Buying Round-Up – January 2013

As part of the HMO Challenge 2013 I was aiming to spend no more than £50 in January. Here’s how I got on.


Metallica – The Good, The Bad and The Live 6½ Anniversary EP Box Set (£30 Crazybeat Records through Discogs)

I’ve wanted to get Metallica’s $5.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited on vinyl for ages. Then I remembered that this Box Set existed. As well as the Garage Days EP this set also includes a selection of their earliest 12” singles: Jump in the Fire, Creeping Death, Harvester of Sorrow and One. It also features a special EP of live tracks from the Justice tour. The EPs are mint and it still has the poster. There’s not much music here I don’t have already but I wanted all these singles on vinyl anyway and once I saw this at this price I just couldn’t let it go. At £30 it was a great buy (£5 per EP!) but it did mean things were going to be tough for the rest of the month.

Metallica EPs from The Good The Bad and The Live Box SetThe Cult - Love Omnibus EditionThe Cult – Sonic Temple, Love Omnibus Edition and Choice of Weapon 2CD (£17 Monorail Music Glasgow)

I had been thinking about getting the Pure Cult compilation. Instead I found these in the second hand racks of Monorail Music: all in perfect condition and all hilariously cheap. £8 for the Love Box Set might be a strong contender for bargain of 2013 already! They had Electric on CD too but I keep seeing that cheap everywhere. It can wait.

The Cult CDsRichard Thompson - Dream AtticRichard Thompson – Dream Attic 2CD (£11 Sainsburys)

I had now spent £47 so that should have been me for the month but, as I’m going to see Richard Thompson in concert later in February I started to think about filling in some of the RT gaps in my collection.

I ended up buying this one as it’s his most recent album (at least until Electric is released on Feb 11th 2013). Strangely, it’s a set of new songs recorded in a live setting. In addition, there is a limited edition of the album that has a disc of guitar/vocal demos for each of the album’s songs. Many reviews rate this disc as superior to the album proper so I decided to buy this before it starts to creep up in price. I’ve never bought music online from a supermarket before but Sainsbury’s had this cheaper than anywhere else. I’ll be keeping them in mind in future as their prices seem pretty competitive and delivery was free too!

I busted my budget by £8 in January so I wasn’t off to a great start but it was hardly a complete disaster either! February is going to be even tougher but my budgets will be a bit more forgiving later in the year so maybe I can start to come back under budget then.

(Special thanks to Aaron at WhatOwnsMe for sending me these DualDisc albums from Canada too! It was really exciting getting these in the post. And special thanks to the plucky Canucks of the Canadian Postal Canoe team.)

Blame Canada!Amount spent on purchases: £58

Amount budgeted: £50

Amount over/under budget: £8 Over


Amount spent on purchases: £58

Amount budgeted: £50

Amount over/under budget: £8 Over

20 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – January 2013”

  1. Congratulations on staying relatively close to your budget, and for getting some nice items. I’m proud (and surprised) to report that I went the entire month of January without making a single music purchase. I can’t remember the last time in my adult life that I went an entire calendar month without buying anything. It helped that I got the Blue Oyster Cult “Complete” box set during the holidays, and I had over 2 years of Mojo Magazine compilations to listen to. Needless to say, my no-purchase streak has already been broken this month, including the 2-CD version of the new RIchard Thompson. Haven’t heard it yet, but the digipak is very nice. Can’t wait to hear some new music from RT. Anyway, happy shopping in February, and good luck with that budget.


    1. Thanks Rich! Well done in your purchase-free January! I don’t think I’ve went a month without buying any music in living memory… that could be a new challenge in itself! That BOC set has got enough music in it to keep you going for years! I’m glad to report it’s finally out in the UK so I will surely be going over budget next month. And my girlfriend has pre-ordered me the new RT so I’ll be up to date for seeing him live too! Let me know what you think of it when you listen. I’ve really enjoyed Dream Attic and I hear his new one is very stripped down. He’s described it as folk-funk in interviews!
      Scott (HMO)


  2. I am loving all the pics! Great!

    That Metallica set looks lovely, indeed. Totally worth it, for your budget. That Cult box set is very happy, inded. What a deal. And hooray for Sonic Temple! It has Soldier Blue on it! That’s one of my favourites, and the one I have always sworn was erroneously left off Pure Cult. All that Richard Thompson will make you happy. Good on you for listening in advance. I’m sure that concert is going to be BRILLIANT! Hahaha look out, Amazon, the grocery store is cheaper than you! And once again, yer welcome. I’m glad they went to a good home! Looking forward to your thoughts on them, when you get to listen to them. 😉 Oh, and the canoe boys told me to tell you “you’re welcome,” and then they fucked off down the pub.

    Ya know, £8 over is commendable. I mean, that’s forgiveable, not worth quibbling over. You spend that in a week on coffee. You probably have that much hiding under your couch cushions and under yer car seats. Hardly worth mentioning. I call a mulligan! A gimmie! As I see it, yer still at even par!


    1. Thanks A! Those DualDiscs have certainly ended up in a good home. They will be taken care of! And the canoe dudes deserve a drink or two for all their hard work…

      I thought I would get more albums for my money but I couldn’t refuse the Metallica set at that price and I’ve loved listening to it. The RT album is great and Sonic Temple is AMAZING… I’ve listened to that over and over. I especially love Edie (Ciao Baby). What a song. But it’s all great. Choice of Weapon I’ve really enjoyed too and I haven’t got round to listening to Love yet. I just keep looking at it.

      £8 over is not too bad. £50 was a bit mean for January so I did ok… Feb will be a write-off though. I’ll tell you that right now.


      1. Sonic Temple is a great, great record.

        “I haven’t got round to listening to Love yet. I just keep looking at it.” Hahahaha I’m doing the same with my Charlie Is My Darlng deluxe box!

        February’s already screwed? Oh ho ho DO TELL! Big plans, eh?


  3. I saw the Metallica set 15 years ago at Orange Monkey Music in Waterloo for $100. I passed. I have regretting it ever since.

    I offered Scott double his money for this set. He politely declined, as he likes it too much to sell.

    Scott, GOOD FIND. That is a treasure for sure.


    1. Cheers Mike! I remembered a friend having it when I was at school so that gave me the idea to look for it. Couldn’t believe that price. I saw one at a Record Fair last year to but it was so beat up and over-priced I had to pass. Glad I did! You should check Discogs, there were plenty listed there… just make sure they are complete. A few of the cheaper listings are missing EPs.


      1. Loser. I want the whole shebang including the poster! You got yourself a great deal. In fact of all the deals you’ve posted, I would say this one takes the cake.


      2. I suppose you’re right in terms of value. I did worry that it was a bit of an extravagance when I bought it… purely because of how little “new” music it had on it. But it’s great having that stuff on vinyl and the white Live EP sold it for me. That’s a cool rarity.


  4. Hey here’s another thought.

    Are you factoring cost of shipping into your £50? I mean, the Metallica was £30 and was probably a few £ to ship to you, too. So, to include those costs, which are indeed related to your spending on music in a month, you’d reduce your available funds any time you ordered online (obviously not for stuff bought in person). But if you’re NOT including those costs, you’re not getting an accurate picture of expenditure!

    Whatever will you do?


    1. No I’m not including those costs. The budget is based on last years totals and they didn’t include shipping either. The idea is to spend half of last years spending so if I include shipping now, it’s not a like-for-like comparison. I’m just assuming that I spend an average amount on shipping each year, if I spend half on music this year I’ll have saved on shipping too.


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