HMO’s ABC of Albums!

The HMO A to... Y of Albums
The HMO A to… Y of Albums. Click to embiggen!

The HMOverlord has had an ABC Award generously bestowed upon him by Cave Of Fame! As a result I am compelled to do my own music-related ABC list. I decided to do mine in picture form!

Here is my A to er… Y of albums I love (really wish I owned ZZ Top’s First Album now). In picking the albums I gave myself a couple of ground rules:

  1. Only one album from an artist is allowed (or it would have been mostly KISS and Manowar)
  2. No compilations or live albums (no KISS Alive! then…)
  3. Has to be a CD I own so that I can fit them into a pic! (That ruled out Killer and Master of Puppets cause I only have them on vinyl)
  4. Ignore “The” and “A”
  5. The album title has to be on the spine (so no Aqualung or In Trance)

These rules mean that this is not a definitive list of my favourite albums. For example: Def Leppard’s X is the only album I own that starts with an X! As a result, Hysteria couldn’t be included even though that’s one of my Top 10 albums of all time. But I have only included albums that I genuinely love and rate highly (except X) so hopefully this is interesting anyway and you can praise/deride my inclusions/exclusions at your leisure!

And while I’m at it I’d like to pass on an ABC award to some of my favourite bloggers. I’m interested to know what ABC lists this lot might come up with (although I understand if they don’t have the time to take part). Please note, you don’t have to do a list like mine or follow my rules! It can cover any topic in whatever form you like… as long as it’s an A-Z (or A-Y…) list!

Harlan Ate a Pug A blog I inadvertently had a hand in naming! Musings on just about anything including music, chats with Ramona, photos of weird food and more!

Nick’s Album Reviews Great album reviews and listening lists.

80s Metal Man’s Blog I had no idea how many amazing albums were released in 1979! Find out about them here.

Mike Slayen Guitarist/Guitar Instructor’s thoughts on music and being a musician.

1537 Trying to listen to and review all 1537 (and counting) LPs he owns. No easy task!

God Saves I Spend Blog about music, photography and fashion. Great concert photos, tickets and merch.

21 thoughts on “HMO’s ABC of Albums!”

  1. Holy mackerel, you nominated humble Harlan? You love me! You really love me! Thanks heaps, man! I’ll go check out what happens with this, but I can guarantee I’ll be participating. 😉


  2. If forced at knife point to choose my favorite letter in your illustrious list, I’d have to go with K for “Killing Machine” … here Stateside, I would have to place it as the entry for H as in “Hell Bent for Leather.” Either way, it is totally worthy of its alphabetic honors. You also probably should be awarded extra points for following up Quadrophenia with a Queensrӱche disc. Kudos!


    1. An excellent choice! Actually, the first copy I bought was “Hell Bent For Leather” on import. It was preferable as it had the studio “Green Manalishi” which wasn’t present on the UK “Killing Machine”. This remaster has added it in so I have “Killing Machine” now, but I always think of this album as being called “Hell Bent For Leather”. Never did know why they went with the different title in the US… any ideas?

      I hadn’t noticed the adjacent Qs but all extra points are gratefully received! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, much appreciated.


  3. Haha look at selfish old me, all excited about the nom, but not even commenting on your ABC list in picture form! Bad form, man. Bad form. HOw you ever put up with me, I have no idea.

    DUDE! This is a super-cool idea! I’m not surprised, either, coming as it is from our H.M.O. I want to hear all of those records in a row! That’d be one helluva day of music.

    Just curious, would you have had a “Z” entry if you did Artists instead of Album Titles?


    1. I would have had a Z if I’d done artists (ZZ Top) but then I wouldn’t have had an X… so it was six and half-a-dozen really. I thought picking albums would be a bit more discussion-worthy than picking artists!


  4. Hey there! Great game! Unfortunately I’m far far away from home so I won’t be able to take a pic of my CDs…
    even so I did my list – and it was much more difficult to make the choices than I could imagine!!! Also I don’t have albums for Q or X – but I do have Frank Zappa’s Zoot Allures for the Z 😉


    1. Hi there!

      Will you be posting your list on your blog or can you let me know what your list was? I’d love to see what’s on it.

      It’s hard to imagine anyone out there would have an X and a Z! Maybe one but not both…

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. ‘m looking forward to reading all about your Rock N’ Roll travels!

      HMO (aka Scott)


      1. Hi Scott!
        As I mentioned before I don’t have anything for Q nor X, but here’s my list anyway:
        ** And thanks for the game, I really had fun doing it!

        Angels Cry – Angra
        Burn – Deep Purple
        Cheap Thrills – Big Brother & The Holding Company
        Diary Of A Madman – Ozzy Osbourne
        Eat Dog Eat – Fastway
        The Forgotten Kingdom – Rata Blanca
        Garage Inc – Metallica
        High Voltage – AC/DC
        In The Core – Vinnie Moore
        Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy
        Keeper Of The Seven Keys – Helloween
        Libertad – Velvet Revolver
        Motörizer – Motörhead
        Nevermind – Nirvana
        Odyssey – Ingwie Malmsteen
        Pressure And Time – Rival Sons
        Somewhere In Time – Iron Maiden
        Too Fast For Love – Mötley Crüe
        Unusual Suspects – Leslie West
        Vincebus Eruptum – Blue Cheer
        Wake The Sleeper – Uriah Heep
        You Are Here – UFO
        Zoot Allures – Frank Zappa



      2. What a great varied list! A couple there I don’t know but I’m especially pleased to see the Malmsteen and UFO choices! Those are two really great, overlooked albums.

        Thanks for sending this and I’m glad you enjoyed the game!


      1. Remember the band Asia? Maybe the same type of band a little heavier though. Both songs start out a bit slow so listen throughout…cheers!


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