Single of the Week: Survivor – Burning Heart (7” Single)

Two worlds collide, rival nations!
Two worlds collide, rival nations!

I’m delving into the world of the single! I’ll buy a 7”, 12” or CD single every week and post my findings here. Who knows what musical discoveries will be made?

When I started my weekly single hunt I had imagined I would pick up singles of the songs that I like but don’t like enough to buy full albums to get. You know… stuff like Bronski Beat, Men at Work, Mental as Anything, Cutting Crew, John Farnham, Mr. Mister, Cliff Richard… all that kind of stuff. (In fact, Cliff’s Wired for Sound is actually the Single of the Week Holy Grail. Any time I go into a shop and leave without it feels like a failure.)

This week I decided to rummage around in Missing Record’s crusty 50p cheapo section to see if I could find any nice surprises. I ended up with Survivor’s Burning Heart on 7”.

This is the awesome theme tune from Rocky IV and, for my money, a superior track to the more well-known Eye of the Tiger (the Survivor track that graced Rocky III). It’s the kind of simmering, brooding Pop-Rock that makes me pine for the 80s and lyrics such as “When his body says stop, his spirit cries… never!” will make this single essential listening before I head out to Badminton for the weekly grudge match with EvaOverload.

The B-Side is a live version of another Survivor track, Feels Like Love, a song I’d never heard before. It reminds me of Raised on Radio-style Journey, which is no bad thing, but it gets to the guitar solo and then sticks. But that’s no big deal. I wasn’t looking for rare B-Sides with this purchase. It’s the heroic, montage-friendly A-Side, awesome cover and 50p price tag that make this a winner!

Super highways, coast to coast... oops, wrong song. Sorry.
Super highways, coast to coast… oops, wrong song. Sorry.

13 thoughts on “Single of the Week: Survivor – Burning Heart (7” Single)”

  1. An excellent purchase!!! You knew I was going to say that though. If you could find Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out”, your life would be complete.

    On the transcontinental overload, just slide behind the wheel, How does it feel? oops wrong song again. Sorry


    1. I knew you were going to chime in on this one! No Easy Way Out was released as a single too! I’m fairly sure James Brown was as well… I’m going to try and get the set! … don’t know about the training montage though. I might have to get the soundtrack album too!


  2. Survivor. Oh, man. Does your black metal side ever wanna beat up your bad-80’s side? Like in Fight Club, stnding there punching yourself? Bahaha still, a good find. Too bad the b-side sticks. Can’t be cleaned, eh?

    Also, badminton. Shuttlecock. Shuttle. Cock.


    1. My Black Metal side and bad-80s side live alongside each other in perfect harmony actually. I’ve got Paradise Lost covering Smalltown Boy for instance…

      I tried cleaning the B-Side but it looks more like a tiny wee scratch. A few more plays might be enough just to shift it but I’m not too bothered.


    1. Great question! Until this week I only knew two Survivor songs and they were both from the Rocky films. The boost it gave them was undeniable but whether they would have been a success otherwise I just couldn’t say cause I’m not that familiar with their music. Have you heard much of their stuff? What do you reckon?

      Maybe you could also say it was a double-edged sword from them because they became the “Rocky band”?


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