Single of the Week: Praying Mantis – The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2 (12” Single)

Praying Mantis - The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

I went on my very first record shopping jaunt of 2013 and turned up this little beauty for 99p at the excellent Record Fayre in the Trongate, Glasgow (which has the bonus of a shop Labrador! Much clapping and wagging ensued).

This is the second of three Praying Mantis singles released around the time of the band’s debut album Time Tells No Lies. If, like me, you bought Rock Candy’s reissue of Time Tells No Lies then you’ll know that it features all the songs (A and B-Sides) from the first and third of those three singles either as part of the album proper (Cheated) or as bonus tracks (everything else). So this 12” completes my collection of Time Tells No Lies-era Praying Mantis and is a great NWOBHM collectible!

The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2 B SideThe A-Side of The Soundhouse Tapes 2 is the excellent Captured City which is easily one of the band’s greatest tunes: a great title, catchy chorus and ladles of Thin Lizzy worship. The B-Side has two tracks, The Ripper and Johnny Cool. The Ripper starts off with some great riffs but feels a bit limp. Johnny Cool is better but the guitar work is still the star of the show and makes both tracks worthwhile. Excitingly, both these tracks also seem pretty hard to find anywhere else. An essential addition to my burgeoning NWOBHM collection.

I wonder where they got the idea for the title from…


13 thoughts on “Single of the Week: Praying Mantis – The Soundhouse Tapes Part 2 (12” Single)”

      1. Nice guys, keep the old places alive! We have Blue Meanie and Lou’s in San Diego. I think Blue Meanie has closed though.


      2. Absolutely! I feel really lucky to live in a city with so many music shops. And I certainly do my bit in keeping them afloat! Haha

        Actually, I think 2013 was the first year in ages where more record stores opened than closed in the UK so that’s encouraging!


      1. Well, one day a year ago, I went through every bin. I looked at every record in the place. And I can guarantee you, 90% of it is still there. I got a couple of good soul records of him, but otherwise… I can dig through his Just In bin and leave. I rarely buy anything in there, any more. And I have an in-store credit. Maybe I should get some hand sanitizer and go in there again. It’s been months.


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