Single of the Week – Christmas Special!

I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

I love Christmas music and I really wanted to buy a Christmas single for this week’s Single of the Week.

I ended up trawling through four shop’s single sections and only managed to find one in the last shop I visited (Glasgow’s Record Fayre). I was hoping for maybe some Slade. Maybe Chris De Burgh’s awesome Spaceman Came Travelling or Greg Lake’s I Believe In Father Christmas… I ended up with something far more Metal. This classic from the Dark Master himself.

I’ll use this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Cliff's Mistetoe and Wine and... oh look! There's Santa Stanley!
Cliff’s Mistetoe and Wine and… oh look! There’s Santa Stanley!

Amount spent on purchase: £1

Amount spent in total so far: £491

3 thoughts on “Single of the Week – Christmas Special!”

  1. Wait, what? You “love” Christmas music? The HMOHMO loves those horrible jingles and hymns? I can’t understand… oh, wait… yes I can. Maybe you HATE THEM SO MUCH that your HATE-FILLED HEART actually LOVES Christmas music because you LOVE TO HATE IT. Now see, that I could understand. And I’d be with you on that one, wholeheartedly. I can tolerate most kinds of music, in small doses, but every single year Christmas music ignites that special chunk of hate that I hold in my heart for the worst of all music: Christmas music. Ugh. I fart in its general direction!

    Hahaha don’t hold back, man! Tell us how you REALLY feel, right? 😉

    Cool post, but you didn’t tell us about the music therein. Or… is it possible that you only bought this to MESS WITH OUR MINDS and couldn’t bring yourself to actually listen to it because it would send you on a HATE-FILLED RAMPAGE through the streets of your town?


    1. No, I really love Christmas music! Mostly Christmas music that originated from the 80s. Most things were better in the 80s. Actually, the only rampage Cliff Richard might inspire me to go on would be a roller-skate one!

      I didn’t really feel the need to talk about Misteltoe and Wine… it’s just what it is. And I certainly haven’t listened to the B-Sides! One of them is called Marmaduke! WTF?

      None of the above comments in any way nullify my general state of frosty misanthropy.


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