Buying Round Up – March 2013

I had a whole £80 to spend on Metal this month but, since I was already £43 over my yearly budget so far, I was hoping to spend a good bit less than my £80 allowance! Here’s how I got on:

Jailbreak, Che Guevara... and then this!
Jailbreak, Che Guevara… and then this!

Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance (£10 – Fopp Edinburgh)

This is one of the most exciting new albums to come out this the year. And it’s fantastic, a much more focused, bloodthirsty and none-more-Metal effort than their previous album Circle the Wagons. The Underground Resistance also scores extra points for its incredible Jim Fitzpatrick artwork.

Saxon - Sacrifice Deluxe Edition
Saxon – Sacrifice Deluxe Edition

Saxon – Sacrifice 2CD (£13 – HMV Glasgow)

First day buyer! This blew me away immediately. The material is not quite up to the high standard of the previous Call to Arms but the production is excellent, the delivery is fiery and each song has a clear, distinctive personality which makes it a satisfying listen. One of the few new albums I’ve wanted to listen to over and over. I’m continually impressed with these guys and the bonus disc has some goodies on it too. Particularly the orchestral version of Crusader.

Father... FATHER...
Father… FATHER…
Father I look up to yooouuuu
Father I look up to yooouuuu

Manowar – Defender 12 (£4 – Discogs)

Manowar – Dawn of Battle EP (£7 – Discogs)

Manowar – Thunder in the Sky EP (£7 – Amazon Marketplace)

Not homoerotic
Not homoerotic

A bumper load of Manowar! In the past I had a tendency to overlook singles and EPs and I’ve been rectifying that oversight recently by plugging some gaps in my collection. I’m no completist but if there is any band I have that urge towards, it’s Manowar. Dawn of Battle has only got 2 songs I don’t have but is worth it for the title track alone as it’s an absolute corker. Thunder in the Sky is a Thor-themed mini-album. I listened to it online when it was released and wasn’t overly impressed but since owning it I’ve enjoyed it immensely. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere… It also has a bonus disc with numerous versions of Father sung in various languages. A commendable idea but I’ll probably never listen to this unless I decide to learn Romanian.


Defender is the most exciting purchase of the 3 as it features the classic Ross the Boss/Scott Columbus line-up. This is an early version of the track (featuring Orson Welles) that was later re-recorded for the Fighting the World album. I prefer the later version as it has a better arrangement but it’s great to finally have this in my collection. I took a punt on a cheap copy so the sleeve and vinyl condition ended up being a touch shabby. I can see myself splashing out for a nicer copy one day…

Classic NWOBHM
Classic NWOBHM

Def Leppard – Def Leppard EP (£8 – Discogs)

One of the classic NWOBHM releases, I thought this was an unobtainable rarity but I didn’t know there are later re-pressings that are more affordable. This was a good price for a pristine copy. Never imagined in a million years that I would own a copy of this! Praise Discogs! … and check out a great review of the EP here.

They've let Linn Park go a bit haven't they?
They’ve let Linn Park go a bit haven’t they?

Entombed – Left Hand Path LP (£14 – Monorail Glasgow)

I saw this in Monorail and bought it on the spot. Pretty good price for a heavyweight vinyl reissue and it sounds and looks great. I’m kind of tempted to buy all the Carcass albums again now…

The best band of the 90s?
The best band of the 90s?

Skyclad – Another Fine Mess (£7 – Amazon Marketplace)

This is a live album culled from the Wacken festival but I already have the live tracks on another CD. The main reason for buying this was its 4 bonus tracks that were originally featured on a rare EP, Outrageous Fourtunes. This was the cheapest way of getting the 4 songs (and on a new CD too rather than a second-hand one), which are acoustic reworkings of Skyclad classics. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly impressed with the results. It’s all a tad dull and uninspired sounding. One for the collection anyway… and maybe they’ll grow on me. Skyclad were never the most immediate of bands!


I’ve came in under budget for the first time! While I’ve not exactly steadied the ship I have at least stopped it wobbling quite so much. Let’s see if I can continue this de-wobilisation (Halford would be proud) in April. From May onwards, things start getting tougher again.


Amount spent on purchases: £70

Amount budgeted: £80

Amount over/under budget: £10 Under!


Amount spent on purchases: £213

Amount budgeted: £180

Amount over/under budget: £33 Over

15 thoughts on “Buying Round Up – March 2013”

  1. Well done, sir! And £10 under! Even better, you still managed to snag a boatload of awesomeness, for all that. You are a savvy shopper indeed. Hey, does Manowar know about you? ‘Cos you’re turning into a bit of a superfan there, my friend…

    Also: agreed with Mike but will take it a step further: Discogs can also be a dangerous place, for the ol’ pocketbook. As my buddy Craig would say, “Uh oh, last night I did more drunken Discogs surfing!”


    1. Totally agree on the danger of Discogs. I could be simultaneously the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me!

      I don’t feel like much of a Super Manofan. I should have bought this stuff years ago!

      But a good haul for the year so far. I might be buying a bit less but I’ve been getting great stuff.


      1. I know I am in the minority regarding Hysteria. Even as a kid I couldn’t pick up on the vibe of that album…loved the first three albums w Pete Willis. I was getting into the Vais n Satrianis etc., plus my best friend wouldn’t listen to anything else for about two years once Hysteria came out. The concert was great though, DL and Tesla playing on the stage in the round.


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