hm. I understood the tradition being a lump of coal, or something (traditionally) useful to the household. I can see how it would become alcohol, in this day and age. 😉

        Hey, does Smirnoff still pay for all the public transit at New Year? I remember they did that the year I was there. 3 days, get on and off the buses as much as you need, all paid for by them. GREAT anti-drinking and driving move!


      9. Ha! Yeah, me too. Well, not THAT tall. But not dark. Unless they meant my soul, which is a black metal abyss of pain and suffering and the tormented screams of the damned! Bwahahahahaha


  2. Carnal Knowledge was the first really well produced (sound wise) album for VH. Being a Halen fan I like it. Pleasure Dome and Dream is Over two of my faves from that album. Never really liked Sammy before or after. Aerosmith of the 70’s is their best! I agree with Mike no comment on the walking and listening to music thing…lol


    1. From San Diego, a welcome rain shower shuts us down weather wise.
      Favorite Sammy tune was probably Heavy Metal. He always seemed a little cheesy to me. Being a musician since a little kid, Ive always tended to listen to music that has some compositional or virtuoso value(to me). But I love lots of ‘cheesy’ three chord music too, as long as I have an emotional attachment and Sammy was just a like it vs REALLY like it. I still bought a couple of his records when I was younger.
      One of the things I like about your guys posts is you fill in the gaps of music I kind of avoided when I was younger even though we probably would have been part of the same metal crowd. Rock on!


      1. Hope that doesn’t sound highbrow…I just like what I like…my wife thinks I need to be on shrinks couch too…LOL


      2. I bought my first Sammy album (a compilation) when I was in highschool. But only now am I digging back into his 1970’s work. I just got Street Machine which is a cool record!


      3. Heavy Metal was the first song of his I ever heard (thanks to the movie) way before I heard of Sammy Hagar.

        He’s cheesey, but let’s face it — Poison are way, way cheesier.

        And I think the Chickenfoot stuff has gone a long way to show that Sammy does have things to say. I can’t listen to “Three and a Half Letters” or “No Change” without thinking Sammy’s done a good job on the lyrics.


      4. Yeah, I get the point about the simplicity of the stuff but I never thought he was way cheesier than anyone else. Dunno. Maybe I need to hear more.

        I need to listen to the 2nd Chickenfoot again and see what the fuss is about. The 1st one just didn’t do it for me.


      5. I did hear it once and thought it was an improvement. But I’d need to listen more. The VH album’s excellence made me forget about them and Hagar’s criticisms of VH at the time were a bit embarrassing.


      6. Haha, do you San Diegons not get much snow? 😉

        Heavy Metal is a tune! I get what you’re saying about his cheesiness.. there’s is always something a bit meat and potatoes about his older stuff. I make do with a collection for the pre-VH songs.

        Great point about filling in the gaps! I’ve had loads of great recommendations and inspiration since starting the blog. When I was in a metal crowd growing up we all liked totally different stuff!


      7. Well, man up like I did, Dude. Just shave that sucker off. It’s the only way to fly. I haven’t paid for a haircut in over 20 years, just clip it myself here at the house. I gave up on the vanity of hair LONG ago. It just wasn’t in the genetic cards for me! So yeah, shave ‘er off and then tell EvaOverloadOverlord what I tell my wife: it’s a solar panel for a sex machine! Hahaaa


      8. Nah, my hair’s not that bad actually. Receding hairline a bit and balding at the crown but I don’t care. If it ever gets bad I’ll just shave the lot. No big deal. I think people get too attached to their hair. EvaOverloadOverlord quite likes the manly balding look anyway! She says.


      9. Cool thing about SD is 10 minutes to the beach an hour to the mountains where it does snow a few times a year and hr and a half to the desert. Forecast 300+ days year is Sunny & 70. We did a CD dedication to the city a few years back.

        Speaking of cheesy…Sunny & 70 was a song I wrote because everything else was in a minor key..I am actually proud of the composition as a whole…it is a cool melody but has cheese dripping all over it…lol.

        I do buy that Sammy has had some cool things to say and is a good guy likes to bring people up! I had Standing Hampton way back in the day some cool stuff just not real ballsy. I always liked how he did Eagles Fly as his VH solo piece.


  3. Marillion – Seasons – Mike’s yer guy for this stuff. I only have Misplaced Childhood here.

    Vallenfyre – Ooooo! I LIKE the sounds of THAT! Something from this has gotta be a Song Of The Day! Pretty please?

    Van Halen – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge – I had this album, in the day, and loved it. And kudos to a band who names their millions-selling record FUCK.

    Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas – Cool! Sammy is fun. And I read Mike’s comment. Man, I wouldn’t doubt good old Glasgow has some slippy days when the weather dips below zero. I’d say it’s actually easier (though more tiring) to walk when the snow is deep like it gets here… you get more traction. Black ice and slippy/slushy crap like I’m imagining Glasgow gets more of, and which we tend to get end of October/early November suuuucks. Still, falling down is never funny – except to everyone who saw it happen.

    The Misfits – Box Set (Collection I) Everytime someone wears Misfits merchandise without actually having listened to their music… a kitten dies. This makes Danzig sad.

    – All of that is brilliant.

    Queen – A Kind of Magic – Well-put.

    Manowar – Into Glory Ride… Man, what IS it with you and yer Manowar? Hahahaha. They should write you a thank you letter! 😉

    Rollins Band – The Only Way to Know for Sure – You’re welcome. And keep listening. Right now it’s only one of the best live records you’ve heard in a long time. Keep spinning it. It’ll become one of the best live records You Have Ever Heard.

    Aerosmith – Pandora’s Box – Sweet. But wait. Does this mean you bought a re-issue of re-issued material? Aeroception!

    SONG OF THE WEEK: I can’t describe a song as sounding like my internal monologue without at least letting you hear it! Enjoy this special insight into my inner-workings…

    – Natch.


    1. Some Vallenfyre heading your way soon!

      I definitely think it’s about time I was getting some acknowledgement of my services to Manowar! Some kind of ceremonial loincloth or something…

      I don’t think that Rollins is very far off being an all-time fave. And what about that Lizzy cover?

      LOL at Aeroception. Genius.

      Falling down is no fun. Especially if your like me. I let out weird noises when it happens! And the slushy/icy thing is miserable… we rarely get the fresh, thick, crunchy stuff! Not only did I fall but after I’d got up and on my way someone caught up with me to give me my phone back. Embarrasing!


      1. Send on Vallenfyre! Woo!

        The boys said yer loincloth is in the mail.

        Rollins is a HUGE Lizzy fan. I remember reading somewhere that he still visits Phil’s Mom when he’s in Ireland… I’m just so in love with that record. We saw the tour just previous to that, so maybe didn’t get all of those songs. but THAT is the show we saw in Montreal. POWER!

        What kind of weird noises? Does succumbing to gravity’s pull make you speak in tongues?


      2. Rollins band live was… crushing. Damn. When he talks about giving 150% at EVERY show no matter how tired he is or what the circumstances, HE IS NOT KIDDING!! And that Mother Superior lineup was so tight. Just wish I’d seen the original lineup too. They were so huge. Just monsters. Yeah man, Rollins DEFINITELY needs to put out a live DVD. Surely to goodness they recorded a show at some point!

        Man squeals. Love it. And at which point you say “EvaOverloadOverlord induces the MOST and BEST man squeals.” Ahem. Got yer back, man. 😉


      3. I’ve asked ol’ angry-ass Hank a couple of times on why there hasn’t been releases of a bunch of stuff. He always takes the time to write back, but his answer was consistently that its too much legal crap standing in the way of getting things done.

        Hey man, if some guy you’ve never met and only know because we talk about music on a free blog site doesn’t have yer back, who will? 😉


      4. I’d imagine there is the ownership of footage to consider. Probably a matter of money in buying rights to the clips too. Shame, it would be a blast. It’s awesome that he takes the time to respond like that.


      5. Yup, Henry’s GREAT about replying to emails. He still responds to all snail mail, too. And he always hangs around after shows until there is no one left to talk to. Very accessible gent!

        I also asked him one time, wouldn’t be cool to have a compilation CD of all the Rollins Band appearances on soundtracks and various artist CDs over the years? He agreed, but the answer was the same. Too many lawyers.

        You ever have a question you feel worthy of his time, fire away! He always writes back. The answers are (necessarily) short, but who cares?


  4. I’m with Mike regarding “The Space” on Seasons End. That song makes the album for me, but the whole thing is great…although I wish the production had more punch.

    I’m a huge fan of “A Kind Of Magic.” In came out in a pivotal year for me, 1986: Junior year of college, first major breakup (after 3-1/2 years), turning 20, both of my local sports teams finally winning championships. Even a schmaltzy song like “One Year Of Love” knocks me out every time I hear it. I think I like the softer, poppier songs on the album over the rockers, but “One Vision” kicks serious ass. I’m also a huge fan of the follow-up album, “The Miracle,” but that’s a story for another day.

    Hmm, my copy of “Pandora’s Box,” which I got the year it was released, is one of those large 12×6 box sets with a full booklet and four jewel cases. Didn’t realize it had been repackaged. Haven’t listened to it in years since my love of Aerosmith has waned. I may have to play some of their classics soon so I can wipe the sound & image of their recent recordings (going back at least 15 years) out of my brain.


      1. It’s a good box…I can understand how the shine has gone off the Aero-apple in recent years though.

        I have a special dual-review of the new album coming up later this week (Friday I think). Myself and a buddy took opposing views on it.


      2. I really like it.

        Although I think Rich probably was wise to sort of give up after Pump. Pump was the final album that I truly, truly loved. Five stars from me, that one!


    1. I normally really enjoy Seasons End but the rockier tracks haven’t aged well and I just can’t seem to get into Marillion these days.

      The Side A of Kind of Magic has grown on me a lot. I enjoy the whole album but the Highlander tracks just lift it up for me. One Vision is a stonking opener though. I definitely need more Queen albums.

      Ah, that was the original Pandoras Box. Nothing changed since other than the packaging! This it’s third version now. I’d say if you were wanting to revisit the classic 70s Smith it’s a good place to start as it’s worked for me!


      1. I own all of the ‘Smith albums through “Pump,” but the box set may be a better choice for me to reignite my interest in their music instead of trying to plow through the entire discography.

        I’ve gone through phases with Marillion where I’ve needed a break from their music, but Seasons End has always remained among my top 4 or 5 of their albums. Ironically, I was watching their “Somewhere In London” DVD last night, so I had them in my brain when I read your post this morning.


      2. That’s a great DVD! I don’t know if I’d rate Seasons End so highly but it’s a good album. And it was a good way to kick-off the h-era. A nice mix of the old and new on there. I didn’t care much for his white keyboard-gloves though! Much prefer the cricket bat.

        I think the Box Set is a great place to start… and possibly finish! Will you be considering Box Sets in your compilations series?


      3. My favorite H-era albums are Seasons End, Brave, Afraid Of Sunlight and Marbles. It took me a long time to get into Seasons End…probably at the same time Holidays In Eden came out, because I remember listening to them back-to-back a lot. I actually played it a few weeks ago and it still held up for me.

        I’m glad you agree about the “Somewhere In London” DVD. The performance is great…although I may prefer the “Marbles Live” DVD. My biggest complaint is the surround sound mix, which wasn’t terribly impressive. I ended up switching to stereo & enjoyed it better that way.

        I would definitely include box sets in my “Compilation Or Catalog?” series, but the majority of the box sets I own are from artists whose catalogs I already own, or they’re “Complete Albums” box sets. There are probably some box sets that were my only purchase by certain artists, so I’ll keep those in mind.


      4. I’m gonna say Brave, Afraid, Marbles, Holidays in Eden and… ooh… Anoraknophobia! Although that could change at any given time!

        I don’t do the surround sound thing so can’t comment on that… I’d say the Marbles Live and London DVDs are pretty closely tied. I’m a big fan of the Christmas at the Chapel DVD too! Got that one?

        I’m the same with Box Sets but in some instances my first purchase of a band’s music have been a Box Set. Although I usually end up buying more sometimes the Box Set seems like enough. And, like you say, the Box Set is sometimes a bands complete collection. I’m REALLY want that BOC one but it’s not out over here yet.


      5. Never got the Christmas At The Chapel DVD. I find that I don’t have tons of time to sit in front of the TV and watch concert videos, so when I do have the time I have to be picky about what I purchase. I’m definitely not a video completist the way I am with music.

        One of the cool things I just discovered about the BOC box is that it includes download codes for four additional live recordings from throughout their career. I would’ve preferred having them on CD, of course, since the downloads won’t sound as good and it’s extra work to go through the downloading process and making sure all the files are labeled correctly, but I can’t complain about the content on that box.


      6. I’m not much of a completist at all but I do like concert DVDs a lot. I got the Chapel one particularly because it had a lot of the Anoraknophobia material on it. And it’s got a great atmosphere from the setting.

        I’m not sure why they offer downloads rather than extra CDs, I would definitely prefer the physical copies. But with the amount of stuff in that box I suppose you can’t complain. It’s definitely value for money. Really looking forward to it’s release here.


      7. I bought A Piss Up In A Brewery, the CD. Wow. Incredible. It was supposed to be a Christmas CD but it ended up coming around March. They did an acoustic Cinderella Search on there! As well as a tune called Where Do You Go by Split Enz.


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