Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 4th February 2013

Gov’t Mule – Dose Gov’t Mule started off as a side-project for Allman Brothers Band members Warren Haynes and Allen Woody but, prior to the recording of the project’s 2nd studio album Dose, they had decided to leave the Allmans and concentrate solely on the Mule. The result was one of the best albums of the 90s and a Blues-Rock classic. Much heavier and looser than the Allmans and even more impressive for having been recorded predominantly live with only the vocals and some extra instrumentation overdubbed later. The name came from the (ABB drummer) Jaimoe’s description of James Brown’s wife’s ample rear end apparently! Nice.

Clan Destined – In the Big Ending… 6-track EP from a real hero of mine, Martin Walkyier: the gravel-voiced, pagan frontman of Sabbat and Skyclad. I hadn’t listened to this since its release in 2007 and really enjoyed going back to it last week. Swinging like Judas, Devil for a Day and A Beautiful Start to the End of the World are top-drawer Walkyier. It’s great having a music collection big enough that I can dip into it and discover a new favourite in there.

Helloween – S/T Mini-LP Although Power-Metal godfathers Helloween would go on to greater glory with their Keeper of the Seven Keys albums, they would never sound this furious or perfect ever again. This 5 track mini album is an absolute riot of furious thrash riffing and irresistible melody. It’s such a blast I’ll forgive them for ripping off Breaking the Law in Victim of Fate. The lesson being, if you’re going to nick a riff… nick a good one!

The Faces – Five Guys Walk into a Bar (Disc 1) The first disc from a very thoughtful and passionately curated box-set. The BBC tracks, live songs, rehearsal recordings and a song recorded in a hotel room(!) are all very evocative and give a more rounded sense of the band’s powers than their studio albums ever managed. It also shines a welcome light on the under-rated talents of the much-missed Ronnie Lane. His Debris is one of the most heartfelt and touching songs ever.

Anathema – Natural Disaster I only put this on because I was rearranging my CDs and dropped it all over the place. It fell out of its case and skited across the floor. I was most displeased and forced to listen to it just to check if it was ok. Thankfully it played fine and I enjoyed it way more than I expected. Especially since I had been hoodwinked into listening to it by my own dropsy! It brought back lots of memories of going to London to see the “Unholy Trinity” show in Sep 2008. Good times!

SONG OF THE WEEK: The catchiest and best track from The Clan Destined’s excellent EP In The Big Ending…

[The Clan Destined – A Beautiful Start to the End of the World]

17 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 4th February 2013”

    1. Cool, glad you liked it! They’re pretty under the radar so it’s good to introduce them to people… unfortunately, this EP seems to be the only release by them. They were talking about doing an album but it never happened.


      1. Too bad, I looked them up and couldn’t find much now I know why! The guitar work is impressive and the production is slick but sounds great, not overdone.


      2. Funny you should mention that. The production was by Andy Sneap who is a pretty successful producer/mixer now having done albums with Megadeth, Accept and more and seems pretty in demand now. Back in the 80s he was in a UK Thrash band, Sabbat, with The Clan Destined’s singer so they scored a real coup with his involvement. He also plays guitar on it too and is a great player.


  1. I love that Gov’t Mule album. Actually, you can’t go wrong with the majority of their output, but that’s a particular highlight. Also, that Faces box set was even better than I expected it to be. I’ve been a fan of theirs since high school but it wasn’t until I played those discs that I realized how amazing a guitar player Ronnie Wood is. He doesn’t get to play like that with the Stones, that’s for sure. Nice to see you had another enjoyable week of listening, and dropping a CD is as good excuse as any to give it a spin.


    1. It’s as good an excuse as any but I’m not going to make a habit of it! 🙂

      The last Mule album I bought was High and Mighty, which I found quite disappointing. Not bought anything since. Maybe since I’m in a Mule mood I should catch up a bit. There’s Haynes solo stuff I’ve not heard too.

      I’m not so familiar with the Stones with Wood so that’s interesting… but maybe not surprising. And he played on Rod’s albums at that point too which was a different facet of his playing too. I loved hearing the Faces’ live renditions of Stewart’s solo numbers in the box.


  2. Gov’t Mule – Dose = I have heard ABOUT these guys for years, but never HEARD much of it. C’mon, unlimited funds!!

    Clan Destined – In the Big Ending…= For me, the best part about this is the clever band name.

    Helloween – S/T Mini-LP = Another band I haven’t thought about in YEARS. Do yu have some sort of Dictionary Of 80s Hair Metal on your desk, or something?

    The Faces – Five Guys Walk into a Bar (Disc 1) = I want this box. No… I NEED this box.

    Anathema – Natural Disaster = So I suppose if the disc had been wrecked by it’s attempt at making a run for freedom, that would have been… wait for it… a natural disaster?

    SONG OF THE WEEK = I’m-a go play this right now.


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