Noise-some Notes – 31st March 2013

Space Ritual - CD Front Cover
Space Ritual – CD Front Cover

Hawkwind – Space Ritual

I’ve been meaning to give this a spin for a while so many thanks to 1537 for his excellent review which compelled me to finally stick it on. We have lift-off! I was going to try and describe it a little here but sometimes EvaOverload’s reaction to my music is more compelling than anything I could ever come up with. While this was on she popped her head through the door and just said “what is going on in here?” Any album that elicits that question has to be doing something right!

8 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 31st March 2013”

  1. Your lovely lady is brave indeed. At least she didn’t demand that you shut it off! My lovely wife and I share a lot of favourite artists, but we have also worked out the line of how far she’s willing to go into my music collection. The rest I have to listen to in the headphones or when she’s not in the car with me. 😉

    Hawkwind. Cool. So, are you gonna tell us what YOU thought of it? 😉


    1. I thought it was great. I’ve liked Hawkwind for ages but just never listened to this one enough. I knew way more of the songs than I expected though which was surprising. I used to have a box set of them so I guess there must have been quite a few songs from it on that.


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