Noise-some Notes – 16th April 2013


UFO often hit the 24 hour garage for some McCoys for the walk home
After last orders, UFO hit the 24 hour garage to buy McCoys for the walk home. 

UFO – No Place to Run

Although No Place to Run is not one of UFO’s more immediate efforts, the material and performances are strong and it rewards return listens. I’d blame its under-rated status on George Martin’s tepid production but I’m so hooked on the album now I find it hard to criticise anything about it. Often, the albums that are hardest to love turn out to be the most rewarding so maybe George had the right idea all along. Either way, he swore off working with “Heavy Metal” bands after his close encounter with UFO.

[UFO – No Place to Run]

16 thoughts on “Noise-some Notes – 16th April 2013”

  1. This is one band I am actually afraid to get hooked on. I have a couple. But Sunday at the Fayre, they had so much…imports…singles…EP’s…and then the MSG stuff was even crazier.

    Slippery slope.

    Flame-Grilled Steak McCoys for the walk of shame.

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    1. Haha you noticed that!

      Getting into these guys would definitely be a slippery slope. I picked this track with you in mind actually. It struck me as a Def Leppard meets Thin Lizzy kind of affair.

      That said, you’re missing out not having more UFO stuff!


  2. I definitely have to admit this was a pretty good album even though I love my Michael Schenker. I think Paul Chapman was underrated. He was not bad at all.


  3. “Often, the albums that are hardest to love turn out to be the most rewarding…” fascinating observation, Scott. Man, that is so true for me. That thought and expanding it can make time stand still for me. When I was a teen discovering Queensrÿche’s eponymous EP, that was so difficult for me to enjoy(Blizzard of Oz, too). I had bought The Warning on peer’s recommendation and the fact that the band name sounded and looked alluring. After Listening with increasing interest I bought and listened to the EP and man, was it density of riffage and in-our-face roaring out of the chute. It’s relative to the time and my experience, I think, but yeah, it was about 2 months of needle testing before hearing the whole four song EP. UFO’s Light’s Out and Queen of the Reich share some chord aesthetics, I think.


    1. Queensryche are a brilliant example of that! Every album of theirs was a whole new challenge but so rewarding. Up to a point anyway… there are a few later albums I didn’t care for. Have you followed their career all the way through? What do you think of the later albums with Tate and the ones with the new guy?


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