Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 7th January 2013

Candlemass – Candlemass and Live at Buckley Tivoli The Candlemass Doomology Box Set includes many demos that were recorded for their excellent eponymous album and I wanted to refresh my memory about the final album before listening to them. I also stuck on another of their live recordings from the Doomology set. Quite rough quality: Messiah’s vocals are too high in the mix, leaving him open to EvaOverload’s jibes about him sounding like a wedding singer. Tsk.

Manilla Road – Crystal Logic Hugely under-rated US Metal. This is blissfully good. I’ll definitely be buying more of these guys’ stuff before 2013 is through. Er… budget permitting!

Carcass – Swansong This is one of the more fascinating albums to come out of Extreme Metal’s brush with the mainstream in the 1990s. It can get a bit samey at points but it’s a great melding of brutality and Classic Rock. As the title suggests the band split up once it was released but, like everyone else these days, they have reunited and are releasing a new album this year.

Winterfylleth – The Threnody of Triumph One of my top picks from 2012 although I’ve not actually done a Best-Of 2012 post… so you’re going to have to just guess what the other ones were!

The Darkness – Hot Cakes This was another 2012 top pick! So you know two of them now, you can stop complaining. This might be joint-top actually, along with the Van Halen album. Arrghhh, that’s three! Oh bugger it, the other two were Gojira and Manowar with a special mention for St. Vitus. Happy now?

Be-Bop Deluxe – Axe Victim I bought the excellent Futurist Manifesto Box Set last January and decided to give it an anniversary listen. This, their first album, is excellent. The real star of the show is Bill Nelson’s fantastically colourful guitar playing. I’m really looking forward to working through their albums again.

David Coverdale – Last Note of Freedom (Original and Re-Mix) I’ve already said quite enough about this sultry winner from Cov the Gov. Read about it here… and here.

Pentagram – First Daze Here Too Yep. Them again.

Saxon – Innocence is No Excuse Can’t work out if the girl on the album cover is eating that apple or just wiping her face with it. This is the first time I’ve listened to this one and I’m pretty impressed. The grit of their earlier albums has been polished away but it’s still heavy in an early 80s Priest/Def Leppard way and the songwriting is sharp. If the good ship Saxon wobbled with Crusader then this album definitely sets it back on an even keel. The subsequent departure of the talismanic Steve “Dobby” Dawson would spring the first major leak.

SONG OF THE WEEK Really hard to choose this week. I’m going to go with Pentagram’s Wheel of Fortune. This one opens with a beast of a riff. Hope you like it!

[Pentagram – Wheel of Fortune]

13 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 7th January 2013”

      1. Yeah, it’s true. And, even worse, so were their album covers! Well, the first three anyway. Full of horrendous photos.

        At the time their label offices got raided and prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act in the UK but nothing came of it in the end.


  1. The Darkness. Yes! “She’s Just A Girl, Eddie” is among my favourite Darkness songs ever at this point. I always have that song available on the car mp3 player, just when I need a boost!


  2. Candlemass – Candlemass and Live at Buckley Tivoli The Candlemass Doomology Box = hahahaha imagine booking THAT to play at your wedding. Dammit, I missed my chance!

    Manilla Road – Crystal Logic = Underrated? Try never heard of them! Where do you find these people?

    Carcass – Swansong = I wouldn’t have thought that the bastard child of extreme metal and classic rock was meant to be left alive.

    Winterfylleth – The Threnody of Triumph = I’m not gonna guess. It’s not too late. Make your Best Of 2012! Pick 5, or 10, or 1… whatever. There. the gauntlet is thrown down. Dude, if I can do it, so can you.

    The Darkness – Hot Cakes = Ah, see? I am happy now, I know your picks. Still… deserves it’s own post?

    Be-Bop Deluxe – Axe Victim = You must have found these guys at the same time as Manilla Road. Also: The band name and the album title… they don’t quite mesh.

    David Coverdale – Last Note of Freedom (Original and Re-Mix) = Yep.

    Pentagram – First Daze Here Too = Cool.

    Saxon – Innocence is No Excuse = Along with Manowar and Pentagram, you seem to have bands that are recurring characters…

    SONG OF THE WEEK = I did like it!


    1. I’m not actually sure what Messiah Marcolin is up to these days so maybe he’s available for hire? Weddings, barmitzvahs…

      As far as knowing who Manilla Road are: I read a LOT of Metal mags.

      I didn’t really want to do a Best-Of list in the end. I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for it. I liked fitting it in here better. It was like a Stealth Post! To make sure everyone’s paying attention. Which you clearly are. Well done!


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