Christmas Came Early!

I always treat myself to a Box Set at Christmas (last year’s was Magnum’s The Gathering). A few weeks ago, the German label High Roller emailed me to announce they were doing a great pre-Xmas offer on the 7LP edition of Candlemass’ Doomology Box Set. Waves of molten serendipity washed over me!

The package turned up on Christmas Eve. It’s not every day you get to open a delivery like this and, as you can see from the photo below, it is a thing of wonder!

Ooohhh... nice package!
Ooohhh… nice package!

But the chaps at High Roller had packed an extra Christmas surprise for the HMOverlord…

I almost wish I’d filmed this for one of those “unboxing” videos. After I removed the Doomology set from the well-packed box I noticed that the bubblewrap packing had four extra CDs laid flat out in it. Knowing that the label often pack deliveries with empty vinyl sleeves to tempt you, I assumed they had just done a similar thing with some CD cases. Then I noticed they were shrinkwrapped… High Roller had sent me some gratis CDs out of the goodness of their massive hearts!

Free CDs!
Free CDs!

So in addition to the Candlemass set, I now have two CDs I know nothing about, a Tokyo Blade CD (I’ve heard of them at least… but that’s about it) and an Urchin CD! Yes, the band that featured a pre-Iron Maiden Adrian Smith on guitar and vocals. I already have this album on vinyl but I’m especially pleased to have it on CD now too. Especially since it didn’t cost me anything!

Not a bad haul for £40. I’m sure you’ll agree! Many thanks and Merry Christmas to the wonderful folk at High Roller.

Amount spent on purchase: £40

Amount spent in total so far: £490


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