How Tempting! April 2013

A monthly look at the CDs, DVDs and vinyl (old and new) that threaten to bother my budget. Part of the HMO Challenge to cut my music spending by half.

My schedule for doing these posts is all wrong. I keep getting round to them mid-month by which point my budget (£80 this month again) is starting to dwindle. So, without giving anything away about what I’ve already bought, I thought I’d do a wee list just now of the most tempting new releases due out in the next couple of weeks.

April 15th 2013 (UK Release date)

Ghost (or Ghost B.C.?)  – Infestissumam I’m in the UK so it’s still just Ghost here right? I really enjoyed this band’s debut although its appeal has worn a bit thin now. I still want to give this a fair hearing but maybe it can wait a while.

Blue Murder – S/T Reissue of a much loved album that I have on vinyl. It’d be good to have this on CD though and it’s a Rock Candy reissue which means great sound and awesome liner notes. This is a buy-on-sight kind of thing, unfortunately. So let’s hope I don’t see it.

Raging Slab – Assmaster I really love Raging Slab and Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert so this reissue (with bonus disc) is pretty tempting despite its unfortunate moniker.

Deep Purple – Slaves and Masters Not a particularly inspiring reissue but it might be a good edition to get just to fill the gap in my collection because I don’t have this one at all.

April 22nd 2013 (UK Release date)

Whitesnake – Made In Japan (2CD/DVD) Cheeky title! Included this here cause it’s Whitesnake but, in truth, I will find this pretty easy to resist.

Necrophagia – Season of the Dead A reissue but one that I doubt I’ll see in the racks! This is coming at a good time though, as I’ve been enjoying a few early Death Metal classics lately.

(Sadly Tateryche’s Frequency Unknown, due out this month, has been put back to June.)

There’s no way I’m buying anything as late in the month as the 29th April so I’ll save that stuff for the How Tempting post for May which I will try and do at the start of the month next time!

Other stuff that might cause my spending finger to twitch this month:

Wild Horses – S/T (Rock Candy Reissue)

Danzig – Anything post 4p that I might see cheap

Girlschool – The Bronze Years (still!)

UFO – Making Contact, Misdemeanor, Headstone

17 thoughts on “How Tempting! April 2013”

  1. I love Raging Slab’s debut, but not heard anything else yet. ‘Bent for Silver’ is great. I’m tempted by the Blue Murder one too. There’s too much out there!!


  2. Blue Murder – got me the original. Unless it has bonus tracks I can skip that one.

    Assmaster – always loved that title! Might have to look into that.

    Deep Purple – I skipped that one as I have all the bonus tracks. Let me know if there are cool liner notes or what have you.

    The Whitesnake release is a must for me, because I have everything. I am not that inspired though, and can probably let it wait until my birthday.


    1. I’ve got Blue Murder on LP but I really like the Rock Candy reissues. They did a lot of work on the Thin Lizzy deluxes and UFO reissues although they weren’t released on the label. Their liner notes are always superb.

      I think the Slaves and Masters is a good option for me cause I don’t have it but it’s not particularly interesting for collectors.


      1. Yeah, I think I mainly want a remaster of this for listening to on the go. If I had it on CD already it maybe wouldn’t be too enticing but I’ve only got the vinyl so a remastered CD would be nice.

        I think the Wild Horses reissue has quite a few bonus tracks for your Lizzy-related collection?


      2. I’m not soo much into collection Lizzy side projects at the moment…there are so many! Perhaps when I have all the Lizzy I want. But I still have a ways to go on that, too!


  3. I looked for the Ghost debut when I was in Toronto for Bad Religion – no luck. It’s on my list of must-finds. And now they have another one? Bloody hell.

    Hahaha “(Sadly Tateryche’s Frequency Unknown, due out this month, has been put back to June.)”??? You guys are way too involved in all this, actually planning on spending your hard-earned on that stabby asshole’s record. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, I’m burnt out on hearing about it now, let alone caring about a release date.


    1. I was being a bit sarcastic mentioning that one to be honest. Queensryche (both varieties) are well past their sell by date with me now.

      The Ghost debut was great but it isn’t aging well I think. It’s all a bit… obvious. I’m keen to see how the new one fares though.


      1. Past the sell-by date, yes, but you guys are still rubbernecking the car wreck…

        I’m still gonna buy the Ghost (both of them now, apparently) and let them try to get old on me!


  4. Just ordered Blue Murder. Loved John Sykes on Tygers of Pan Tang’s Spellbound and Thin Lizzy’s Thunder and Lightening, so not sure why I completely missed Blue Murder when it came out. Really looking forward to it now!

    I saw Girlschool live in 1982 when they opened for an amazing Iron Maiden/Scorpions double bill. Being a pretty sheltered young metalhead from the U.S. mountainwest, I was flabbergasted to see an all-girl band rocking so hard. Damn it if I never got around to getting any of their music though. If you do pick up The Bronze Years (or even if you don’t), I’d love to know if you think that’s the place to start with rectifying my Girlschool disrespect.


    1. Cool. Hope you like Blue Murder. It’s a great record. I’ve still not picked up The Bronze Years but I’m sure it’s a good value starting point. It has the two albums (Demolition and Hit and Run) that most people seem to think are their best.


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