How Tempting! March 2013

A monthly look at the CDs, DVDs and vinyl (old and new) that threaten to bother my budget. Part of the HMO Challenge to cut my music spending by half.

The last two months were a hella drag thanks to my stingy £50 spending limit. Thankfully, the budget is finally increasing… to a whole £80! Maybe I can actually come in under budget this month? As usual, the evil Music Industry is doing its utmost to part me from my cash. Let’s look at this month’s temptations.

Saxon Sacrifice CoverSaxon – Sacrifice (Deluxe Edition with Bonus CD)

Good old Saxon have done a great job of clawing back respect with a slew of quality albums. Hopefully this one will continue their run of form. It also has a song on it called Standing in a Queue which sounds like refreshingly British subject matter for a song! I’ll probably buy this on sight.

Iron Maiden Maiden England CoverIron Maiden – Maiden England (2DVD and 2CD Editions)

Maiden finally get round to issuing this classic home video on DVD. Not only that but they are finally releasing the full set-list (taken from two nights at the Birmingham NEC in 1988) as a live album too! There’s no two ways about it… these are both getting bought. This is “first-day buyer” stuff. And it’s not out until the last week of the month so it could be a budget-buster if I’m not careful!

Entombed Left Hand Path CoverEntombed – Left Hand Path (LP reissue)

180g vinyl reissue of a seminal Death Metal platter. I’ve wanted a copy of this album for a while but I always felt a quality reissue was overdue so I held off. As usual, my Heavy Metal Intuition did not fail me. Praise Odin! A strong contender if the price is right. These might not be around for long.

Manilla Road Open the Gates CoverManilla Road – Open the Gates (LP Reissue)

Not a new release but I’ve been enjoying the Crystal Logic album immensely since buying it in 2012 and I think it might be time to add another album of theirs to my collection. This one seems well regarded and is the follow-up to Crystal Logic. Glasgow’s Monorail usually has a copy in stock so this one might be hard to resist this month.

Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance

I’ve held off buying this one so far but I’m not sure how much longer I can resist. See what I did there?

And here’s a “bubbling under” list. While less pressing than the albums mentioned above this is still stuff I could easily convince myself into buying at any point! You can see why £80 is a stricter budget than you might imagine. Decisions!


Def Leppard – Any pre-Pyromania singles

Manowar – Defender 12”, Battle Hymns MXII, Thunder in the Sky EP and Dawn of Battle EP

Skyclad – The Answer Machine, Irrational Anthems, Oui Avant Garde a Chance and Vintage Whine

Pentagram – Relentless and Day of Reckoning

Girlschool – The Bronze Years

Satan – Court in the Act


Let me know if there are any exciting releases I missed and join me later in the month for the March 2013 Buying Round-Up to see what new items have been added to the burgeoning HMO Vault.

29 thoughts on “How Tempting! March 2013”

  1. Hey Scott do you ever find Marillion LP’s in your travels? Brave is one that I am really wanting…the 2 LP one with the double groove on side 4!

    I have Maiden pre-ordered, blu-ray and CD versions. It’s not even optional. Some bands are optional. Maiden are not.

    Stuff like this makes me wonder just how much more stuff Steve has planned to come out. It seems all this stuff (Eddie’s Archives, Live After Death DVD etc.) is all rolled out on schedule…there’s always something coming. Maiden will continue to tempt me.


    1. I only see the Fish-era LPs on my travels. Very little from the h years ever comes up. The occasional Holidays in Eden stuff but that’s it. Think there was some vinyl reissues a while back though? Have you checked Discogs?

      Maiden and Saxon are totally essential out of this bunch. The pacing of the Maiden releases is very regular I have to say. I think we both saw this one coming. Can’t wait!


  2. You upped your budget?! And it’s only three months into the year?! Haha this rules. So much for self-discipline! Hahahahaaaaaa. Good on ya, mate. Yer letting yer love of music override puny considerations like self-imposed budgetary limits. 😉

    All of these records look AWESOME – let us know about the Saxon and Entombed! I get the excitement around the Maiden… but is it worth it, musically? I mean, they have so many other live albums, isn’t this just another one for the pile?

    The Def Leppard singles – inspired by LeBrain! I’ve added the Skyclad to my look-for list for when I go to Toronto in a couple of weeks. Want me to add any of those others?


    1. The upped budget isn’t down to the failure of the last two months though! It’s based on March 2012 you see… last year I spent £160 so this year I get to spend £80! Yay!

      It’s definitely worth it musically. Mainly because it’s from the classic pre-Blaze days and it’s strong on the Somewhere in Time/7th Son material which you don’t hear on may of their live albums. It’s one of my favourite concerts they did although I’m more excited about the DVD than the album… the album is just icing on the cake really.

      The Skyclad are the main ones! If you see those Manowar ones going cheap that would be awesome too!


      1. Ah, see, I was under the impression it was £50 per month. I didn’t realize you were halving last year’s expenditures… clearly, I was not really paying attention to your new system?

        Manowar is added to my search list.


  3. I’ve been going through a strong Saxon phase again recently, but I’ve not bought anything new from them for a while. Are hey really worth still checking out?


    1. I think so, especially if you’ve been in the mood for them recently. I’d recommend checking out the album “Inner Sanctum”. It’s been the best of recent years. It’s a really tight line-up they’ve got now and Biff is sounding great.


  4. I’m with you on the excitement about the Maiden releases. I wish they would do what other artists do, however, and release a deluxe edition with the DVD (or Blu-Ray) and CDs in one package. It usually saves money, and it’s nice to have audio & video in one place. But since that’s not the case, I’ll buy them separately.

    No thoughts on the other titles, but I can sense your excitement about these upcoming releases. I’ve got my own list that has me looking forward to the next few months. Congrats on the expanded budget. You’ll need it. Haha!


    1. I would definitely prefer the combined package. It’s what I expected but never mind… Maiden at least keep their prices reasonable, I don’t think either of these titles are proving to be very expensive so at least they are value for money.

      I’ve since noticed a UFO at the BBC CD coming out later in March that I missed. That sounds like a must-have for me too!

      What sort of stuff have you got on your list Rich? Always good to have another perspective!

      I’ve got two months of expanded budget and then it will go down again sadly… I better make March and April count! And at least I’ve still got the BÖC set to keep me busy!


      1. I saw a UFO once. It was pretty weird.

        I’ll be buying both the new Maiden on blu and CD. Maiden are always great on blu. Perfect band to be documented live on video.

        When you check out a live from from Kiss currently, or Maiden, the Maiden is always better. Bruce runs around like he was still 25, the band are insanely mobile, agile, and playing awesome. I know Paul’s had all sorts of hip surgery and those costumes weigh a ton, but Maiden are hands down a more visually exciting band today. And don’t get me started on Priest.


      2. Vocally too, I think, Maiden come out on top.

        Sammy Hagar was not on the UFO. I couldn’t see the occupants. One time, I thought I found a UFO landing site in the grass where it was all dead in a perfect circle. Then I found out that my dad just had a big round pot sitting there all spring and moved it.


      3. I’m still making my way through the BÖC box. Just finished “Club Ninja” last night and got halfway through “Imaginos,” so I’m getting near the end. Then I want to listen to them all again.

        Upcoming new releases that I’m excited about include the new David Bowie (which should be arriving today or tomorrow), Iron Maiden (as we’ve discussed), Billy Bragg, Big Country (their first studio album with Mike Peters from The Alarm on vocals), Big Big Train (an amazing modern prog band), John Grant (a songwriter I discovered a few years ago; his debut album was one of my favorite albums of that year), Dream Theater (live CD/DVD set, their first live album with the new drummer), Stereophonics, a recent Terry Reid live album, They Might Be Giants, and on and on. And I’ve always got a list of older artists & past releases to buy when the price is right. It never ends…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


      4. That’s quite a list! Good variety too… hope you don’t have a budget!

        I’m really pleased with the BÖC set, great value. And the Cheap Trick one is getting a domestic UK release now too so I hope to get that at some point too (although there isn’t much in that I don’t have already, they could have done with including some bonus tracks like BÖC did.)

        It’s been Imaginos I’ve been listening to the most from it, I think I might attempt a review soon.

        How did you rate the last Dream Theater album, I’ve not heard it? Not a huge fan but I have a fair amount of their albums.


      5. The Cheap Trick set is good value for the money. Even if you already own most/all of those albums, many of the later titles were remastered for the first time and they sound great. Agreed that a disc or two of rarities would’ve been nice, but they gave us a lot of those on the “Sex, America, Cheap Trick” box set.

        The last Dream Theater album was really good, but I don’t think I listened to it enough to give an informed review. I thought Mike Magini did a great job replacing Portnoy behind the drum kit. The bonus DVD with footage of them searching for Portnoy’s replacement is excellent. He had tough competition, especially from Marco Minnemann, who now plays with Steven Wilson and is a monster on the drums. There are only a handful of Dream Theater albums I consider absolutely essential, but all of them are worth hearing and it’s amazing how they continue to develop and deliver awe-inspiring music after so many years.


      6. I’ve definitely enjoyed the DT that I’ve heard. The DVD of auditions sounds fascinating!

        The main appeal of the Cheap Trick Box is definitely the remastering and the chance to update my vinyl to CD. I’m sure there must have been some live shows they could have added there but, like you say, it’s a great value set so I’m not going to complain! Especially when there are so many super expensive sets coming out that have much less music to offer!


    2. In theory, I would prefer them in one package. In practice, I don’t. Why not? Three reasons. First, I don’t want to buy the CD then later learn that there is a deluxe edition with both and then have to buy the CD again (with the DVD), sell the CD, not buy the DVD etc—no choice is a good choice. Second, many deluxe editions are bone-headed limited editions. This has got to be one of the stupidest things ever thought of, artificially limiting the number of units produced. Third, maybe some people want just the DVD. One could argue that, if one buys just one format, why not the one with pictures and music.

      In general, I think that an album should be issued in one format and one format only. Is there a market for B-sides (not that I think singles are a good idea at all), demos, unreleased tracks etc? If yes, then put them out on a separate disk, not bundled with the original album, which is a slap in the face of the fans who bought it the first time around. Jethro Tull did this with Nightcap.

      And don’t get me started on boxed sets. The typical one has a greatest-hits collection, some live stuff, some unreleased stuff, some demos etc. Who is it for? All the lonely people…sorry, forgive me for thinking of Miss Rigby. Come on, the fan already has all the greatest hits and more, so he is buying them again. The casual listener isn’t interested in anything but the greatest hits. Yes, the books etc (I don’t care for buttons, guitar picks, fake tickets and backstage passes etc) can be interesting, but why not make them available separately? And, worst of all: offering some things, like a book, only if one buys vinyl.


      1. Wow. Plenty of food for thought there, Phillip!

        I have liked some of the many CD/DVD packages that have been released but it’s no big deal to me. In some ways it might suit me as I may just buy the DVD right now and get the CD a bit later on just to spread the costs a bit. I’m not a fan of the whole limited edition thing. Usually they are limited to the amount of people they expect to buy it anyway (and people that just want to sell them on eBay!).

        I don’t mind albums coming out in multiple formats. Sometimes they are good value, sometimes not. I try and not be swayed too much by reissues and not buy them just because I like the band/album. I do agree that Tull’s Nightcap was an excellent archival release though and more bands should follow that example rather than constantly reissuing available material with bonus tracks tacked on.

        I certainly with you on the big Super-Deluxe-Cash-Grab sets! I guess they make good gifts but I’d rather they brought out affordable versions with just the music. I don’t need to pay £100 for a book and a scarf!


  5. I just did a take on ‘Daddy Rolling Stone’ by Streetwalkers. I loved the drumming on the piece and found out Nicko McBrain went on to play with Iron Maiden. I would take it that you re familiar with his work. I’m not other than wit Streetwalkers. Maybe when I get around to asking for those recommendations of Metal albums Maiden might be in there,

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like him on the Streetwalkers stuff. I really dig that band. Obviously heard of IM but never took the plunge. My ers and mind re still open for new sounds and I’ve been kinda waking up craving loud and hard for a while.


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