How Tempting? – February 2013

Welcome to the second month of the HMO Challenge 2013! In January I allocated myself a £50 budget to spend on music and music DVDs. I spent £58. Not a great start but not a complete disaster either. For February, once again, I gave myself a paltry £50 to play with. It’s a short month after all.

These How Tempting posts are supposed to be a list of the albums and DVDs that are tempting me the most and therefore mostly likely to be putting a dent in the budget. But I have to come clean. The February budget is already gone… and then some.

So there isn’t any point in doing a list of tempting music this month, given that I’ve probably bought it all already! There is only one notable release still to come in February and that’s Darkthrone’s The Underground Resistance. It’s one of the most exciting new releases of 2013 and, according to Darkthrone’s Fenriz, “torn from the wombs of the Riders of Rohan of Metal”. Indeed. Thankfully, this hugely anticipated release won’t be out until the 25th so if I can just hold off a week it will be a March purchase and I can avoid pounding February’s budget into complete submission.

Mind you, there are still a couple of weeks of February to go and plenty of interesting stuff left over from January that I didn’t buy back then. Temptation abounds! So far this month I’ve already picked up 20+ discs of music including: a box set from some Rock legends, a couple of Richard Thompson albums, an excellent out-of-print CD from one of my favourite UK Metal acts and a cheap compilation from a great American power trio.

Join me at the beginning of March to find out how I get on!

4 thoughts on “How Tempting? – February 2013”

  1. I think this is hilarious and awesome. The whole point of the budgeting thing is to teach you restraint, and selectiveness. Right? Well, you might be being selective about what you buy… to a fairly small degree… somewhere in there… maybe?… but restraint has already gone right out the window! So… how much have you gone past on February’s budget? And with still half the month to go (and another whole list of things tempting you)? Hee hee hee.

    Personally, I think this life hack has been very instructive! You’re learning to watch your spending habits – heck, you’re learning what they actually are! You’re able to measure your actual expenditure against the (definitely paltry) monthly limit that you yourself chose. You’re seeing what you already knew: you’re a die-hard music fan who likes to buy records, and limiting that is a VERY difficult thing!

    The only way I can see for you to avoid further deepening against your £100 limit for the past two months already is to go back and re-play some of the discs you already own. Surely you could spend the next couple of weeks blowing the dust off some of the albums that rarely get a spin.

    Also: can we trust that your Noisome Notes will tell us all about these vaguely-referenced 20+ discs? 😉


    1. I’ve not gone massively over budget but definitely more than I might have liked… so far about £30 over. And, like you say, the month isn’t over! I do seem to have scratched the itch for this month though so I’m hoping I can limp through to March without any more purchases!

      I’m definitely being more selective and a little more restrained. The Box Set was enough by itself to take me over budget but I’ve been waiting months for it so it had to be bought… and it’s already went up in price by about a tenner so I was sensible getting in early! But I’m definitely learning about my behaviour and questioning it more. Like the times where I think “I need this” I start to question myself. Do I need it or do I just want it? Is buying it going to increase my musical enjoyment or is it just a collectible for the shelves?

      Going back and dusting off old albums is definitely a good idea. I’ve been doing that a lot since starting the blog and this has been great for my musical enjoyment. I’m going to try and get back into doing fuller reviews to encourage me to concentrate on old albums more.

      The new discs won’t show up in the Noise-some Notes. I don’t want to give anything away until the big reveal of the “Buying Round-Up” later in the month! After that they’re fair game!


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