Noise-some Notes – 4th Mar 2013

Manilla Road – Crystal Logic

It doesn’t matter how many Metal bands you know and love, there are always more out there. And obscurity doesn’t automatically suggest inferiority. After 25 years of active Metal worship I only just discovered this great album from 1983 and it’s already essential listening at HMO Mission Control. Flaming Metal System, in particular, hits the spot so much it makes me wonder if I was a barbarian in a past life!

The edition I own... not my actual copy but it's a better photo that I could take. And if you click the pic you can go buy your own!
The edition I own… not my actual copy but it’s a better photo that I could take. And if you click the pic you can go buy your own!

5 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 4th Mar 2013”

      1. I now have all Maiden albums with Bruce. Am looking forward to concerts with Maiden and Rush a week apart in June, and Neil Young a few weeks later. (In-between, I’m going to Bon Jovi with my wife.) Also coming up: Michael Schenker, Steve Hackett, Walter Trout and, err, Herman van Veen. Considering that I never heard anything by Maiden until about 18 months ago (even though my musical taste is quite broad), there are probably other gems worth checking out. I’ll check out the longer writeup.

        It seems Maiden are more to my liking than Def Leppard. Haven’t heard much Saxon yet; is the early stuff good, before they took on an American sound and started covering Christopher Cross? Is the current lineup worth seeing in a small club (I’ll have that opportunity at the end of June)?

        I have to put in plugs for Thomas Zwijsen ( ) and Maiden United ( ). Saw them on a double bill at a small club a while back—excellent concert, and I bought all 3 CDs on offer. Both are obviously quite different takes on Maiden, but it is usually good music which is still good in a completely different arrangement. Even if you like, say, Slayer, I don’t think The London Symphony Orchestra Plays Slayer would cut it. Maiden United’s “Only the Good Die Young” might even be better than the original!


      2. That’s some gig itinerary you’ve got coming up! Glad you’ve caught up with most of the Maiden catalogue too… but don’t rule out the first two albums! They’re not with Bruce but they are both essential.

        The early Saxon stuff is fantastic. If you start with Wheels of Steel and/or Strong Arm of the Law you can’t go wrong with those. Some of their recent albums have been excellent too, they’ve hit a great run of form. They are one of the few classic bands I haven’t seen live yet! From the footage I’ve seen their current live shows look well worth seeing. Especially in a small club, that sounds great! I’ve not been to many gigs at all recently but Saxon are playing here soon so I’m tempted to pop along.

        Thanks for the links! I’ll check them out.


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