Noise-some Notes – 24th March 2013

Danzig - Thrall-Demonsweatlive

Danzig – Thrall-DemonSweatLive

“Father, gonna take your daughter out tonight”

“Aye. Nae worries. Vampira! It’s Glenn at the door. He’s gonnae show you his world… just don’t let him show you his books. And be in by 12.”

Look what just arrived at the HMO Mission Control! Excited. Expect much Fonzig chat for a wee while.

One for me... and one for EvaOverload
One for me… and one for EvaOverload

19 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 24th March 2013”

      1. Still can’t get anyone to go with me to the Toronto show. Best I have is an offer to get into a carload going to the show ONLY IF someone already promised a seat in the car has to bail on the gig. So… it’s unlikely.


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