Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 14th January 2013

My Darkthrone Circle The Wagons Special Edition
My Darkthrone Circle The Wagons Special Edition

No Saxon, Pentagram or Manowar this week! What’s going on?!

Burzum – Filosofem One of the most eerie and atmospheric Black Metal albums ever. Varg Vikernes was also an early pioneer of “stabby” way before ex-Queensryche singer Geoff Tate got his hands on the backstage cutlery!

Winterfylleth – The Threnody of Triumph Quite similar to Filosofem in a lot of ways but with the harsh edges softened. This album is really quite lovely! Like a Black Metal Anathema.

Darkthrone – Circle the Wagons Brilliant fun. For all lovers of true underground 80s Metal. These guys have a new album The Underground Resistance coming out at the end of February and I can’t wait to hear it. It’s easily the most exciting Metal release of the year so far.

Anathema – Judgement A band that has toiled in cult obscurity for many years but has finally achieved much-deserved success. This is one of their best. They also beat Geoff Tate to the punch here too with their early use of text-speak in a song title: Make it Right (FFS). Don’t u just luv that Geoff? LOL.

Kate Bush – Sensual World “Oh man… I was steamin’ at that club last night. What was I up to? I was dancing with who? This guy in the paper? The Hitler guy?”

Megadeth – Warchest (Disc 4) Sublime thrashy Megadeth live album which I recently discovered has been the recipient of some studio trickery! Can’t knock them too much for that, plenty of great live albums have had that done. Although, for all I know, he might have spent the whole gig calling everyone an asshole and no-one wants to hear that. Actually… that sounds like it could be quite cool.

King Crimson- Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Not the 47 disc Box Set that’s currently emptying people’s wallets. Just the actual album. There are a lot of Metal bands that wish they could conjour up the occult darkness that KC invoke in this album’s opening track. Brilliant.

SONG OF THE WEEK: Just because I listened to it SO MANY TIMES! Here’s Megadeth’s Peace Sells (Live). From Warchest. He doesn’t call anyone an asshole in this version. Shame.

8 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 14th January 2013”

    1. Do you like her stuff? I thought you might, quite similar to Marillion in a lot of ways. I’m sure Hogarth must be a fan. This album and Hounds of Love are the only ones I know but I’ve got more stuff of hers that I just haven’t got round to.


  1. No Saxon, Pentagram or Manowar this week! What’s going on?! = I have a guess… you fell and hit your head!

    Burzum – Filosofem = What is it with rock guys and plunging steel into things? Having it in the lyrics is one thing, but…

    Winterfylleth – The Threnody of Triumph = You’ve mentioned these guys before. The tracks I checked out were great!

    Darkthrone – Circle the Wagons = They have great album titles. I hope the cover art is as cool, to match. I assume we’ll be reading about the new record in these pages?

    Anathema – Judgement = Lots of Stabby McStabbypants love in this post.

    Kate Bush – Sensual World = Nice one, mate! She’s a quirky one, but no one makes music quite like hers.

    Megadeth – Warchest = Imagine having a stage and a microphone and a stadium full of people ready to hear what you have to say and you step up and say… that. So sad. He should just howl nasally and play wicked guitar and otherwise keep his trap shut.

    King Crimson- Larks’ Tongues in Aspic = 47 discs? Holy shit. OK, so how come that opener wasn’t SOTW?

    SONG OF THE WEEK = It’s still cool. Too bad they had to monkey with it after the fact, but only the winners write the history books, and most of the punters won’t care, right?

    Another excellent posting, good sir!


    1. Oh man, the artwork for the new Darkthrone is INCREDIBLE. You’ve got to check it out:

      I was exaggerating… slightly… about the number of discs in that KC set. The album’s fine by me though. I didn’t put it as Song of the Week cause it takes about 4 minutes to kick in and I thought that wasn’t so good for the low attention span interwebs! I’ll send it to you, you’ll love it.


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