Paradise Lost – Draconian Times MMXI (2DVD/CD)

A lovely set. Quite Christmassy looking... apart from the fetid skull.
A lovely set. Quite Christmassy looking! Apart from the skulls…

Been a while since I’ve watched any Music DVDs!

The 2011 reissue of Paradise Lost’s essential Draconian Times album prompted the band to play the album live in its entirety. This live DVD/CD box set documents the London stop on the tour.

Paradise Lost are usually a forward-looking band so it was a surprise to find them doing this kind of retro tour. On the basis of the show captured here, it worked out well. Draconian Times is quite a long album and I’ve always thought their recent set-lists have been a bit light on material from it. This opinion is clearly shared by the audience, whose obvious enthusiasm for this material seems to lift the band. PL play passionately throughout. Compared to their other DVD releases this concert has more oomph and more of a sense of occasion. It’s the best show I’ve seen them do and certainly the best DVD they’ve put out to date.

It took me a while to finally buy this because I felt I had enough live PL and I’m not normally a big fan of these “album” shows but it was much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. As well as the excellent gig, it’s got an extra DVD of fascinatingly drab behind the scenes footage and there are some interviews and promo videos too. The CD has the whole Draconian Times album played live with three non-Draconian songs added. Combined with lovely packaging and a booklet stuffed with contemporary reviews and articles this set is a must for fans of northern gloom!


13 thoughts on “Paradise Lost – Draconian Times MMXI (2DVD/CD)”

    1. It’s a gorgeous set. One of the advantages of holding off on it was it came down in price a little. I like these kind of sets. It seems ridiculous now when bands bring out separate live albums and DVDs. Just put them together! I’m looking at you, Iron Maiden.

      Paradise Lost are a big favourite of mine. Amazing songwriting. They are moreish like Pringles!


      1. Not just Maiden of course…Rush too for example.

        One box set makes sense, having it all together. Still, I never saw this kind of set before Queensryche did Operation: Livecrime! And Metallica did Live Shit.


      2. I hope they are all listening.

        One set! All the discs! Doesn’t even have to be all that lavish, does it? Just all the content in one place, one purchase. Queen did that with their Live in Ukraine and still fit it all into a CD case so it fits with my albums!


      3. Having bought Live at Wembley twice previously I skipped that release. There are so many live Queen releases from the mid-80’s I’ve sort of lost interest in it.

        Queens of the Stone Age did a nice CD/DVD set for their live album, but the DVD had so many more songs on it, I wished they’d done a 2 CD set. That’s another peave of mine. Make the whole show available! Somehow! Maybe a download code for the rest of the songs, if 2 CDs would raise the cost too high.


      4. Yeah, I think there are often just too many versions of the same albums being brought out.

        I never had the Queen Wembley at all so this years set was a nice one-stop shop! There is the Hungary one out now too but it’s all the same tracks from the same tour so I don’t really see the point in getting that.


      5. There was also a Queen Live in Montreal disc a few years back, I’ve lost track of them all now.

        Too many versions, agreed. Just look at how many times I had to buy The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg to get all the tracks. And with albums it’s the same. Bon Jovi, I’m looking at you! I bought Lost Highway three times!


      6. Not really. And now that I think about it, I think I bought it four times – Japanese (bonus tracks), iTunes (bonus tracks), 2 CD edition (live disc) and the original 1 CD that I bought first!


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