Single of the Week: Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction (7” Ltd. Edition Yellow Vinyl)

I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

Front Cover
Front Cover

These were supposed to be really easy, quick posts. “I bought a single, here it is. It has a cool track on it I didn’t have before. It cost me 12p.” That sort of thing.

This week’s was going to be especially easy. Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction on 7” vinyl with a B-Side I didn’t think I owned but discovered I did. Never mind, tally ho, onwards and upwards and all that good stuff. The End.

But new shit has come to light.

I bought this at a newly re-opened Bargain Books store in Shawlands, Glasgow. Very near the HMO Mission Control compound in fact! Since re-opening they have added some vinyl bins so I ventured in for a peek and came out, £1.50 lighter, with this single.

Back Cover
Back Cover

The main attraction of this, apart from the lovely yellow vinyl, was the live B-Side: Peace Sells taken from the Clash of the Titans show at Wembley Arena from “October 1990”. I was fairly sure I didn’t have any Clash of the Titans-related live recordings from Megadeth but, on the way home, I started to wonder if this recording might be on the band’s Warchest Box Set. Sure enough, back at HMO Mission Control, I discovered that disc 4 of Warchest is the live audio taken from the band’s show in Wembley Stadium on 16th October 1990. Bah.

I gave the single a quick listen which was very enjoyable. So enjoyable I decided to listen to that Warchest live CD in its entirety. While listening to that, I noticed the liner notes listed all the tracks on the live CD as “previously unreleased”. Surely not. I then discovered the Warchest booklet had a very handy Discography. The listing for the Symphony of Destruction UK 7” listed the B-Side as: Peace Sells (Live at Wembley Stadium, London, 10/14/90). A different night!

Yellow Vinyl
Yellow Vinyl

This was great news but I couldn’t avoid the nagging sensation that this tour was unlikely to have played multiple nights at Wembley. I checked Wiki’s Clash of the Titan’s tour dates… one night. 14th Oct. Checked the Wiki entry for Warchest… which explained how the Warchest CD is wrongly credited as being from the 16th Oct as the tour only played there on the 14th. Mustaine is heard to say on the disc “It’s Sunday. Not any more, it’s Black Friday.” The Sunday fell on 14th Oct. So it turns out I bought a doubler after all. I had started to get my hopes up as well…

But then my Warchest CD finally got round to Peace Sells. It seemed different but it was hard to say for sure. I decided to replay the 7” to double-check. Sure enough, the 7” bass intro rumbles on for longer than the CD version! And, in the CD version Mustaine sings “What do you mean I can’t be the President of the United States of America? It’s still ‘we, the people’ right?” but on the 7” version he changes that second line to “I mean, he looks like an asshole, right?”. Other parts of the track sound identical, however.

So, in light of this new shit, I’m going to guess that these are probably taken from the same show but that the Warchest CD version has been sneakily tightened up and overdubbed (maybe Mustaine has since decided George Bush Sr. didn’t look like an asshole after all?). I’ve still bought a doubler, but an interesting one. And one that shows that a blogger/collector’s life is never straightforward! It’s a colourful addition to the collection anyway and, looking at Discogs, it has a resale value well beyond what I paid for it, so it’s also one for the HMO Retirement Fund! Good times!

BONUS PEDANTRY: You might have spotted the single credits the Clash of the Titans show as having taken place at Wembley Arena. The CD placed it in Wembley Stadium. These are two different venues. Wiki reckons it was the Arena and that sounds more likely to me. Who researches these things?!

18 thoughts on “Single of the Week: Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction (7” Ltd. Edition Yellow Vinyl)”

    1. Haha I was especially pleased with the Lebowski reference!

      I’m finding it really odd the amount of mis-crediting that’s going on with all this stuff. First, all the “Last Note of Freedom” confusion and now this!


      1. Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

        I mean, hey! That’s weird with the miscrediting. But really weird with the overdubbing. I don’t like that. And I prefer the original 7″ lyric. You got a winner there man.


    1. Yeah, it makes you wonder what else has been changed on the CD. Maybe he spent the whole gig calling people assholes for all I know. It’s not that unlikely…

      On the subject of research, I just added some bonus pedantry to the post!


      1. I didn’t watch my buddies die face down in the muck…

        I mean…

        I didn’t know it was two venues either. Shit man, good on you for this. This is probably the most comprehensive info one is likely to find out about this single.

        Where is HMO Mission Control? I checked on my Google maps but it couldn’t locate such a thing.


      2. Give us ze money Lebowski… or we cut off your johnson!

        Yes, the Stadium is the one you’ll have seen in Live Aid, Queen, Freddie tribute etc… the Arena is more an indoor big-shed type affair! They are right next to each other though.

        The exact location of HMO Mission Control is classified for security reasons.


      3. Hahaha I know that guy. He works for me. Also, I KNOW that that is your Mission Control, because my drone canoes have strafed it several times. He have record of your movements in and out of the compound. And seriously, Dude, just take off the tinfoil hat. The UFOs can’t read your thoughts.


  1. Wouldn’t all of this have been solved by forst listening to the live track on the single, and then the same track on the CD? I mean, you’d know if they were different. Or maybe I was not following along closely enough with the minutiae. It’s possible.

    The Dude abides.

    Who researches this stuff? Apparently, YOU DO.


    1. No, I don’t think you’ve followed it… I initially just assumed they were from the same show because of the sleeve credits and they are! You wouldn’t know it by listening either because they sound different. Even though they are from the same show… now I’m confused.

      This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!


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