Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 28th January 2013

The Who – Tommy and The Who Sell Out I was obsessed with Tommy for a very long time but don’t mention the movie to me. It tainted my perception of the album for a while. It wasn’t the Tommy of my imagination, so much so that I had to have a break from listening to the album to recalibrate! If you want to see a Ken Russell movie, check out his remarkable The Devils instead.

The Who Sell Out is another gem of an album with its evocative replication of 60s Pirate Radio. Turns out that Baked Beans and deodorant are excellent subject matter for Rock albums. Who knew? The Who knew. That’s who.

Ihsahn – Eremita Looking through some of my old posts I was reminded of this 2012 release. I enjoyed going back to it but, although it’s excellent, I can’t say it’s captured my imagination the way its predecessor After did.

Richard Thompson – Dream Attic A recent purchase – the one that tipped me over my music budget in January! Luckily it was worth every penny and commanded most of my listening time this week. Among the Gorse, Among the Grey is already a firm favourite.

Anathema – Weather Systems Like Ihsahn’s Eremita, this is another 2012 release that was a slightly disappointing follow-up. I absolutely adored the previous We’re Here Because We’re Here but this album, while a companion release in style, just refuses to gel with me like that album did.

Paradise Lost – S/T This 2005 album saw the band reconnect with their Metal roots although there were still welcome traces of their “Depeche Mode” phase. I was won over by them on the subsequent tour and they’ve been one of the key bands in my life ever since.

Ian Hunter – Welcome to the Club A very special live album: the rockers are euphoric, the ballads are heartbreaking and it has a superb cover of Sonny Bono’s Laugh At Me. Highly recommended.

SONG OF THE WEEK It has to be 1921 from Tommy as it haunted me all week. I had to learn how to play it on guitar just to exorcise it from my brain. Although I could have stuck the movie on instead.

13 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 28th January 2013”

  1. The Who – Tommy and The Who Sell Out = Cool. Another band I always heard on the radio, never owned any of it. You are all now free to gasp in shock.

    = also, this was awesome “Who knew? The Who knew. That’s who.”

    Ihsahn – Eremita = I love that the predecessor is called After. They should have named the album that came after After “Before.”

    Richard Thompson – Dream Attic = You are forgiven, young Jedi.

    Anathema – Weather Systems = Come back to it. Chance are, in 6 months’ time you’ll love it.

    Paradise Lost – S/T = Depeche. Mode. Whuh.

    Ian Hunter – Welcome to the Club = Lovely!

    SONG OF THE WEEK = A funny reason to learn to play the guitar. And now I gotta see the movie, since that’s twice you’ve blasted it in one post. 😉


    1. I always love your comments on these posts! 🙂

      The Tommy film may not be that atrocious as a film in it’s own right. But, after inhabiting the album for so long, I felt like it totally discoured my mental image of the music. Like a really bad promo vid or a terrible movie adaptation of your favourite book. But if I hadn’t heard the album before… who knows? Hahah

      If the had called the album after before what would they have called the album before after? I’ve sprained my brain.

      PL got a bit fried doing the Metal stuff and went a bit electro for a while. Some good and not so good albums came out of it. Glad they got more Metal again but there’s still elements of that in their sound today.


      1. Hey thanks, I always love mucking up your comments page with my gibberish and inanities.

        Now I feel like I should hear the album only after I see the movie, so I can compare and contrast experiences with you. Feel free to scream “Nooooooooo” like what’s-his-face in that stupid Star Wars scene. You know the one I mean. Yeah. Like that.

        If they had called the album after After “Before,” they would have to have called the third record SPICY. COCK. SOUP.

        It is always a relief when metal bands let go of their dalliances with electonic music. And we all hope that they never go back.

        Hey do you know what you call 500 DJs at the bottom of the ocean? A good f*@king start!


      1. I listened to ‘Tommy’ a lot (not much over the years) back when. I’m a big Reed fan so I ate up his performance in the film. Also Nicholson’s number as a curiosity.

        (Went to a book sale yesterday. They had record/cd pile. Found a cd copy of ‘Tommy’. Hows that for a coincidence?)

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