Noise-some Notes – A Fortnight in Listening 10th December 2012

My posting routine is all skew-whiff thanks to Christmas so I’m going to cram two weeks’ worth of listening into this post. Happily there was a lot of repeat listening over the two weeks so it shouldn’t be too long! Another Noise-some Notes will follow on the 31st December to bring me bang up to date. So in 2013, my weekly listening notes will be hot off the press!

Ghost – Opus Eponymous It seems like this debut album has been out for ages now. At a recent gig Ghost performed a new track, Secular Haze, after appointing a new Satanic Pope, Papa Emeritus II, to lead the band. Their new album Infestissumam is due in Spring 2013.

Candlemass – Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus I gave this a whirl after ordering the Doomology Box Set. Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus (surely the greatest album title ever!) is a great debut and the album that got me into the band. While I initially preferred original vocalist Johan Längqvist, I’ve since come to favour the voice of his successor, Messiah Marcolin. Happily, the Doomology set features both so I can continue to umm and ahh over this important matter.

Pentagram – First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too Doom of an even older vintage than Candlemass! Excellent bluesy Heavy Rock and the vocals from wild-eyed frontman Bobby Liebling have an exciting hint of Rod Evans about them! The liner notes are interesting too not least because they recount the band’s many failed attempts to get signed (featuring walk on parts from Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley).

Blue Öyster Cult – Spectres Superb and overlooked album from the mighty BÖC. Every Record Tells a Story did a couple of great posts about them recently which inspired me to revisit this one. You can check the posts out here and here!

Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick (1977) and Sex, America, Cheap Trick (Disc 4) Cheap Trick is one of the greatest debut albums ever, an incredible combination of sweet, melodic, blistering and twisted. I also gave the fourth disc of their excellent Box Set a whirl. It’s a great overview of their mid-late 80s career where they placed less emphasis on the blistering twistedness!

Heart – Bad Animals Mmmm… the Wilson sisters. Yum.

Richard Thompson – I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight and Mock Tudor An artist I love more every year and 2012 was no exception. A Christmas gift of live tickets to see RT in Edinburgh should help maintain this trajectory. Thank you EVAOverload!

Cathedral – The Serpent’s Gold More Doom! I’ve got most of Cathedral’s albums but this compilation has a great vibe to it and was really well put together so I still go back to it for a blast of bowel-quakingly heavy groove. And the bonus disc (The Serpent’s Treasures) has rarities!

KISS – Hot in the Shade Or H.I.T.S. (I wonder if that was on purpose…). This was the first new album to be released during my tenure as a fan and was hugely anticipated. It didn’t disappoint – I love everything about it to this day.

SONG OF THE FORTNIGHT Hold on to your bowels! It’s Cathedral.

[Cathedral – Autumn Twilight]


17 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Fortnight in Listening 10th December 2012”

    1. Well I poo poo your yucky poo poo! Haha. It’s one of my very favourite KISS albums. Better than Revenge… I was pretty disappointed with that one.

      Ghost is interesting… my worry with them is that it’s all a bit one-dimensional somehow. I’m not sure how it will hold up through the years. Time will tell!


      1. Time will indeed tell. The sophomore album is always crtical! They have the advantage of a unique sound for today, plus a unique image. They seem talented enough.

        I definitely prefer Revenge to HITS, but it’s also safe to say I prefer Monster to both.


      2. I’d rate Monster over Revenge for sure. It’s their best album since HITS for me. Do you know if the title spelled out HITS intentionally? Probably eh?

        I loved KISS’s 80s run and Revenge kind of signalled the death of that era for me. Love the new one and Carnival of Souls though. Even Psycho Circus had it’s moments. Every KISS album always has at least a couple of classics.


      3. As far as I know it is unintentional, but who knows?

        I agree that every Kiss album always has a couple classics. That is one thing that got me into the band in the first place. Every single album I heard had some songs on it that I just loved, like a gateway drug!


  1. So glad you showed some love to Cheap Trick’s debut, which is absolutely one of the best of all time. Not a wasted note on that record. Also, those are two excellent Richard Thompson albums. How he’s maintained such high quality over the years is an amazing achievement.

    I recently got the BOC “Columbia Albums Collection” box set, and look forward to getting into some of their albums that I wasn’t familiar with back in the day, including Spectres. I only knew the songs that appeared on their later live albums.

    I know all about the holidays messing up the listening (and posting) schedule, but I’m sure you’ll get back on track soon. Happy listening!


    1. More people should know about that CT debut. What a great record!

      I’m really excited about finally going to see RT in Feb. He’s one of my must-see live acts. Can’t wait.

      I’ve got most of the BOC albums on CD and most of the 80s ones on vinyl. I really want that box set so I can get them all on CD. Waiting for it to be released here in Feb so I don’t have to pay over the odds. I see Cheap Trick have a similar one out now too. Very tempting also for the same reason.


      1. I also got the Cheap Trick box set this year. I was missing several of their later Epic albums on CD, so this was a great way to get them all in one place.

        I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the RT show in February. Is it a solo show, or will he have a band? I’ve seen him in various formats, including his “1000 Years Of Popular Music” show, and he’s always outstanding. I know you won’t be disappointed.


      2. Brilliant. Those two box sets are definitely very high on my must-buy list for next year.

        I’m not sure but I think it’s going to be a band show. I don’t know if I mind either way. His new album’s going to be called “Electric” so that sounds like a full band affair. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing in any case.

        I love that 1000 Years DVD. I watch it every year when I’m putting the Xmas tree up! Just seems to have became a tradition…


  2. My posting routine is all skew-whiff = Hahaha WHAT?!?!

    Ghost – Opus Eponymous = This seems like it’d be totally awesome.

    Candlemass – Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus = That is an epic album title! Where do you find these people? 😉

    Pentagram – First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too Doom = Ooooo I think me likey this very much!

    Blue Öyster Cult – Spectres Superb = another band I need to get started on. Hooboy, I have my work cut out for me.

    Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick (1977) and Sex, America, Cheap Trick (Disc 4) = Brilliant. I love those guys! Did I ever tell you I saw them play? If I did, I don’t mean to harp on it. It was just very cool to see them in action.

    Heart – Bad Animals Mmmm… the Wilson sisters. Yum. = Hahaha awesome. They sure can SING!

    Richard Thompson – I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight and Mock Tudor = Hooray for EvaOverloadOverlord! He is definitely cool. HOMHOMO, watch for the next WOM entry. I found a gem that’ll shock you what I paid for it. 😉

    Cathedral – The Serpent’s Gold More Doom! = How do your bowels stand all of this action? 😉

    KISS – Hot in the Shade Or H.I.T.S. = Of course you have KISS here. Again. Ahahaha…

    SONG OF THE FORTNIGHT Hold on to your bowels! It’s Cathedral. = There you go with the bowels again. You seem to have some sort of fixation…


    1. Skew-whiff! As in… wonky?

      You don’t find Candlemass! They find you… on a dark night. 🙂

      I think you mentioned seeing Cheap Trick. I’ve seen ’em once. They were great but the set was infuriatingly short.

      The Heart sisters sure can sing. Actually, they can do whatever they want. As long as they do it with me.

      How do my bowels stand all this action? Barely.



      1. Skew-whiff = wonky. Groovy.

        I’m still waiting for Candlemass to show up. I’m gonna jump out from behind a door and scare them.

        I think it’s lovely that you stil have a thing for the ladies from Heart.


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