Noise-some Notes – 19th March 2013

Skyclad Prince of the Poverty Line Front

Skyclad – Prince of the Poverty Line

The pioneering Folk-Metallers open their fourth album by declaring “open season on the under-worked and overpaid!” The album’s sharp lyrics tackle various subjects centred on the more downtrodden end of society with topics including unemployment, homelessness, drugs and exploitation. This is much darker and more suffocating than their previous albums but the material is still catchy and clever and the band’s delivery is heartfelt. At a time when the world was obsessed with “Grunge” these underdogs fought back with forward-thinking, intelligent Metal: barking and biting in equal measure!

[Skyclad – Civil War Dance]



12 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 19th March 2013”

  1. It’s pretty easy to shout at the ones making the money. And are they on a major label – aren’t they using a rich man’s platform to spout their calls (like RATM did)? Do they offer any suggestion as to how to go about levelling things off, or is it just constant calls for change with no direction? Or worse (much as it pains me, as a punker, to say so) is it mindless platitudes to anarchy?


    1. They weren’t rich. Far from it, they were playing Extreme Metal with violins on an independent label in the mid-90s. It might be easy to shout at those making money but that doesn’t invalidate it. And far from mindless, the band’s writer is one of the most intelligent lyricists in Metal.

      This was the only song on the album that addresses this topic. While it may have been a platitude to anarchy it was perfectly relevant as a comment on the UK government/class system in 1994 and still is today.


      1. Knowing their career I don’t think there was anything knee-jerk about them.

        As to whether it helps… I’m not sure it matters or if that was even the intention. It’s just an expression of how they felt about things.


      2. Cool. The good on ’em!

        It’s just that I learned from Rollins that bitching without offering or finding a solution (or at least working towards making things better) is just masturbation. Talk without action is weak.


  2. I’ve enjoyed the track you posted. I don’t know if I’d use the tag “folk metal”…sounds like thrash to me, but hey what do I know?

    These guys are NOT on a major label FYI, I’ve never heard of their label.


      1. Cool. Like a lot of the Noise stuff from back then it can be quite pricey getting some of their classic albums now. Most of them are out of print. The later albums aren’t so bad but the earlier ones are getting pretty pricey now. I’m glad I got them at the time although I’m still missing a few.


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