Buying Round-Up – February 2013

As part of the HMO Challenge 2013 I was aiming to spend no more than £50 on music in February. In January I had only overspent by £8. February is a much shorter month so it should have been a doddle. It wasn’t. Here’s how I got on.

BÖC Set!
BÖC Set!

Blue Öyster Cult – The Columbia Albums Collection (£55 Amazon)

Whe-PAH! Instantly over budget with my first purchase! This had been tempting me for months but its release kept getting put back so my excitement had reached fever pitch. This set contains all fourteen of BÖC’s Columbia albums from their 1972 debut to 1988’s Imaginos, the Some OTHER Enchanted Evening live DVD, a download voucher for 4 live shows recorded for radio, a Rarities CD andRadios Appear: The Best of the Broadcasts (disappointingly a CD compilation of the aforementioned radio show downloads).

BÖC Overload!
BÖC Overload!

In total you’ve got about 20 CDs worth of music here which is fantastic value. I’ve a lot of BÖC on CD and vinyl already but it’s great to have them all on CD and there’s still enough music here that I didn’t have already to make it worthwhile. A superb set from a classic, undervalued band and I don’t regret busting my budget for it öne bit.

Paradise Lost CDsParadise Lost – S/T and At the BBC (£14 from Missing Records and Amazon Marketplace)

I plugged a couple of gaps in my Paradise Lost collection this month. I’m particularly pleased to have picked up At the BBC for just £10 as it’s been out of print for some time. All it needed was a new jewel case and now it’s as good as new! These radio sessions do a great job of capturing the band’s early style and development before things started to go a bit weird! The 2005 self-titled album was PL’s return to Metal form after those weird years.

Gov't Mule Georgia Bootleg BoxGov’t Mule – The Georgia Bootleg Box (£16 Sainsburys)

Many of Gov’t Mule’s live releases have had cover versions and guest appearances galore but this intriguing live box set focuses on the band’s original material from their early power-trio days (before the shock death of bassist Allen Woody). This was probably a bit of an extravagance but I’ve been in a real Mule mood these days and, at £16 for 6 CDs (3 concerts) of material, it was another great value set.

And many thanks to the lovely EvaOverload for enabling buying me the new Richard Thompson album Electric!

This one was free!
This one was free!

I’ve went royally over budget this month but I’m not downhearted. At £85 I’ve still spent less than I did in February 2012. I also bagged a sought-after rarity and with about 30 CDs to listen to I got plenty of value and a metric shit-ton of music to keep me occupied for a while. Hopefully in March this lot can keep me amused and away from shops and the internet and I can claw back some of my dignity. That’s the theory anyway.


Amount spent on purchases: £85

Amount budgeted: £50

Amount over/under budget: £35 Over


Amount spent on purchases: £143

Amount budgeted: £100

Amount over/under budget: £43 Over

7 thoughts on “Buying Round-Up – February 2013”

  1. Doddle? Whe-PAH? Man, yer at it again with yer weegie babble.

    Just… wow. That is a lot of BOC! Sweet set. That doesn’t have the one I sent you in it, does it? That’d be redundant! If so, we won’t tell the boys in the canoe about it. Excellent score on the PL and Mule too. Man, two box sets and an o-o-p keeper too, all in a month. SCORE! And free RT on CD and in concert? EOO is so good to you, man. Have you told her lately?

    Also, how many metric shit-tons in an imperial shit-ton?

    So. Yer WAY over budget. I’d be worried about you if that much got spent on ones that were a bit more frivolous or unknowns, but those are important collections, so I think yer OK. And yes, I suppose even that comment is enabling you! I wouldn’t worry about yer dignity, it’s all just a fascinating learning experience.


    1. It’s OK… you can just ignore the Weegie bits, eh?

      It doesn’t have the one you sent, that came later after they had moved labels. EOO is too good to me but I’m not going to tell her in case she stops! Heh heh

      “Also, how many metric shit-tons in an imperial shit-ton?” Er… twelvety!

      Yeah there’s not been any frivolous spending here and I got plenty for my money. Last year I spent a hundred and only got about 10 albums. I’m way over but these were tight months budget-wise and it’ll start loosening up from next month.


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